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updated Thu. May 25, 2017

Arlington can maintain its current credit rating - despite having roughly $1 billion in total debt (including revenue bonds and other debts) compared to roughly $1.2 billion in total annual revenue (83 percent leverage) - because the bond/credit ...
Mumbai: India's top bankers have warned the government that failure in the debt-bruised telecom sector could result in defaults in the industry whose total borrowings amount to a Rs 8 lakh crore.
Some $426.4 million was paid by the government towards judgment debts for the 2016-17 financial year, noted Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte.
The government wrote to him seeking the repayment of salaries, allowances and expenses, but has not publicly revealed the total amount of money sought.
The TUC has urged the next government to take action to boost pay as it warned that borrowing to top up wages was poised to breach the record levels hit just before the financial crisis of a decade ago.
On Wednesday, the finance Ministry said the downgrade was a mistake because it applied to China's central government bonds, even though the central government was not on the hook for the debts of local governments and state-owned companies.
Demand at Australia's bond sales in 2017 has risen to the highest level in 12 years, as the government's planned issuance of new debt has more than halved. Last year, investor bids fell to 2.89 times the amount of bonds offered on average, the lowest ...
The Trump administration released a budget plan on Tuesday that says cutting spending and revitalizing U.S. economic growth would allow the government to balance the budget within a decade, and to pay back the entire $20 trillion national debt a few ...
Minister of State for Civil aviation Jayant Sinha, however, believes the government can still revive the carrier, and grow it into India's own "great global airline" to compete with the likes of Emirates and Lufthansa.
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Let's just say one very, very key thing. student loan debt is a government made problem. It was something the taxpayers subsidized and the government helped manage and turn into this bizarre regulatory environment, attaching student loans to people in ...
If you look at municipal and state government books, as reported by them, there is about $1.38 trillion of debt accounted for.
Have the governments since 2010 borrowed more than all Labour governments and is that a fair comparison?
Over the last few years, the federal government has spent $1 billion a year to pay debt collectors to help struggling borrowers out of their student loan debt and find money to make regular monthly payments. Based on new government data, however, the ...
More than 400,000 people have planned their careers and financial futures around the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. With the promise of debt forgiveness after 10 years of payments, the government program has allowed some people to return to ...
DURING the last few years, discussions about both national and personal debt have taken on a quality of almost religious passion.
Signed into law in 2007 by George W Bush as part of the College Cost Reduction and Access Act, the program offers those whose jobs benefit society - government and non-profit employees - the chance to have their student loans forgiven after 10 years of ...
The Club For Growth and Heritage Action, two conservative advocacy groups, want congressional Republicans to keep fights over raising the debt ceiling and ...
The ruble's crash could have been worse had the Russian government not spent lots of its US dollar holdings to keep the currency afloat.
A new Australian Public Service (APS) Privacy Code covering the data citizens give to the federal government will be in place by 2018, prompted by the outcry over Centrelink robo debt and data matching. Today's [Thursday] joint announcement by the ...
[WASHINGTON] Household debt has surpassed a peak set during the 2008 financial crisis, marking a long, gradual recovering in borrowing by American consumers, the New York Federal Reserve bank reported Wednesday.
The Dutch government debt was 32 billion euros lower than expected at the end of 2016, according to the Annual Financial Report finance Minister Jeroen ...
This also represents a 15 percent increase in the government's debts owed the power distributor between 2016 and March this year.
To gain those benefits debtors would need to pay 5 percent of their total tax debt in five installments, but the government has not yet decided whether those payments would be monthly, the official said. The congressional farm caucus, which is made up ...
The claim: Prime Minister Theresa May said that the Conservatives had, over the past seven years, cut the nation's deficit as a share of GDP by almost ...
The 2017 Federal Budget has turned attention as usual to the issue of government debt. Commonwealth governments ran a surplus during the mining boom from 2003-2008 but it has run deficits since the GFC to prop up employment and growth.
The figures being thrown around by governments federally and locally have people asking how much more is too much more and what is the path to reducing it?
As the size of the debt grew, so did the complexity, with some branches of government issuing bonds on behalf of others, or backstopping each others' debts, until it became nearly impossible to keep track of it all. Even then, demand for Puerto Rico's ...
... inadequate in circumstances where inadequate details were provided of how the debts were calculated." Cassandra Goldie, the chief executive of the Australian Council of Social Service, told senators she wanted the government's debt recovery program ...
The federal government's housing affordability package is a "sham", Labor's Chris Bowen says, and the measures set out in the 2017 budget will simply drive up prices.
Despite admitting that the economy is in distress, government has boasted of maintaining the debt to GDP ratio below East Africa's threshold of 50%.
government shakes up SPER debt lawsA new $58.8 million debt recovery computer system has also been commissioned, to be implemented in the second half of this year, along with an outbound call campaign to remind people when they have debts owing.
WASHINGTON (BLOOMBERG) - Japan and China increased their holdings of US Treasuries as overall net foreign purchases in March reached the strongest in a year.
The figures being thrown around by governments federally and locally have people asking how much more is too much more and what is the path to reducing it?
Labour was in power between 1997 and 2010, followed by the Conservatives (leading a coalition and then alone) from 2010 to 2017. The amount of money the government owes has mostly risen over those two decades, under administrations of both hues.
A government spokesman said the loan was an urgent matter, with Treasury forecasting the State Government would run out of money by July.
secret government contracts will be scrutinised in an inquiry launched by Premier Mark McGowan, in a bid to find out why Western Australia is facing record debt and deficits. The $1.5 million investigation, headed by former WA Treasury boss John ...
What does the government win? A lien on the borrower's assets - meaning that the debt is now attached to his or her most valuable belongings, like a home.
The IMF combines federal, state and local government debts in its analysis. In percentage-point terms, Australia's debt increase of 31.2 per cent was the 17th-fastest in the group. The IMF projects Australia's public debt ratio will fall back to 37 per ...
ALLYN: Drew Salaman doesn't do student loan work but has spent his career as a debt collection attorney. He says some of the borrowers are playing catch me if you can.
Australian government net debt will peak at $375.1 billion within the next two years - the highest level in 40 years.
As part of a radical reframing of the federal budget, the Turnbull government says it will not need to borrow to fund spending on services like healthcare and education from next financial year and will effectively borrow only to pay for capital works ...
Tsipras said that the Greek government will take all the necessary measures after the end of the bailout program, provided that acts have been taken for debt Sustainability. "The measures were demanded by the International Monetary Fund. If we do not ...
Islamabad: Pakistan's external debt will grow to a whopping $79 billion by June this year, higher than initial estimates suggested, Moody's investors Service has warned.
Treasurer Scott Morrison says exports are forecast to continue to grow, supporting greater economic activity and growth. Photo / AP.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Figures on government spending and debt in millions of dollars. The government's fiscal year runs Oct. 1 through Sept.





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