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updated Tue. February 21, 2017

A top government staff who spoke with from Abuja in the night of Sunday, February 20 said there is palpable fear among some government agencies and parastatals following the directive. The top official, a director in one of the agencies, said ...
State and federal agencies are concerned that Napa Valley groundwater pumping could be sapping summer flows in the Napa River, to the detriment of salmon and steelhead trout.
David Lary, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Texas-Dallas, discusses air particulate sensors that are being integrated in the Argonne-developed Waggle platform to measure and monitor air quality in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Auditor-General for the Federation, Anthony Mkpe Ayine. The Auditor-General of the Federation, Mr Anthony Ayine says his office plans to send auditors to do weekly audit in government agencies to improve compliance in provision of reports. Ayine said ...
U.S. government agencies are increasingly adopting a range of biometric technologies to minimize cyberthreats and streamline system access, according to a report by FedTech.
Newly appointed New South Wales Minister for finance, Services and Property Victor Dominello has said he plans to bring his data-driven expertise to his new portfolio, rewarding government agencies with an "innovation bonus" if they move away from a ...
State government agencies will be urged to use and share data to make improvements which would be linked to the funding they receive, Dominello explained to the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Sydney this morning.
Silver Spring, MD Three US government agencies in January released finalized guidance on warning label wording for over-the-counter drugs that contain acetaminophen and labels regarding serious skin conditions such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome ...
COMPANIES and government agencies who fail to pay their bills on time will be publicly named and shamed in a hard-line tactic to improve payments to Australia's small businesses.
While there's hype surrounding the tremendous opportunity the IoT offers, there are still hazards that have yet to be properly addressed.
KAMLOOPS - The proposed Ajax Mine application is at least a couple weeks away from restarting. Despite rumours a restart is happening any day, KGHM Ajax is still working on submitting information required for the proposed mine's environmental ...
A Russian hacker who penetrated the network of the U.S. Electoral Assistance Commission and then put its database up for sale, has been detected continuing ...
JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China) on February 14th, 2017 announced that it has scored an excellent result in the Choice Magazine solar photovoltaic (PV) module testing.
Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute; Georges C. Benjamin, executive director of the American public Health Association; and Ken Berlin, president and CEO of the Climate Reality Project.
babies are part of the team at 4 Arizona government agencies. By Saundra Wilson Cronkite News; Feb 15, 2017 Updated 8 hrs ago; (0).
During a talk at the RSA Conference, Security Expert Bruce Schneier called for the creation of a new government agency that focuses on internet of things regulation, arguing that "the risks are too great, and the stakes are too high" to do nothing.
A security firm claims the Russian-speaking hacker Rasputin has breached a total of 63 universities in the US and UK and government agencies in the US.
MACC has arrested a general manager of a government agency on suspicion of having abused his power in giving over 50 projects to two companies belonging to his wife.
New Delhi: The Department of Food & Public Distribution scales up wheat procurement target for government agencies by 43.47% over the previous year to ...
A hacker has reportedly obtained access to the computer systems of prominent universities, including Cornell and New York University, and is attempting to sell ...
A rally outside the American Geophysical Union's fall meeting called attention to what scientist believe is unwarranted attacks by the incoming Trump administration against scientists advocating for the issue of climate change and its impact.
On its Bulgarian-language website, the e-government agency says some 45% of the attacks analyzed by CERT are the so-called Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) which block a service by overwhelming it with traffic.
Liberal-leaning government agencies this year are likely to lose more top managers than those considered conservative, because of the election of a Republican president, according to a study of the turnover of federal employees after elections.
"The IT departments of government agencies often find themselves under a lot of pressure. On the one hand, they have to comply with regulatory requirements for cyber security with limited resources and budgets.
Two weeks after President Donald Trump fired acting attorney general Sally Yates, she's made breaking political news once again in a major way.
What happens to pupils who 'disappear' from school rolls? Not those who are permanently expelled, but pupils who, before they sit their GCSEs in year 11, somehow, become 'lost' to the school system?
CONCORD - The New Hampshire attorney general announced on Friday that his office has reached a consent judgement with Mandatory Poster Agency (MPA), a Michigan based corporation, after using unfair and deceptive practices.
San Antonio - If you don't pay your bills you can have your water or electricity cut off. The News 4 Trouble shooters have learned some big businesses and government agencies get to play by different rules. The City of San Antonio owes SAWS almost half ...
The GAO says that just 0.03% of service members have been diagnosed with a gambling problem. The military should screen its personnel for gambling disorder the same way it does for other addictive disorders, according to a government watchdog report.
Current Time network will be operated by the Broadcasting Board of Governors' Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and Voice of America.
Cybercriminals have hit more than 40 countries with hidden malware that steals passwords and financial data. The malware is not found on hard drives as it hides in the memory of compromised computers, making it almost "invisible" as criminals ...
Faulty batteries and manufacturing problems were likely the main cause of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s catching fire, a South Korean government agency has said. The Korea Agency for technology and Standards (KAT), which conducted its own ...
Building stories: LiveStories' technology makes it easy for organizations to turn data they have gathered into full stories, featuring charts, text, photos and many other elements.
According to experts, some government agencies still need to catch up on the ability to protect against cyber threats. "I will hold my cabinet secretaries accountable, fully accountable, for the cybersecurity of their organizations," Trump said last month.
White House officials are calling one directive a "one in, two out" plan. It requires government agencies requesting a new regulation to identify two regulations they will cut from their own departments.
President Donald Trump replaced the acting chiefs of the Department of Justice and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Monday night in the wake of controversy surrounding his executive order on immigration.
8073618443_4369aee552_z The media is aghast that President Trump is requiring approval for website posts, clamping down on the use of social media, freezing grants, and forbidding federal agencies from issuing news releases.
If our public servants aren't allowed to recognize the dangers of human-caused climate change, value scientific research, and call Trump on his shenanigans - well, the internet will give us new ones.
Several government officials have created alternate, "rogue" versions of their social media handles in defiance of the Trump administration's orders toward their agencies, which have included a media blackout on the Environmental Protection Agency and ...
NCAC partner organization PEN America yesterday released the following statement addressing the news that the Trump administration prohibited several government agencies from speaking to the public. The order was sent in emails to the Environmental ...
The Trump Administration's Move To Quiet government agencies May Violate Federal Laws. By Sean Colarossi on Thu, Jan 26th, 2017 at 8:57 pm.
students working with homeless Student volunteers of the USC chapter of Share A Meal hand a meal to Mary Morgan. (USC Photo/Gus Ruelas).
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Wednesday that certain government agencies are taking action to address an "inappropriate" use of social media.
Donald Trump loves twitter! The president prefers to communicate policy decisions and condemnations of various news outlets via tweet, and has continued using his insecure Android phone to access Twitter, despite discouragement from aides and the ...
Singapore - With dozens of online platforms passing off falsehoods as "citizen journalism", individuals are increasingly empowered by social media to harass organisations, and the possibility of amending the Protection from Harassment Act (Poha) to ...
Netwrix corporation, provider of platform for visibility and governance of hybrid cloud security, has released the findings related to US government agencies from its 2016 Cloud Security Survey. It has been found that while the agencies follow orders ...
The news media today finds itself in a bind, covering too much news, with too much coming at them and their readers, to properly convey the importance of what they are writing.
students working with homeless Student volunteers of the USC chapter of Share A Meal hand a meal to Mary Morgan. (USC Photo/Gus Ruelas).
In the memo released today, employees of the USDA and EPA are not allowed to talk to the media or post on social media. This means no blog posts, social media messages or press releases are to be done "until further notice.
Donald Trump's administration has appeared to ban at least three government agencies from speaking to journalists, providing documents to the public or even tweeting.






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