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updated Fri. January 13, 2023

Luxottica Group has acquired a 67 percent majority stake in Fukui Megane Co. Ltd., an eyewear manufacturer based in Japan's Fukui district, focused on the production of luxury titanium and gold frames. The value of the deal has not been disclosed."The acquisition represents a first step in the entry of our ...

Luxottica Group SpA (LUX.MI) said Tuesday that it acquired a 67% stake in Japan's Fukui Megane, a company that specializes in eyewear frames made of titanium and solid gold. The acquisition represents the first step into production in Japan, said Luxottica Executive Chairman Leonardo Del Vecchio.
The former senior member of the support group for Fukui was sued by those who claimed that the defendant swindled the plaintiffs out of money they invested in a business project even though there were no prospects that the scheme would succeed. The former executive of the group lost the suit.
Police in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan, have acknowledged that they failed to respond to repeated calls by a mother to rescue her son, whose car was stuck in deep snow. The 19-year-old was found dead inside the vehicle in Sakai City on February 7th, when the area received record snowfall. He died of ...
FUKUI – The transfer of spent nuclear fuel from the Fugen converter reactor in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture, will be postponed for nine years until a new reprocessing facility can be chosen, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency said Monday. JAEA President Toshio Kodama announced the delay until fiscal 2026 ...
Fukui Prefecture, on the Japan Sea coast, is home to Japan's leading museum focused on dinosaurs. Some 80% of the dinosaur fossils discovered in Japan come from Fukui, and this prefectural facility has attracted national—and even global—attention since opening in 2000. With millions of satisfied ...
FUKUI – The central government and the Fukui Prefectural Government have determined there is no need to craft a new evacuation plan in case of a twin nuclear accident there, Cabinet Office documents show. In a meeting last month, state and prefectural officials confirmed that a simultaneous accidents ...
KANAZAWA, ISHIKAWA PREF. – Roughly 260 cars remained stranded on a snowy Route 8 on the Sea of Japan coast Thursday morning, with many people already having spent two nights in their vehicles. The Ground Self-Defense Force said the Fukui Prefecture road could be clear by this evening, once ...
KANAZAWA, ISHIKAWA PREF. – As many as 800 cars remained stranded for a second day on Wednesday in Fukui Prefecture as heavy snow continued to blanket a wide area along the Sea of Japan coast. The snow, which has caused havoc to transportation services in the region, was expected to last ...
NAHA, OKINAWA PREF. – Okinawa Gov. Takeshi Onaga urged new Okinawa affairs chief Teru Fukui to reduce the U.S. military's giant presence in the prefecture as the pair met for the first time at the Okinawa Prefectural Government's headquarters in Naha. Onaga submitted written requests to Fukui ...


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