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IndianaPOLIS - He served as mayor of Indianapolis, and later served Indiana in the U.S. Senate. And soon, Richard Lugar's name will be ...

Time weighed heavy on Richard Lugar's shoulders, the years having stooped him somewhat, and slackened the lines of his seemingly ...
When Richard Lugar looked out at the fenced-off piles of dirt and mud in front of the City-County Building on Monday, he saw a public space ...
Richard Lugar, R-Ind., who spoke Saturday during the 25th anniversary of the William Laws ... Former Senator Richard Lugar, left, and Rev.
IndianaPOLIS (WTHR) - Indiana Senator Richard Lugar will be honored Monday on the 50th anniversary of his election as Mayor of ...

A ceremony Monday to honor the 50th anniversary of Richard Lugar's election as mayor of Indianapolis will also include a special dedication.
Former U.S. Senator Richard Lugar is not a fan of President Trump's twitter feed. In an interview with Indianapolis Monthly, Lugar says he is ...
Former Indiana senator and foreign policy icon Richard Lugar, in an interview last week at the National Press Club in Washington, conveyed ...
Towering figures in Indiana politics, including former Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh and Republican Sen. Richard Lugar, were toppled in recent ...
"China is also beginning to export its internet censorship technologies to other countries bent on controlling information," warned former Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana), in a report at the time. "In part because of this, and because U.S ...
Richard Lugar and the president of the Federalist Society's Indiana chapter. Nonetheless, Hamilton met scathing GOP resistance on his way to confirmation, and all Republicans but Lugar voted against his confirmation.
The United States appears to be backing away from a global effort to reduce corruption connected to drilling and mining in typically poor, resource-rich countries, according to groups involved in the process.
1971-1976 - Serves as aide and later adviser to Indianapolis Mayor Richard Lugar. 1977-1983 - Serves as Chief of Staff to Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana). 1983-1984 - Executive Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).
He served 10 years in the Marine Corps and worked for former Senator Richard Lugar, the campaign to elect former Governor Mitch Daniels and the Washington D.C.
With both Indiana University and Purdue operating in Indianapolis, UIPUI was formed in 1968 after then Mayor Richard Lugar called for establishing a single great state university in Indianapolis.
According to a report by Politico, oil executive Rex Tillerson flew to Washington to meet with the august senator from Indiana, Richard Lugar, to persuade the senator not to include such inconvenient language. Exxon-Mobil had great plans for Russian ...

In the early war on Terror years, Richard Lugar, a former US Senator and chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, argued that terrorists armed with nuclear weapons pose an existential threat to the Western way of life.
(Think of Indiana Senator Richard Lugar losing the 2012 primary to Richard Mourdock, who then went on to lose to Democrat Joe Donnelly.
Don't dismiss idea of carbon tax. DAVID V. PERKINS. Muncie. Although Michael Hicks admits that even a small likelihood of anthropogenic climate change "warrants intervention," he dismisses an idea favored by conservative Republican Economists that ...
Former Sen. Richard Lugar hopes the Trump administration not only remains within the 2015 Paris climate deal but takes an active role in convincing other countries to do the same.
Those efforts came after Zumbach and others fell on their political face attempting to push through the kind of fully shared government that Mayor Richard Lugar and others had installed in Indianapolis. "We tried and failed. It never got off the ground ...
Former United States Attorney General Eric Holder stopped by the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney school of Law on Thursday, taking questions from Indiana's current and future attorneys and offering his perspective on some of the issues facing the ...
Six years later, during the spring of 2003, the committee, now chaired by Indiana Republican Richard Lugar, held another series of hearings, this time on the second round of NATO expansion.
... fall-back for when negotiations break down. President Barack Obama signs the New START Treaty into law in 20111 as Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), and Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) observe.
Founded in 2011, the Institute houses the archives of innovative mayors Richard Lugar, William Hudnut III, Stephen Goldsmith, Bart Peterson and Greg Ballard and also is a hub for conversations about vital issues in civic life.
Richard Lugar, an Indiana Republican who helped create the index, said that coming up with a high score for bipartisanship "is a strong indication that a legislator is prioritizing problem solving and open to working with the other party when possible.
Its reputation as a House of God's Word has led former Senator Richard Lugar to recommend church proceedings be recorded in the Congressional Record.
Richard Lugar of Indiana worked with Democrat Sam Nunn on a bipartisan bill to dismantle nuclear weapons in the former Soviet Union - and was then defeated by a Tea Party challenger in the primaries last year.
Richard Lugar, the Indiana Republican who co-authored the original legislation to require the transparency rule, was disappointed to see his fellow Republicans vote overwhelmingly in both houses of Congress to invalidate the SEC rule, which hadn't even ...
Democratic Rep. Ron Kind was just elected to a 10th term in his LaCrosse-based western Wisconsin district. He spent four years leading the centrist New Democrat Coalition, and was recently rated the eighth-most moderate member of the House by ...
A good example was former Indiana Senator and Mayor of Indianapolis, Richard Lugar. Working his way up the pecking order in his home state, Lugar articulated the so-called Unigov which combined the government entities of Marion County and ...
He is also the former board chair of Los Robles hospital and Medical Center, Thousand Oaks, and is a captain in the U.S. Naval Reserve (ret).
It is important to recognize that this provision originated in the Dodd-Frank Act. It was put forward by a bipartisan set of Senators, including the security hawk, foreign policy leader, and human rights supporter, then-Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN ...
The transparency rule was the result of a bipartisan provision that Senator Ben Cardin (D-Maryland) and former Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana) added to the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and consumer Protection Act. Ever since the rule's ...
Democrats in the U.S. Senate can take a significant step in leading the country toward reasonable governing, and away from chaos. Those senators can set an example of the steadiness, sorely needed in America right now, by resisting the understandable ...
Benjamin Cardin, D-Md., and then-Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind. Foes of the regulation, led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American petroleum Institute, said the rule would put natural resource companies at a competitive disadvantage with foreign ...
The U.S. energy industry's core argument against an anti-corruption rule struck down by President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans does not hold water, supporters of the regulation say.
The daughter of a single mother who cleaned other peoples' houses for a living, Carson's charisma won her admirers on both sides of the aisle.
Former Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) commissioned a report in 2008 on the "resource curse." That's shorthand for the corruption and ongoing poverty that plagues many countries and regions rich in mineral resources.
As you know, my concern about potential conflicts of interest is shared by Senator Richard Lugar, the top-ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee.
Richard Lugar (R-IN), the transparency rule mandated that extractive companies listed on the U.S. stock exchange - including Exxon, Chevron, and several Chinese oil Conglomerates - publish details of the hundreds of billions of dollars paid for the ...
Then what in the name of Richard Lugar is an Indiana moderate to do? Last week, Donnelly issued a non-statement statement saying that he would "carefully review and consider" Gorsuch's record and qualifications.
Richard Lugar, R-Ind., spearheaded a report on corruption in developing nations rooted in their natural resources. In the most extreme cases, money from oil or other resources set off a scramble for personal wealth that left nations in Africa, South ...
(Indiana Senator Richard Lugar was defeated in a primary in part because he voted for Democratic justices.) If the next Democratic president gets a Supreme Court vacancy, he or she will have an extremely difficult time defeating a filibuster.
Back in 2010, as this rule was being written into Dodd-Frank, then-CEO Tillerson personally visited then- Republican Senator Richard Lugar (IN) - one of the rules architects - in hopes that it would never see the light of day. According to Politico ...
The U.S. law was a bipartisan initiative spearheaded in 2010 by Democratic Senator Ben Cardin and former Republican Senator Richard Lugar. No sooner had the legislation been signed by President Obama than the American petroleum Association (APA) ...
Richard Lugar (R-IN), the transparency rule mandated that extractive companies listed on the U.S. stock exchange - including Exxon, Chevron, and several Chinese oil Conglomerates - publish details of the hundreds of billions of dollars paid for the ...
Richard Lugar co-sponsored the Cardin-Lugar amendment, an anti-corruption measure that subsequently became law. Last week, in hastily scheduled votes designed to avoid scrutiny, the House and Senate voted to block enforcement of Sen. Lugar's ...
US Senator Ben Cardin who along with former Senator, Richard Lugar crafted the transparency provision had this to say "it should be lost on no one that in less than 48 hours, the Republican-controlled Senate has confirmed the former head of ExxonMobil ...


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