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was sworn in as U.S. Ambassador to Australia on September 29, 2001. He was nominated by President Bush on July 18, 2001 and confirmed by the U.S. Senate on July 27, 2001.


In 1989, he was an investor in the partnership led by George W. Bush and Edward W. (Rusty) Rose that bought the Texas Rangers Baseball Club. He was designated as Partner-In-Charge of Ballpark Development in 1990. In January 1991, he was named President of the club reporting directly to general partners Bush and Rose. He was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the club as well as the building of the Ballpark in Arlington. When Bush was elected Governor of Texas in 1994, Ambassador Schieffer assumed Bush's duties as general partner. The partnership sold the team in June 1998 to Dallas financier Thomas O. Hicks. He stayed on as President until April 1999, when he resigned to become consultant on the development of the real estate around The Ballpark. After visiting projects around the United States and Europe, Ambassador Schieffer completed his consulting work for Hicks in May 2000. He is the President of J. Thomas Schieffer Management Company and Pablo Operating Company.


In business Ambassador Schieffer serves on the advisory board of the JP Morgan Chase Bank in Fort Worth, and Drew Industries of White Plains, New York, a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. logo
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(and ambassador to Japan and Australia) Tom Schieffer declared early for the 2010 race, with White -- who initially planned to run for the U.S. ...
By Tom Schieffer .... A Texas native, Schieffer served as U.S. ambassador to Australia from 2001 to 2005 and as U.S. ambassador to Japan ...

... including former Japanese prime minister Yasuo Fukuda and the former U.S. ambassador to Japan John Thomas Schieffer, a Texas native.
President Trump has selected Tennessee businessman Bill Hagerty as his nominee to become the next U.S. ambassador to Japan, the White ...
Former US ambassador to Japan hopes Trump-Abe summit gets alliance ... Partnership, said Tom Schieffer, former U.S. ambassador to Japan.

Report: Trump Considering Bobby Valentine for U.S. Ambassador to ... whose team president Tom Schieffer later became Ambassador to ...
... Donald Trump to serve as the United States' Ambassador to Japan. ... during those years, team president Tom Schieffer, was ambassador to ...

Tom Schieffer was ambassador to Australia during Bush's first term and ambassador to Japan during his second term. He also is a past ...
Tom Schieffer, the former president of the Texas Rangers, ... Schieffer served as the U.S. ambassador to Australia from 2001-05 and to Japan ...
It's easy, Tom Schieffer said, to forget that just over 70 years ago, Japan and America were on opposite sides of a brutal war that upended the ...
Tom Schieffer was the U.S. ambassador to Australia in the grim years after 9-11, when America's most loyal ally immediately rushed to our aid.
If he is tapped for the position, Valentine could lean on a former ambassador to Japan for advice. While Valentine was managing a baseball team in Japan, the U.S.
During the former big leaguer's time in Japan, the Ambassador to Japan was Tom Schieffer, who also was president of the Texas Rangers during Valentine's tenure as manager with the team.
As president, W. would appoint Schieffer ambassador to Australia and then to Japan. Along with Bush's lawyer in the Rangers deal, James Doty, the Baker Botts lawyer working for the Saudis, the person who recruited Tom Schieffer also represented both ...
Other distinguished speakers at the conference include: Ambassador John Thomas Schieffer, former Ambassador of the United States to Japan; Marc Watts, Chair Pro Tem of the Board of Directors Houston Branch, Dallas Federal Reserve bank and President ...




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