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When Ronald Reagan became president in 1981 the first thing he did was declare a moratorium on all government regulations. There has been a flood of government regulation. Talk to any small businessman or woman and they will tell about these ...

presidential candidate Donald Trump says the federal government has too many stifling regulations. Is he correct? According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, 2015 was a record year for bureaucratic dictum with 81,611 pages of it now found in the ...
Though government regulation can sometimes be difficult to deal with, technology innovators should be working with government to solve the world's biggest issues, according to panelists at South by South Lawn (SXSL) on Monday.
Oklahoma farmers and ranchers have said they're in a battle for survival against government regulations. While opponents said 777 is a grab for power ... He added that they already have plenty of government regulation. They're starting a dairy ...

Yet, for the past eight years, our government has largely served the interests of everyone except the American worker and family. The Obama-Clinton administration has given us excessive government regulations, rising health care costs, stagnate job ...
But what if those federal regulations could be reviewed and even rejected? What if federal government regulations were subjected to scrutiny, debate and an up-or-down vote by our elected representatives?
If there is one thing most businesspeople agree on, it is that government regulation increases the cost of doing business. Complying with ... It's not just the airline industry that must comply with government regulations, though. The automobile ...
At first blush it may seem good to require more permits, gather more information, expand local governmental regulation, and treat all businesses that "use" groundwater the same.
Favorable government regulations Pushing Demand in KSA Tire market. The KSA tire market volume, by the four wheeler vehicle tire type segment, is forecasted to grow at a double digit CAGR for the period of 2016 through 2026.
Running a business - or managing a single unit, department, or team within a business - is not easy. Questions that have legal and/or regulatory implications pop up on a regular basis.
Ontario's Environmental Commissioner will provide information for public to fight government regulations. Environmental Commissioner of Ontario.
However with increased health conscious consumers, rising health problems from consumption of food, and government regulations on food safety, pesticide detection has become need of the hour. Among chemical hazards of food contamination, the ...
... committee of lawmakers will use the survey results to make recommendations to the General Assembly next year, which could include proposals for creating tax incentives to spur new investments in broadband and scrapping some government regulations.

Cutting, not raising, taxes, stripping away unnecessary and unproductive government regulations and assuring U.S. businesses the opportunity to compete fairly on global markets through better trade deals are the answer.
The study cost $601,600, according to documents from the Department of Administrative Services. The lottery should become a "quasi-public" corporation, operating more efficiently and avoiding unnecessary government regulation, according to a copy of ...
A federal district court in Texas had issued an injunction against enforcement of the federal government's regulations in a lawsuit filed by a dozen states.
A new market intelligence report, titled "Sterilization Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 - 2019," presents a ...
Regarding Brad Rouillard's letter about CenturyLink and the Pac-12 channel ("Pay up to watch Utes"): Shame on Comcast/Xfinity as well.
Such development plans are typically used by electricity companies to describe the steps they will take to operate and adhere to government regulations. In the Puerto Rico utility's case, the plan must be approved to complete a critical debt ...
Friends of Stewart Mills has announced that the Minnesota farm Bureau, which serves 30000 member families as their grassroots advocate linking the farm ...
Resources · LOG IN or JOIN OUR COMMUNITY. News Topics · Crops · Livestock · Equipment & Tech · World & Policy · Business & Inputs · farm Life · Special Features · News Topics/; Farm Life/; Some Senators Cite government regulations as Concern for ...
Even though it may seem like we invented it in America, bureaucracy can be found all around the world. Just because our system produces some of the most mind-numbing sets of regulations imaginable does not mean that other countries are not capable of ...
President Obama promised he would bend the health care cost curve and he has - but in the wrong direction. Premiums and deductibles are skyrocketing and Obamacare has entered what experts grimly call a "death spiral.
The report - Sinnovation: How markets can solve public health problems - claims that "heavy-handed" EU and UK government regulations have held back the development of safer alternatives to drinking and smoking and says that public health officials ...
The FinTech industry is undoubtedly a competitive one - never mind the cross-country rivalry. As digital currencies, like bitcoin, expand their reach and more people pay using their smartphone, there are concerns that the U.S.
We have smartphone miniaturization to thank for a number of recent breakthroughs, but auto makers still aren't replacing traditional, clunky mirrors, in part because of government regulations. But that may be about to change. Japan has just become one ...
The industry faces challenges, including legal challenges, government regulations and taxation, such as the state Legislature raising $2 billion in taxes on the oil and gas industry this past year, John said.
"This case," Judge Bodenhausen declared, "illustrates the great deference that federal courts must show to government regulations under the rational basis standard." The rational-basis standard, also known as the rational-basis test, has its origins in ...
The Network Sharing concept is not recognized in Law No. 36 of 1999. Therefore, in the government regulation No. 52 of 2000 and government regulation No. 53 of 2000 as a guide, the implementation of Law No. 36/1999 did not set about network sharing.
Ernst says farmers need less government regulation not more. She referred back to the GIPSA Rule. "What I fear is that this will cut out those small farmers, those small operations, they won't be able to engage in the contracts like we see some of the ...
... which agreed at the last hearing on August 24, 2016, that the Commission I will call a meeting with the Minister of Communications and information technology and other relevant ministries about an amendment plan to the government regulation No.
Edwards said initial target date agreed with DHEC could not be met not only because of government regulations related to the project but also because of funding.
Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Orrin Hatch of Utah said the companies are facing too many government regulations and that is one reason for the mergers.
As the CEO of the company that produces EpiPens appeared on Capitol Hill Wednesday to defend the skyrocketing price of the allergy treatment, some members of Congress said the controversy over its business practices demonstrates the need for federal ...
Institute for Justice attorney Dan Alban said in a statement that the licensing requirement is unconstitutional because it violates the right "to earn an honest living free from arbitrary and irrational government regulations like these." The lawsuit ...
Some Senators Cite government regulations as Concern for Ag. 9/21/2016 | 4:00 PM CDT. Though the drop in commodity prices has been a focal point when it comes to the agriculture economy, some U.S.
Jack Welch, the former GE chief and longtime Republican supporter, told CNBC on Tuesday he's voting for Donald Trump because he likes the real estate mogul's policies on tax reform, government regulations and national security more than those of ...
Netflix nflx has made no progress in its plan to enter the potentially lucrative Chinese market as it needs to obtain a government license, its Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings said on Tuesday.
"During the 2013 fiscal year, Washington issued more than 3,600 regulations," Wayne Brough, chief economist and vice president of research at Freedom Works, wrote on the Real Clear markets website.
In an op-ed for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, President Obama not only advocates for the self-driving car, but muses on the technological advancements of the past seven-and-a-half years.
But despite the immediate expected impact of a Trump victory, a group of influential Wall Street investors are arguing the billionaire would be a boost for business through slashing government regulations, and could steer the US economy towards ...
At the same time, Trump said his economic strategy - which includes overhauling government regulations, trade and energy policies - would boost U.S.
Donald Trump is laying out plans to dramatically scale back government regulations, including food safety and environmental measures.
Donald Trump is laying out plans to dramatically scale back government regulations, including food safety and environmental measures.
WASHINGTON - Donald Trump is laying out plans to dramatically scale back government regulations, including food safety and environmental measures.
It might come as a surprise then that an overwhelming majority of survey participants (half of whom are still in the first or second-generation stages of their businesses) view external factors, such as tax policy and government regulation, as their ...






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