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updated Fri. May 3, 2024

The bar features around 10 choices by the glass, and plates such as chicken terrine and lamb simmered in tomato sauce. While waiting for Moya, I polished off a glass of Grape Republic Inc. Pink Frizzante, a charming and mildly fizzy Delaware blend from Yamanashi Prefecture. He was late, but it didn't ...

Also highlighted wines include Daiginjo Sansui's Daiginjo sake from the Oita Prefecture, which is the 2016 International Wine Challenge silver medalist for the Daiginjo category; L'ORIENT Le Mont Rose NV's rose wine from the Yamanashi Prefecture, which got the silver medal for its category at the Japan ...
By prefecture, Yamanashi near Tokyo ranked first in terms of men's healthy life expectancy at 73.21 years, while women in central Japan's Aichi Prefecture topped the list at 76.32 years, according to the ministry's data. The ministry said that Yamanashi saw a high cancer screening rate, while Aichi has ...
A trial of a prototype device created by the students of Yamanashi Gakuin University that can issue warnings in English and Chinese is currently under way with an eye toward commercializing the equipment. “Students from a variety of countries study at Yamanashi Gakuin University so we can add various ...
... to the report. By region Kanagawa Prefecture topped the list, with 239 cases, followed by 190 cases in Tokyo, 182 cases in Aichi Prefecture, and 129 cases in Fukuoka Prefecture. Shimane Prefecture had the fewest number of child porn cases with six, while eight were reported in Yamanashi Prefecture.
At the same time, Nadeshiko was camping with the Outclub at the Hottarakashi Camping Ground near Fuefuki Park in Yamanashi, where she snaps a picture of the famous Yamanashi ... Their destination this time is Lake Shibire, a small caldera lake in the Shibireko Prefectural Natural Park in Yamanashi.
TOKYO - Japan's Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures proposed on Thursday reducing congestion on Mount Fuji by 12 to 25 percent per day during the peak period by lowering the number of climbers using two of the mountain's four trails. A scientific committee of the Mt. Fuji World Cultural Heritage ...
On the night of August 17, 2016, Takuto Kanemaru and Hokuto Takei, both 24 years old, are alleged to have fatally assaulted Toshio Wakamiya, the 73-year-old head of a real estate company, during a robbery at his residence. A male security employee found Wakamiya collapsed in the entrance of his ...
On November 27, 2016, police found the body of Yayoi Saito, a 36-year-old resident of Yamanashi, buried in a field in the village of Minamimaki, Nagano. The body was clothed in jeans and a jacket. His leg, severed at the knee, was found nearby. Saito was employed as the manager of the precious metals ...


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