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updated Sun. April 28, 2024

The nation's cherry trees are starting to bloom rapidly amid the warming weather. A Somei-Yoshino in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward started flowering on Saturday, nine days earlier than usual, followed by the emergence of blossoms in the cities of Fukuoka, Matsuyama, Nagoya, Gifu and Yokohama on Monday.

Japanese street artist Roamcouch is back with a brand new mural depicting beautiful Japanese women wearing kimono with seasonal flora including cherry blossoms, hydrangeas, maple leaves, and peonies. Entitled “Four seasons”, it's painted as part of his project “Emotional Bridge”. Roamcouch started ...
GIFU--Katsuyuki Mitsumura was working in his garden in October 2012 when he came across a shiny fragment. He took the piece into his house because it looked pretty. Mitsumura, 74, put the "rock" on display in his home but never gave it much thought until June 2017 when he read a newspaper article ...
A stone that a man stumbled across near his home in central Japan has turned out to be a meteorite believed to date back 4.6 billion years. It is the first meteorite identified in Japan in 15 years. Six years ago, Katsuyuki Mitsumura was harvesting vegetables at a field near his house in the city of Gifu, when ...
A new Self-Defense Forces hospital will be built in fiscal 2021 next to Iruma Air Base in Saitama Prefecture, bringing the total to 17, informed sources said. Afterward, the government will reduce the roles played by the SDF hospitals in Misawa, Aomori Prefecture, and Kakamigahara, Gifu Prefecture, so that ...
OGAKI, Gifu Prefecture--An autoparts maker here is adding luster to traditional Japanese board games, with “shogi” the latest to experience the company's Midas touch. Hayano Kenko Co., a metal processor, has started selling gold-plated shogi pieces. A standard king piece weighs 40 grams. In summer ...
I visited the Itoshiro district of Gujo, Gifu Prefecture, one of the featured communities. Nestled at the foot of the Hakusan mountain range between the Hokuriku and Tokai regions, Itoshiro is regaining vitality through a small-scale hydroelectric generation project. Itoshiro thrived in the past as a base for ...
GIFU (TR) – Gifu Prefectural Police have launched an investigation following the discovery of a woman's skull and corpse in a field in Kakamigahara City, reports Sankei Sports (Mar. 10). At around 11:15 a.m. on March 10, a man cutting grass in the Unumaoigicho area reported the discovery of the woman's ...


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