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Addison Mitchell "Mitch" McConnell, Jr. (born February 20, 1942) is the senior United States Senator from Kentucky. A member of the Republican Party, he is the Minority Leader of the Senate. He is the longest serving U.S. Senator in Kentucky history.

McConnell has supported several gun control measures put forth by Democrats, including the 1991 crime Bill S.1241 sponsored by then senator Joseph Biden, that instituted a national waiting period for handgun purchases as well as a federal ban on semi-automatic firearms. In 1998, McConnell voted for Barbara Boxer's Trigger Lock Amendment 3230, which required the purchase of a trigger lock with the sale of each handgun.

In addition to regulation of firearms, McConnell has also supported nuclear arms control initiatives such as the START I treaty, which he voted for in 1992, describing it as "an outstanding agreement".

McConnell is also well known for his opposition to campaign finance regulation on First Amendment grounds. He argues that regulations reduce participation in political campaigns and protect incumbents from competition. He spearheaded the movement against the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (known since 1995 as the "McCain–Feingold bill" and from 1989–1994 as the "Boren–Mitchell bill"), calling it "neither fair, nor balanced, nor constitutional." His opposition to the bill culminated in the 2003 Supreme Court case McConnell v. Federal Election Commission and the 2009 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

In August 2007 McConnell introduced the Protect America Act of 2007, which allowed the National Security Agency to monitor telephone and electronic communications of suspected terrorists inside and outside the United States without obtaining a warrant.


Mitch McConnell

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updated Tue. November 21, 2017

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In the event that the House of Representatives ends up passing the American health care Act Friday, Senate Republicans' stated plan is to bring the bill to the floor next week.
Yet we should also take a few minutes to be angry, furious even, about the sad last act of this long political showdown, one that consumed, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell put it this week, "the better part of a decade." Consider this: Long ...
There's exactly one big winner in the Republican leadership right now: Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell. The Kentucky Republican, long known for his sixth-sense acumen as a political and legislative strategist, completely avoided the direct and ...
One key Republican Washington power player - Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell - emerges from the wreckage of Friday's GOP effort to overhaul Obamacare relatively unscathed.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell promised a "robust amendment process" when the House version of the American health care Act comes to the Senate floor for consideration.
Thapar is currently a federal district judge for the Eastern District of Kentucky, based in Lexington, and is a favorite of Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell. Confirmed near the end of the George W. Bush administration, he was the first district ...
"I have a full and firm commitment, with many witnesses, from President Trump that he will use his political leverage, to go public and work hard to get the Mitch Mcconnell amendment passed, which just takes a simple majority in the Senate, and it ...
Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell of Ky., joined at rear by Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., speaks to reporters about the pending GOP health care bill following lunch with Vice President Mike Pence, Tuesday, March 31, 2017, on Capitol Hill in Washington.




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