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updated Tue. January 23, 2024

Now the IAF spends its time conducting pinprick raids with a few aircraft against a Hezbollah arms convoy here, a Hamas weapons dump there. Even a handful of stealth jets will enable Israel to conduct sneak raids over Syria—or even Iran. Critics can rightly point out that technological advantages like ...
They insist that it was the French-led and NATO-supported operation in Libya in 2011 that destroyed the Libyan Army, thousands of whose troops were long-standing Tuareg refugees from northern Mali and opened the floodgates of Muammar Qaddafi's weapons dumps to terrorist groups. In a speech to the ...

Egypt says it has killed 16 Islamist militants in an operation in Sinai in the north-east of the country. Dozens of targets including weapons dumps, motorbikes and cars were also destroyed, a statement from the military says. Four militants and 30 suspects were arrested, it adds. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ...
CAIRO — Egypt said its warplanes struck militant targets in North Sinai on Friday night, destroying weapons dumps as ground forces raided militant hide-outs, as part of a major offensive against the Islamic State in one of the group's most enduring Middle East strongholds. President Abdel Fattah-el Sisi, ...
It has been almost thirty-six years since Israel last conducted a major air campaign against an opponent possessing a respectable air force. Now the IAF spends its time conducting pinprick raids with a few aircraft against a Hezbollah arms convoy here, a Hamas weapons dump there. Even a handful of ...

For decades the MoD denied the existence of the weapon dumps. Even after the incendiary bombs were being washed up all along the coast as far as Saltcoats and Gigha, Islay and Arran, and all points in between, the MoD continued to deny any involvement. It was only after a meeting of Scottish MPs ...
A still from a video published in January 2011 of Eta members announcing a 'permanent, verifiable ceasefire'. Photograph: Alfredo Adai/EPA. Basque separatist group Eta has said it is giving up 118 pistols, rifles and automatic weapons, 25,700 rounds of ammunition and 2,875 kilograms of explosive ...

Russia has said chemical weapons that killed as many as 100 people in the town of Idlib leaked from a rebel weapons facility after it was bombed by the Syrian air force. The incident has been denounced as one of the worst horrors yet in Syria's civil war. US secretary of state Rex Tillerson yesterday ...
Amateur video footage out of Ukraine shows a military munitions depot exploding in dramatic fashion. The disaster occurred March 23 in the eastern Ukrainian town of Balakliya, and reportedly was the result of a fire started in an act of sabotage, according to Al Jazeera, citing Ukrainian military officials.
... for example, unloaded an estimated 15,000 tonnes of chemical weapons in the Baltic Sea, where the deepest spot is just 459 meters down and the seafloor is less than 150 meters deep in most places—a recipe for disaster. Open full screen to view more. Chemical Weapon Dump Sites Around the Globe.
The MBARI exploration found sea shells, as opposed to artillery shells, but that doesn't mean marine chemical weapons dumps don't threaten humans and wildlife. Nautical charts identify 32 chemical weapons dumping grounds in U.S. waters. Some of these areas cover vast expanses of seafloor and ...
That confounded Union general whose name still draws hisses in South Carolina 150 years after he laid waste to the Capital City is causing yet another ruckus in Columbia. On their way out of town, Union troops led by William T. Sherman dumped loads of captured Confederate ordnance – from ...


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