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updated Fri. April 20, 2018

Kadena Air Base - The Army & Air Force Exchange Service has partnered with Polaris Industries to offer Polaris off-road and all-terrain vehicles to service members and civilian personnel stationed on Okinawa. The partnership officially kicks off April 23. "This is an easy way for Okinawa ...
A measles outbreak in Okinawa is causing concerns about tourism ahead of the Golden Week holidays, with 65 infections registered over a one-month period that ended Thursday, the Okinawa Prefectural Government said. Golden Week starts later this month, but hotels in the popular resort area ...

An outbreak of measles in the Japanese prefecture of Okinawa is affecting local tourism ahead of the spring holiday season. Okinawa officials say that by Thursday, 65 people had been confirmed infected with the disease. The outbreak started when a male tourist from Taiwan tested positive on March 20th.
For the third consecutive time, the life expectancy average for women in 2015 was highest in the village of Kitanakagusuku, in Okinawa Prefecture, hitting 89.0 years, a health ministry survey released Tuesday showed. The village of Nakagusuku and the city of Nago, both also in Okinawa, came in Nos.
The outbreak in Okinawa began in March when a tourist from Taiwan tested positive for the disease. All measles cases confirmed in Japan since 2012 have been imported cases. How contagious is measles? Answer: Very. Measles is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus that is ...

It is a foregone conclusion that the Okinawa Prefectural Government opposes the Japanese government speeding up embankment work. The N3 seawall that is under construction will stretch southwest from near the tip of Cape Henoko, and will complete the south side land reclamation boundaries. prison
Genting Cruise Lines announced a new collaboration with Okinawa Agricultural Cooperatives Association (JA Okinawa), and Leospo Incorporated, which will see the company's ships offer local Okinawa-sourced food. This includes Okinawa Wagyu beef and Okinawa Agu pork for its summer cruise ... prison
'Today Okinawa is one of our most popular summer destinations. We are honoured to be the first cruise line to partner with JA Okinawa and Leospo Inc. on all of our 160 summer cruises to the picturesque islands of Ryukyu this year, where guests of Dream Cruises and Star Cruises will have the privilege to ... prison
NAHA, OKINAWA - A Japanese court on Wednesday (April 11) sentenced a US Marine to four years in prison for killing a 61-year-old man in a car crash while driving under the influence of alcohol last year, reported Kyodo news agency. Prosecutors had sought six years for Nicholas James-Mclean, 22, ... prison
WASHINGTON (RNS)—Navy officials are investigating complaints about the placement of a Bible in a public display about POW/MIAs at the U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa, the service's largest overseas medical facility. The investigation, opened April 6, follows the filing of a complaint by the Military Religious ... prison
Police arrested James-Mclean last November on suspicion of dangerous driving resulting in death, and drunk driving. He was three times over the legal limit for alcohol in a breathalyzer test. People in Okinawa, which hosts the bulk of U.S. military facilities in Japan, have protested against noise, crimes and ... prison
Officials were first alerted to the issue Thursday evening, when a complaint was received from the New York-based Law Office of Donald Rehkopf Jr. on behalf of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and 26 families on Okinawa. It was addressed to Rear Adm. Paul Pearigen, Navy Medicine West ... prison
Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko have returned from their 11th trip to Okinawa Prefecture. With Akihito scheduled to abdicate the throne next spring, it is said that their March 2729 visit to the southernmost prefecture may be their last. The imperial couple have long harbored deep, sympathetic ...
YOMITAN, OKINAWA PREF. – A memorial service was held at a cave in Okinawa Prefecture on Saturday to mourn 83 villagers who committed mass suicide in the final phase of World War II. Some 30 people, including bereaved families, attended the event at the Chibichiri Gama cave in the village of ...
Margaret Mars Brisbin is a Ph.D. candidate in marine science at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), which probably brings to mind frolicking dolphins and giant schools of tropical fish. But Brisbin's focus is much, much smaller: marine microeukaryotes, the photosynthetic organisms ... citizen

Concerns about public safety and alleged criminal activity on the key strategic island were dominating mayoral elections on Okinawa, locals told The Australian. Noise pollution is another problem with military bases next to residential areas. Local business owners say this is a major issue with the US air ... citizen
On an early February Sunday evening, I found myself in a small Italian restaurant in Tokyo's Shimbashi where I was invited to taste a unique product from Okinawa: a newly designed contemporary awamori, the island's signature sake. I was also there to learn about the essence of awamori, a drink I knew ... citizen
An attorney by day, Itomura became more and more interested in his Okinawan cultural roots as an adult returning home to the Islands after living in Colorado. In 2000, he participated in bon dances with the Young Okinawans of Hawai'i and has traveled to Okinawa to visit villages, watch performances and ... citizen
On February 8, the Okinawa Labor Bureau announced that the number of foreign workers in Okinawa Prefecture reached a record high of 7,310 people (as of October 2017), an increase of 1,339 (22.4%) from the same month the previous year. The countries from which the most foreign workers came were ... citizen
The leadership triad of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4 was relieved of duty after the executive officer was found wandering drunk and naked through the woods at Camp Shields in Okinawa, Japan. Lt. Cmdr. Jason Gabbard was discovered intoxicated and unclothed in a wooded area late last week, ... citizen
The 6th World Youth Uchinanchu Festival (hosted by the festival's executive committee) held the round table discussion, closing ceremony, and grand finale February 10 at the Peru Okinawa Kenjin-Kai Hall in the suburbs of Lima, Peru, ending the five day festival. Okinawan descendants from all over the ... citizen
American servicemembers stationed around Okinawa have donated 55 pints of blood and 15 pints of blood plasma for Cobra Gold drills underway in Thailand. The vital body fluids – collected during recent donation drives at bases on Japan's southern island prefecture – are intended for U.S. troops in case ... citizen
CHATAN, OKINAWA PREF. – Fifty years ago this week in February 1968, ten U.S. B-52 bombers arrived at Kadena Air Base to launch direct bombing operations from Okinawa over Indochina as a way to bring pressure on North Vietnam to come to the peace table. Their numbers grew to an average of 18 ... citizen
Okinawa is so lush that buildings and rivers are often obscured by its profusion of greenery. Along the coasts, tourists swim in aquamarine waters. All this natural beauty may surprise anyone who associates Okinawa with World War II, when invading Americans bombed its terraced fields and wild forest ... citizen
CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — Former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev is backing Okinawa's fervent anti-base movement, according to the southern island prefecture's oldest daily newspaper. A recent report in the Ryukyu Shimpo — widely seen as having an anti-U.S. military slant — said the Nobel ... citizen
A part from a U.S. military Osprey transport aircraft was found drifting near an islet in Okinawa Prefecture on Friday, police and the Defense Ministry's local bureau said. The semicircle object was confirmed by the U.S. Marine Corps as an engine air inlet part that had fallen off the tilt-rotor aircraft while it was ... citizen
at a construction office in Ishigaki City on Monday Okinawa police have arrested a man over the fatal stabbing of a woman at a construction office in Ishigaki City last week OKINAWA (TR) – Okinawa Prefectural Police have arrested a 37-year-old man over the fatal stabbing of a woman at the office of a ... citizen
Okinawa Autotech is looking to sell 10,000 units of its electric scooters in India, fuelled by strong demand from tier I and II cities in the country. The company, which has two models -- Ridge and Praise -- in its portfolio, also has plans to expand its retail presence to 500 outlets in the next three years. citizen
While Hawaii has long been one of the most popular go-to destinations for tourists from Japan, Okinawa has finally caught up to outshine the rival resort island chain. For the first time, Okinawa overtook Hawaii in terms of tourist numbers last year, according to Okinawa Prefectural Government data released ... citizen
CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — No injuries or damage has been reported after a large piece from a Marine Corps aircraft was lost this week off the coast of Okinawa. Part of an air intake from an MV-22 Osprey washed ashore Friday on the western beach of Ikei Island, said a spokesman for Okinawa Defense ... citizen
The Sankei Shimbun has retracted a story it published last year about a U.S. Marine saving a person involved in a car crash in Okinawa, saying in its Thursday edition that it could not confirm that the events took place. The national daily apologized to its readers as well as local newspapers — the Ryukyu ... citizen
Called “suba” in the local dialect, Okinawa soba is made from wheat flour instead of “sobako,” or buckwheat, like its counterpart from up north. The noodle is a little flatter and thicker compare to Chinese noodles. The color ranges from white to light yellow. As the matter of fact, the shape and the style of ... citizen
Japan's PM Vows to Proceed With U.S. Base Relocation in Okinawa After Poll. Feb. ... The victory by Toguchi - who stressed boosting Okinawa's economy in his campaign - is expected to give impetus to the long-stalled plan to relocate the base. ... He said he wanted to support Okinawa's development. citizen
Who would have known that the Okinawan language found a home in Brazil just when it was fading back in Japan? BBC Brasil's Leticia Mori has this report from Sao Paulo. Walking around Liberdade district, you would be forgiven for thinking you were in Tokyo. Nowhere in Brazil are the influences of ... citizen
Surrounded by the waters of the Pacific, Okinawa is profuse with beaches, coves, diving sites, lush forests and natural bounty. The islands were formed from coral millennia ago, and that porous material in turn led to the islands being honeycombed with extensive caves—such as the now-tourist magnet ... citizen
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has asked U.S. President Donald Trump to ensure that strict measures are taken for the safe operations of U.S. military aircraft in Okinawa Prefecture. Abe made the request during an hourlong telephone conversation with Trump on Friday, following a series of accidents and ... citizen
NAHA, OKINAWA PREF. – A court in Okinawa sentenced a Taiwanese man to 25 years in prison and slapped him with a Â¥10 million ($91,000) fine Thursday for trying to smuggle 597 kilograms of stimulants in 2016, the largest amount seized in a single bust in the country. “It was an organized and ... citizen
A battle is raging in Okinawa Prefecture between a Tokyo-based national newspaper and two local papers over coverage of the U.S. military in Japan's southernmost prefecture. The Sankei Shimbun has criticized The Okinawa Times and The Ryukyu Shimpo as "not qualified to call themselves media ... citizen
The prefectural assembly of Okinawa in southern Japan has unanimously adopted a resolution protesting a recent spate of off-base emergency landings by US military helicopters. In January alone, 3 US helicopters made such landings in the southern prefecture. The aircraft all belong to the US Marine ... citizen
At a House of Representatives Budget Committee meeting on Monday, Abe apologized "deeply" to Okinawa residents and the country in general, adding that the government will make efforts to reduce Okinawa's base-hosting burden and to handle other matters by boosting discipline. Residents of Okinawa ... citizen
An MV-22 Osprey of Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (VMM) 265 lands on the flight deck of the Navy's forward-deployed aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). (Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Janweb B. Lagazo/Navy). The commanding officer of Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 265, ... citizen
On January 25, the four young men cleaned up Chibichiri-gama in Namihira, Yomitan where residents were forced to commit suicide during the Battle of Okinawa. With Kinjo, creator of the Statue of Peace Connecting Generations at the entrance to the cave, they also set up 12 new Buddha statues. citizen
Colonel Darin Clarke, who manages the Marines' government and external affairs in the Pacific, made a comment in response to the protest resolution from the Okinawa Prefectural Assembly about consecutive U.S. military aircraft accidents and related concerns. He mentioned cars have failures, too, and ... citizen
Okinawa [Japan], Jan 31 : Okinawa Prefecture is a popular tourist spot in Japan. Known for its natural and rich climate surrounded by beautiful sea, it has become a popular place to visit, recommended not only for the native Japanese but also for foreign tourists. The international payment brand, JCB, ... citizen
CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — The Japanese government will send inspectors to Marine Corps bases on Okinawa to verify the safety of U.S. aircraft after a spate of recent incidents drew pointed criticism from lawmakers across the country. The idea was floated Tuesday by Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori ... citizen
NAHA, OKINAWA PREF. – An Okinawa elementary school where safety concerns have grown due to U.S. military aircraft flying overhead is expected to get a roofed facility on its playground to protect students from falling objects, sources said Tuesday. On Dec. 13, a window from a U.S. military CH-53E ... citizen
WHO/WHAT: The University of Hawai'i at Manoa Center for Okinawan Studies will present a public forum on Okinawan Studies by its new director, Dr. Masato Ishida. This will be an opportunity to meet Dr. Ishida and hear his perspective on Okinawan studies. Ishida is also an associate professor of ... citizen
Japan's Defense Ministry will send Self-Defense Force personnel to Okinawa to monitor the US military's maintenance of helicopters in the southern prefecture. Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera disclosed the plan on Tuesday. Onodera says SDF experts on maintenance and inspection of military aircraft ... citizen



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