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In his announcement, Mullaney cited the limited role of the council in the town's strong-mayor form of government. "I have little influence in the decision-making of Braintree, and for that reason, I am announcing that I will not run for re-election as ...
A phrase we need to remember: "one cannot have one's cake and eat it too." Taken literally, that saying (like "more or less") actually makes no sense.

"My concern with this appointment is just that we have worked so hard with the citizens committee to come up with a form of government, to come up with a procedure on how to hire that executive position of county manager," said Sims. With just three ...
The strongest economy in West Africa today is Ghana and they are practicing regional form of government. The Great Britain that colonized us is under confederal form of government, no wonder why the British has remained the envy of the civilized world.
She considered it "good for the citizens to decide what form of government they want - whatever that form is" by marking "yes" or "no" next month to either a council or mayor-council form of government. Should she win, Arrington also hopes to be a top ...
And changing to our new form of government. I'm very pleased with what we've accomplished." Members of the council said they are also pleased with the projects that have been accomplished recently, and they give a lot of credit to Alexander and the ...

SUMMERVILLE - As two factions continue to wrangle over how much power the town's mayor should wield, the coordinator of the campaign to change the form of government says hurricane Matthew illustrates his point. "This is exactly why we need a ...
At the request of Michael Bethel, a community activist and longtime supporter of installing a mayoral form of government here, the Select Board agreed Monday to discuss the idea again at an upcoming meeting.
Petitions were being circulated in Tuscaloosa asking for an election on the recall of the commission form of government. The petitions were to go to the probate judge who would certify that the signers were qualified electors and the commission must ...
The charter has never been revised and the city is being successfully governed under the basic form of government adopted in 1968.
At the request of Michael Bethel, a community activist and longtime supporter of installing a mayoral form of government here, the Select Board agreed Monday to discuss the idea again at an upcoming meeting.
In 1916, Portsmouth became a national model of modern governance when it became one of the first U.S. cities to adopt the new city manager form of government. In thinking about the future, we need to remember just how significant and essential the city ...
If we had the council-manager form of government, County Council could choose whether it wanted to appoint people to those jobs or hold an election.
Its purpose is not to correct failures in the present charter, but rather set up a hybrid form of government, which would replicate that which existed when Berlin was governed by selectmen and a town meeting!
If elected, Turney vows to change the city charter to do away with the strong mayor form of government and return to a city manager system.
And that choice is simple: Voters can opt to stick with the current council form of government or shift to a strong-mayor set-up like Charleston and North Charleston.

"It's not just a question, in my mind as a citizen, of the form of government." Before DeKalb had a CEO, the county was run by a seven-member commission whose chairman was responsible for government administration.
However, Ellis, who did not seek re-election, said he believes a decision on a long-term contract should be delayed until after the first of the year, when the county's new form of government takes effect and new board members - including a new ...
Unlike a generation ago when our town voted to adopt a Town Council/Town manager form of government, which involved over a year of meetings and public hearings, the proposed charter changes which will be on the ballot in November were done quickly ...
In the press statement on the matter of federalism, it was stated that Federalism fever is gripping the country and so it is now time to adopt a federal form of government to replace the current unitary form of government where Manila is the one and ...
Saratoga Springs has an unusual commissioner-style form of government. Each of the five city commissioners are in charge of their own city department: Public Safety, Public Works, Accounts, finance, and the mayor's office.
"The responsibility for running the city ends up falling to the City Clerk (Shelly Ferguson)," Gill said, speaking during a forum on the city manager form of government, "but she's already got her hands full with taxes, the water department, the budget ...
CRC members researched 11 Connecticut towns with professional town managers (or a hybrid form of government) and presented some of their findings at the public hearing.
Because of "a miscalculation," a planned referendum that would have given Chester County residents the option of voting for a change in the form of government has been removed from the November ballot. On July 5, Chester County Council voted 4-2 to put ...
1 relates to the city vacating their current mayor-council form of government and adopting a city manager system. soap Lake city councilmember Robert Brown and former councilmember Maynard Hagan were able to get the proposition onto the November ...
The new institute of management will ensure the adequacy of the presidential form of government to modern challenges, and create conditions for optimal functionality of state governance mechanism in cases of force majeure, Ali Hasanov," the Azerbaijani ...
In the current form of government, if there are major issues or dissatisfaction with the way the mayor is running City Hall, voters have no choice but to wait until the next election and hope for a better candidate.
LAKELAND - Taut, passionate defenses of the city's form of government by two of its most respected statesmen emeritus reinforced the Charter Review Committee's position when it cast a second vote against recommending a strong mayor Wednesday ...
Prior to answering questions Taylor and Slatton explained to residents the differences between the forms of government. The council form of government is the second-most used form of government in the state, with 93 of the 270 Municipalities operating ...
A group of residents hoping to change the town's form of government to a "Home-Rule Charter" has announced that it is starting a petition drive for its cause.
LAKELAND - Taut, passionate defenses of the city's form of government by two of its most respected statesmen emeritus reinforced the Charter Review Committee's position when it cast a second vote against recommending a strong mayor Wednesday ...
Zimmerman said state law requires city managers and city administrators to live in cities that have those forms of government. The Arkansas cities with city-manager forms of government are Arkadelphia, Hope, Hot Springs, Little Rock and Texarkana. The ...
The elected-county-executive form of government, which is in effect in only one of Illinois' 102 counties, is being promoted by the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce and the farm Bureau as a way of reforming county government.
When Breen began to discuss the mayor-alderman form of government, the term "weak-mayor" received some reactions from some citizens in attendance who are not satisfied with the way elected officials are running the city.
Today so many in the mainstream media - as well as most of our government servants, refer to our form of government as a "democracy.
MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) -. Recent turmoil in the city of Moss Point has residents buzzing about the city's form of government. The hot topic right in Moss Point: how the city should be governed. The two most popular forms among residents are the ...
HOUSE Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said Sunday under a federal form of government, the regions or states would retain around 80 percent of the taxes that would allow them to chart their own progress.
Rick Mullaney, as the General Counsel for the City of Jacksonville, has an engineer's view of how our Consolidated government works.
MILLVILLE - The next step in possibly changing the Holly City's form of government is the ballot, as residents will be asked in November whether there should be a group of residents researching possibilities.
As we celebrate the 227th anniversary of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, it is appropriate to review the framework of our democratic form of government. The Framers spent months in discussion, debate and compromise in writing the original ...
"Ugly." That was how Senate Minority Leader Ralph Recto described federalism as a proposed form of government for The Philippines.
Councilman Kenny Mobley doesn't like the term "CEO" or Chief Executive Officer associated with the mayor. Mobley voiced his disapproval of the term during an Aug. 30 called council meeting to discuss council committees.
The Holy See's Secretary for Relations with States has affirmed the Vatican's support for Andorra's unique form of government, in which a bishop serves as co-prince. Since 1278, the leader of France and the bishop of Urgell, Spain, have been co-princes ...
With a referendum on Summerville's form of government definitely on the ballot, both sides of the issue are beginning to coalesce and plan strategies for the next two months.
OCEAN SPRINGS, Mississippi -- A group calling itself "citizens for Ocean Springs" wants to change the city's form of government to the city manager style. Mayor Connie Moran and her followers, meanwhile, want to change it to the mayor-council form ...
"Our form of government was designed so that only people with a stake in the country's future could vote. In the early days, this meant that only people who owned property could vote - just like today, in business, only shareholders in the company can ...
Franklin, played by re-enactor Christopher Lowell, recalled what Franklin said to a woman who asked what form of government the delegates to the Constitutional Convention had created moments after they signed the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787.
... programme implementation and steel under the Ministers of States, the PMO has acquired the powers of policy making in them and converted the parliamentary form of government to presidential form of government, without a constitutional amendment.
The Philippine system, on the other hand, is unitary-presidential, characterized by an overly centralized form of government. Power and financial resources are concentrated in the central government while barely anything is given to the local ...






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