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After the Deepwater Horizon spill, former President Barack Obama created a commission to recommend safety improvements. One co-chairman was Bob Graham, a Democrat and a former governor and senator from Florida. The other was William Riley. He was administrator of the Environmental Protection ...
Problem is, Levine is unlikely to beat the Democratic frontrunner, Gwen Graham, a former member of the U.S. House of Representative and the daughter of former senator and governor Bob Graham. She is miles ahead of Levine in early polls. And as we have seen in recent days, more women in high ...

"What about all that stuff I said about California wildfires and Hurricane Irma being made worse by climate change?" -Bob Graham's Daughter. "Everyone knows sea levels aren't rising…Miami is sinking under the weight of Phil Levine's ego." -Congressman Matt Gaetz. "Please leave Phil Levine alone.
election-year legislative sessions are always more interesting than off-year meetings, as members work to protect their own re-election with, always, an eye to the future. All the House and half the Senate seats go to a vote every even-numbered year, and sessions have a little more topspin every four years, ...
As Bob Graham phrases it, "democracy was never intended to be a spectator sport." Still, most citizens are watching from the sidelines as others decide the policies that shape their lives. Only about one in five residents of the Pensacola area will ever contact or visit a public official, according to the Lou Frey ...
... field is even more crowded on the Democratic side, with former congresswoman Gwen Graham -- the daughter of popular former Florida Gov. Bob Graham -- vying for the seat along with Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum, former Miami Beach mayor Philip Levine, and Orlando businessman Chris King.

Graham says her father did the same during his days politicking across the Sunshine State. Bob Graham served as a Florida Democratic governor from 1978 to 1986, and as a U.S. Senator from 1987 to 2005. On Monday, she scooted around her end of the conveyer belt, plopping small canned goods into ...
Northwest Florida college students are invited to join their peers from around the state in drafting policies that could help shape Florida's future. The University of Florida Bob Graham Center for Public Service is soliciting applications for the 2018 Future of Florida Summit. The event unites some of the state's ...
It's a prospect that some elite pros -- pulling down millions of dollars each year in conventional compensation -- may welcome. "The bitcoin bonus could be one of the methodologies in recruiting better talent into your organization," said Bob Graham, a digital currency expert at accounting and advisory firm ...
It ain't enough to just be Bob Graham's daughter. We wonder if her anti-establishment, people-person stance will get in the way of her ability to make major bank. #7: Does Andrew Gillum stay in until the end? Such youth, such promise. Then came the annoying FBI, with its investigating of possible local ...
Sept. 11, 2017 (EIRNS)--On the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the United States, we are reminded that the FBI and intelligence agencies leading the ...
"This is Our House," by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Bob Graham. As a natural part of their emotional development, young children are ...
When Hurricane Andrew battered South Florida in 1992, Bob Graham, now 80, was in the U.S. Senate, where he served from 1987 to 2005, ...
Michael Cohen, an attorney for Donald Trump, arrives in Trump Tower in New York, on Dec. 16, 2016. Cohen acknowledged Aug. 28, 2017 ...
1 of 5 Former Florida Gov. Bob Graham, far left, along with his daughter gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham, right, share a group hug with A.
Former Florida Gov. and Sen. Bob Graham with daughter Gwen Graham at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. (George ...
Bob Graham, who attended Monday's lunch. But she distanced herself from any suggestion that she's an establishment candidate and said she ...

Bob Graham (D-Florida) in June 1997, and then she made two $200 donations to Sen. Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey). Over the years, she ...
"I would hate to lose a child and have that be the impetus for, 'oh let's get the cow tunnel reopened,'" said neighborhood resident Bob Graham.
Bob Graham, D-Fla., who took the 85-minute helicopter tour with Chiles, has toured every Florida hurricane since 1979. He called Andrew the ...
The cost to build the Miracle Field is $750,000, and former Miracle League of East Texas President Bob Graham said the group has almost ...
education is sure to be an important issue in the upcoming Governor's race. As Andrew Gillum announces his "back-to-school" tour, visiting ...
STUART, Fla. (CBS12) -- Martin County Sheriff Deputies have arrested 21 men and 24 more warrants have been issued after men were video ...
Bob Graham Beach has experienced such activity "on and off for years," Snyder said. He said no arrests have been made yet in connection ...
Bob Graham of Louisville fishes Friday near the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee rivers in Paducah. Today's weather calls for mostly ...
Bob Graham, also held workdays during his many successful campaigns. Graham spent the day helping out the counselors and volunteers at ...
Bob Graham to back up local governments in reviewing development proposals that would require amendments to their comprehensive plans ...
Bob Graham and streamlined by former GOP Governors Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist. The agency was designed to provide a layer of oversight ...
Former governor Bob Graham, right, holds a possum as his daughter, congressional candidate Gwen Graham, stands near in 2014. (Brendan ...
Barb Anderson, left, and Bob Graham are emotional Monday as Anderson introduces Graham during the 41st Big Thompson Flood Memorial in ...
This marvelous time-traveling adventure offers a clever girl-power take on the Robin Hood legend and is swashbuckling good fun, but it's debut ...
Past winners of the Bob Graham Award from Sarasota include SAF co-founder Martie Lieberman, Center for Architecture Sarasota co-founder ...
That would be former Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham. He rose from obscurity in the late 70's with his "work days" and won election to ...
Bob Graham, of spending a day working in the job of an average Floridian. ... Bob Graham has been promoting the importance of civics in the ...
Enjoy the season Brad heated apologizing to the college umpire leader Bob Graham was New York friend job right you're any.
It's a favorite question in the Capitol around week 2 of a Legislative Session: When are we getting allocations? For the uninitiated, allocations are the large portions of money that go to each budget subcommittee to fund the various parts of state ...
Back in 1994, Hugh Rodham, the brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton, decided to run for the United States Senate against then Republican Senator Connie Mack.
Lamar recalls Steverson inviting newsmakers such as Gov. Bob Graham and Secretary of State Jim Smith to the school for interviews.
Bob Graham stated, "The whole purpose of Amendment 1 was to reverse the drastic cuts in the Florida Forever program." Former state senator and current state Rep. Thad Altman said, "The fact that Florida Forever was discontinued was the motivation for ...
Bob Graham, is leaning in hard to make the race along with a few others. But the 800-pound political gorilla in the campaign is Orlando personal injury lawyer John Morgan, who has more name recognition across Florida than "Oranges.
Bob Graham, the former congresswoman's father. The Tallahassee Democrat announced she would not run for re-election after one-term in Congress after her seat was redrawn to favor Republicans.
The daughter of former Florida governor and senator Bob Graham, Gwen Graham is on the short list for Democratic candidates for governor in November 2018, when Gov.
In 1970s, then-Gov. Reubin Askew, who was from Oklahoma, went on stage and sang "I'm an Okie From Muskogee," and a tradition was born.
I'm not sure if he had that like a Charlie Crist would or a Bob Graham or someone else who's held office and even the presumptive Republican nominee Adam Putnam.
Two national experts on reducing the incarceration rate of the mentally ill will be the featured guests at a seminar aimed at dealing with the issue locally.
Jake Varn was the Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation under Gov. Bob Graham. He worked with the Southwest Florida Water Management District in several capacities and participated in the drafting of the Model Water Code, ...
By Bob Graham | Contributor. March 10, 2017, at 10:00 a.m.. Whether you like him or not, it should be clear why President Donald Trump's promise to "Make America Great Again" resonates.
Two large developments are making their way to Miami-Dade County, just miles from Broward County. American Dream Miami amusment park, mall and resort is slated to be the largest of its kind in the country.
Florida college students gathered at the University of Florida from Feb. 10-12 to participate in the Bob Graham Center for Public Service's Future of Florida Summit.
Robert Emory "Bob" Graham, 55, passed away on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. A memorial service will be held on Sunday, March 12, 2017, at 2:00 PM at the Central Presbyterian Church located at 402 N. College Street in Waxahachie.



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