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Shiites hold that after the Prophet Muhammad died, religious and temporal authority in Islam should have passed to his son-in-law, Ali, and then to Ali's sons with Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet-- Hasan and then Husayn. Husayn was martyred in 680 and succeeded by his son, Ali Zayn al-Din. His successor was his eldest son, Muhammad Baqir. The latter was succeeded by Ja`far al-Sadiq, who was the founder of the Twelver Shiite legal tradition. He had two sons, Isma`il and Musa al-Kazim. Initially Isma`il was set to succeed him, but for some reason (the early sources differ on why), he set Isma`il aside in favor of his younger brother, Musa al-Kazim. There was a major schism in Shiite Islam over this succession issue, with some believers insisting on sticking with Isma`il and his descendants, becoming the Ismailis. The Twelver Shiites, who predominate in Iraq and Iran, followed Musa al-Kazim, and they even now maintain that Isma`il died at a young age and so was never appointed Imam in the first place. Musa Kazim is said to have been imprisoned for 4 years by the Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid, and Shiite folk tradition maintains that the caliph did in the imam. The Abbasid caliphs were rivals for power with the Shiite Imams.

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Some shops and houses belonging to Shiite members in Tudun Wada, Ungwan Muazu and Kabala West of Kaduna State were on Saturday destroyed by rampaging youth.
A well-known Iraqi militant who fights for the Shia-dominated Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) has threatened to "pop [Turkish soldiers] in the head" if Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan insists on maintaining forces in Iraq.

The police in Plateau on Saturday said 44 members of the Shiite Movement, who embarked on a procession that later turned violent on Wednesday, were ...
On August 8, 2014, El-Rufai, then a chieftain of the opposition Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, led a group of supporters to the home of leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, Shiek Ibrahim Zakzaky, in Gyellesu, Zarina.
Shia LaBeouf and Mia goth had a wedding in Las Vegas on Monday although a local official said that the pair are not legally married.
Iran provides weapons to Shiite militias globally. Iran did not only provide weapon to Yemeni militias, as it has also transported arms to the Popular Mobilization units in Iraq and Hezbollah militia in Lebanon.

The Katsina State government has banned rallies and all forms of processions in the state, following a clash that occurred between members of the Shiite sect and police in Funtua. According to the state police commissioner, Mr. Usman Abdullahi ...
A number human rights groups and international organizations have criticized the Kaduna State government, and Governor Nasir El-Rufai, for the continued ...
The actor showed off his new wedding band while out in Los Angeles just days after his surprise Las Vegas wedding ceremony with Mia goth.
Saturday's explosion went off inside a tent filled with people commemorating the day of Ashura - which passed earlier this week - in which Muslims generally, and Shia in particular, mourn the killing of Prophet Muhammad's grandson Hussein in the ...
Nabatiyeh, Lebanon - Shiite Muslims world over are observing the Ashoura, a holy day of mourning and the sect's most important religious ceremony commemorating the death in 680 AD of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, Imam Hussein.
The Shiite members - Hauwa'u Aminu, Aisha Aminu, Zahra'u Zubairu, Dahira Abdulrahman, Aisha Musa, Lawal Idris and 20 others - were charged with criminal conspiracy, unlawful assembly, disturbance of public peace and inciting public disturbance.
An hour from Beirut, this Shia majority town is one of a few places in the world where the last day of Ashoura sees mass practice of tatbir.
Andrea Arnold - Oscar and Bafta-winner, three-time recipient of the jury Prize at Cannes, and probably the best British filmmaker working today - isn't the kind of person you'd imagine might feel the lightning bolt of inspiration strike halfway through ...
Shia LaBeouf recently made headlines for reportedly marrying girlfriend Mia goth in a ceremony presided over by an Elvis impersonator.
Baghdad - The Sadrist movement has rejoined the Iraqi National Alliance, but with a list of 14 conditions it expects to be met eventually.

Photos have been circulating on twitter of Hollywood giant Morgan Freeman attending a commemoration ceremony for Shiite Muslims in London.
A Shiite re-enacts the events of Ashoura while Iranian and Iraqi Shiite Muslims mourn in a procession in southern Tehran, Iran, Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016.
At least 11 people have died in clashes in northern Nigeria as Shia Muslims mark an important religious event. Ashura day gatherings, which commemorate the killing of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, were banned in some places, including Katsina ...
Among those it targets are dissident clerics from the kingdom's restive Eastern Province Shia minority like Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr.
Kabul, Afghanistan (AP) - An Afghan official says at least three gunmen wearing military uniforms have attacked a Shiite shrine in Kabul and taken an unknown number of people hostage.
Iraqi soldiers, police and paramilitaries deployed in and around Karbala Tuesday to protect hundreds of thousands of Shiite pilgrims flocking to the shrine city for annual mourning rituals, officials said. Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet ...
At least 14 people were killed in a militant attack on a Shiite shrine in the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Tuesday, an official said.
Afghanistan's Interior Ministry Says 14 People Killed in militant Attack on Shiite Shrine in Kabul, 26 Wounded. By The Associated Press.
2015 was apparently the Year of Shia in Austin. During the 2015 South by Southwest Festival, he talked about his performance art piece called #FOLLOWMYHEART, in which viewers could monitor his heartbeat in real time, in case that's a thing that you ...
Nigerian government troops have surrounded a group of Shia Muslims gathered in a mosque to observe the mourning ceremonies of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).
Shia LaBeouf got married in Las Vegas Monday, causing female fans to cry online, "My life is over," and "At least I was prepared for this possibility and got two cats.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region-- Heavily armed Shiite militia troops known as the Hashd al-Shaabi have arrived in the Kurdish town of Shekhan near Mosul late Tuesday night following the deployment of a larger Iraqi Army force to the area earlier this week.
children in Islamabad, Pakistan, watch a procession of men flagellating themselves with chains and blades Tuesday in observance of Ashura, a Shiite Muslim festival commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet.
The spokesman of a Nigerian Shiite group says that the state government in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, is acting like Boko Haram after outlawing the group.
Muslims across the globe marked the religious festival of Ashura with parades, marches and some Shia worshipers participating in self-flagellation in remembrance of the Prophet Mohammed's grandson Imam Hussein at the battle of Karbala in 680 AD.
While hundreds of worshippers gathered at a Shiite shrine in Kabul, gunmen masquerading as police officers killed at least 14 and injured dozens more.
Tirdad Derakhshani was born in Tehran, Iran, and raised in London and rural North Jersey, where he closely studied a theoretical, radical post-Hegelian approach to cow-tipping.
Shia LaBeouf has married his long term girlfriend Mia goth in Las Vegas, in what looked like quite the quirky ceremony! According to TMZ, the pair got hitched at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, and by the looks of some of the pictures posted by the ...
Shia mia Mia goth and Shia LeBeouf attend the closing night European Premiere gala red carpet arrivals for 'Fury' during the 58th BFI London Film Festival at Odeon Leicester Square on October 19, 2014 in London, England.
The Shias believed only the descendants of Muhammad could inherit the caliphate, or leadership, while the Sunnis believed a majority vote should elect the head.
An Elvis impersonator wearing a black rhinestone-studded jumpsuit and sunglasses officiated the short ceremony, quipping "This is a great trip to Vegas" as the pair exchanged rings and vows.
Curfew continued in downtown Srinagar for the third consecutive day today following the death of a 13-year-old boy and was extended to more areas of the city to prevent a Shia procession from Shaheed Gunj to Dalgate on the eighth day of Muharram here ...
Afghan Interior Ministry Says 3 gunmen Have Attacked a Shiite Shrine in Kabul, Taking an Unknown Number of Hostages. By The Associated Press.
For a guy who once wore a paper bag over his head on the red carpet, his wedding was pretty standard, actually. According to a live-stream video, actor Shia LaBeouf married his girlfriend of roughly four years, Mia goth, today in a Las Vegas ceremony ...
Late-career Shia (a weird phrase, since Shia is still only 30) suddenly seemed to be the topic of conversation less for his on-screen efforts and more for his off-screen public antics.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region-- Iranian authorities have dispatched over 1500 Muslim Shiite clerics to predominately Sunni cities in Iranian Kurdistan to mark one of the most important religious holidays in Shiite calendar, Ashura. The highest religious ...
Millions of Shia Muslims are holding mourning ceremonies worldwide to venerate Tasu'a, the eve of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (PBUH), the third Shia Imam. Black-clad mourners have taken to the streets across Iran to take part in the ...
The spokesman of a Nigerian Shiite group says that the state government in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, is acting like Boko Haram after outlawing the group.
Shia LaBeouf, once a heartthrob, and pitted by none other than Steven Spielberg as the 'next big thing', began his career with indie projects like Bill Paxton's The Greatest Game Ever Played, where he played the role of USA's first amateur Golf ...
Lebanon Shiite parties to coordinate during Ashura commemoration. Amal Movement and Hezbollah officials meet to coordinate Ashura measures, Thursday, Sept.
Neither Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga nor Shia militia will enter Mosul proper as Iraqi forces prepare to retake the city, the second in command at the State Department told lawmakers Thursday.
His name is Jake, and he's played by Shia LaBeouf in a performance that explains a lot about his bizarre physical appearance last spring, when he was turning up at events with odd piercings and a rat tail hanging over his shoulder.
An Islamic group, the Abulfadl Foundation based in Zaria, Kaduna State has raised the alarm over an alleged plot to kill leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.






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