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updated Sun. May 28, 2017

London: Armourers in the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force scrawled the message "love from Manchester" on a bomb meant for air strikes against the Islamic State terror group following the concert attack, according to a media report. A photograph, which ...
In 2011 he was convicted of possessing cocaine following which he was dishonourably dismissed from the British Army. She said if released on bail she believed the defendant would be in a position to "re-direct" drugs deliveries.
A military bomb squad have been called to a Manchester street as police evacuate residents. explosives experts from the armed forces have arrived on Boscombe Street in the Moss Side area of Manchester as police continue their instigation into the arena ...
Meanwhile, Mr Wuthipong who was earlier named by army chief Chalermchai Sitthisat as an alleged conspirator, has rejected the allegation.
MARAWI: Philippine security forces dropped more bombs Saturday (May 27) on a southern city where they have been battling Islamist militants for five days, vowing no let up despite the start of Ramadan.
"We have identified where they are consolidating so we are doing surgical air strikes to destroy the local terrorist group," local military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jo-ar Herrera told AFP. Truckloads of extra marines were also seen driving into ...
A 27-year-old former British Army bomb expert has appeared in a Derry court charged with drug offences. Daniel Williams of Down Street, Swansea, Wales, appeared before Derry Magistrates Court where he was charged with possession of Class C drugs ...
Nobody died in the Bangkok attack, and the bomb was clearly not intended to kill people. It was timed to mark the third anniversary of the most recent military coup, and the likeliest perpetrators were a sidelined faction in the army (although the ...
A weapons-obsessed former altar boy has been jailed for 15 years for leaving a rucksack packed with explosives on the London Underground.
bombED Smoke rises near a public market after military attack helicopters fired rockets on the positions of Muslim extremists in Marawi City.
May 24--WASHINGTON -- After years of proposing to retire aging aircraft to meet reduced budgets, the Air Force said a proposed $10 billion increase for 2018 will allow it to retain its spy aircraft and fighter jets, which is critical during air ...
Syrian Kurdish fighters of the People's Protection Units (YPG) on Thursday shelled a Turkish army base near Afrin district northwest of Aleppo, military sources reported. "In response to the Turkish aggression against our people in Afrin, the YPG ...
The AIM-9X is an Air Force and navy heat-seeking infrared missile. The AIM-9X missile, which can also be fired at surface-to-air and air-to-surface, is currently in use on a number of existing fighter aircraft such as the Air Force's F-15E and F-16 and ...
A two-month investigation into one of the worst civilian casualty events in decades found that a U.S. military airstrike in Iraq inadvertently set off explosives that ripped through a sprawling apartment block and killed at least 105 civilians.
THE army including a bomb squad has been deployed to join armed cops and a police helicopter in a dramatic anti-terror raid on a college in Manchester this morning.
soldiers, police and bomb disposal squads have been deployed in Manchester after an apparent false alarm. Greater Manchester police said the alert was raised over a "possible suspicious package", causing the surrounding area to be closed to traffic.
Updated | A bomb disposal team was sent to an incident in a Manchester suburb on Thursday, "responding to a call" over a suspicious package, before deeming the incident over and "safe.
... his device at Manchester Arena. Mr Bin Salem said of the final phone call: "He was giving farewell." Hashim, 18, allegedly claimed his older brother learnt to build bombs from the internet, hoping to "seek victory for the Islamic State", Mr Bin ...
Coming after two earlier explosions in Bangkok in recent weeks, a bomb blast in a hospital on May 22 has further undermined assurances by Thailand's ruling junta that stability has been restored following a military coup in May 2014. It is now clear ...
The New York Times today published pictures from the bombing at the Manchester Arena which showed clse-up images of shrapnel, the detonator and the bag that bomber Salman Abedi used to transport the bomb. The photographs showed the bomb ...
police said Blasius had possession of many weapons, including knives, knuckles, firearms, ammunition, and materials to manufacture homemade explosives.
Most Americans were introduced to the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), nicknamed the "mother of all bombs," on April 13, when the U.S. military dropped it on an enemy for the first time, targeting a network of ISIS tunnels in the Nangarhar ...
A similar incident took place earlier this month, when a Palestinian was caught at the same checkpoint also carrying a pipe bomb. He was arrested and the subsequent investigation revealed that he had intended to detonate the explosive inside the court.
Media reports also suggest that a type of improvised explosive device (IED) called a "nail bomb" was detonated near an exit of the Manchester Arena, where people - many of them young women - were bottle-necked as the show let out.
Rather, the case for keeping the weapons is the nuclear equivalent of the old phrase about the purpose of NATO, "to keep America in, Russia out and Germany down.
The source explained that two years ago, the navy prevented a terrorist group's plans to attack LNG tankers coming into British terminals by planting limpet bombs on their hulls. Since then, an elite diver squad has been inspecting LNG tanker hulls ...
Defense Secretary James Mattis was taken by surprise when the US Air Force dropped a Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, also known as the "Mother of All bombs," on Islamic State targets in Afghanistan in April, according to a recent report in The New ...
According to field correspondent Ibrahim Joudeh, the vehicle failed to stop at a checkpoint in the Al-Zahraa neighborhood after which the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) opened fire on the suspected car bomb and chased it for several hundred meters, forcing the ...
A small bomb shook the center of an army-linked hospital in the Thai capital Bangkok Monday, injuring 25 people. Some experts have been left wondering if the attack, which took place on the third anniversary of 2014's military coup, could be a rare ...
army spokesman Ashok Narula said the action had been taken to stop Pakistan's army from helping militants cross into Indian-administered Kashmir.
The announcement that testing of gbu-38 JDAM guided-bombs delivered using the American hunter-killer MQ-9 Reaper UAV got underway this month didn't make a lot of general news coverage, but it is a reminder that drone warfare is getting much cheaper ...
Bangkok: A bomb struck a Bangkok military hospital on Monday and wounded 21 people - one seriously - three years to the day after the Thai army seized power in the politically unstable kingdom. The small device - which police said was potentially ...
GENEVA - The head of U.N. negotiations aimed at banning nuclear weapons released a first draft of a treaty on Monday that includes references to the suffering of victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Pursuing an independent foreign policy, Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte left for Russia Monday to seek advanced weapons, specifically precision armaments.
The Obama administration had also called for refocusing its attention to the Asia-Pacific region -- the Pacific pivot, as it was known -- but many Republican critics say the pivot never materialized, as the military had to keep efforts focused on ISIS ...
"We can confirm at this stage that it is a bomb," he said. It was not immediately clear who was behind the explosion or if it was linked to the anniversary of the 2014 military coup that overthrew a democratically elected government. But the army chief ...
An unidentified rocket, reported to be a Hwasong-type missile similar to the one used in a May 14, 2017, test launch, was part of a military parade in Pyongyang, North Korea, last month. ... "I can't imagine they're not working on true thermonuclear ...
Beirut (Reuters) - A car bomb exploded in the Syrian city of Homs on Tuesday and the army destroyed another vehicle rigged with explosives near the Shi'ite Muslim shrine of Sayeda Zeinab, south of Damascus, Syrian state television said.
The Air Force says the next "Mother of All bombs" (MOAB) will probably be smaller, leaner and lighter - but it will still pack a punch.
"The type of weapon is disturbing in some ways because a functioning bomb is actually a fairly sophisticated device to make," Raffaello Pantucci, director of International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), told CNBC ...
Thailand's ruling junta said Tuesday that police will handle the investigation into a bombing at a military-run hospital that wounded more than 20 people, while security elsewhere in the country is being reviewed.
Part of the Advanced Ordnance Technologies program, the bomb could be structured to be lighter by using 3D-printed reconstructed loads within the bomb instead of in the casing - plus distributed blast yields, said Dr. John Corley, the core technical ...
More than 20 people have been injured in a small bomb blast at a military hospital in the Thai capital, Bangkok. The explosion happened at ... But there have been occasional small bombs, presumed to be in protest against the military. One went off last ...
engineers at the lab say they have been using additive manufacturing technology to develop what could end up being the next Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb. The current version of this weapon is generally referred to as the "Mother of All bombs ...
The residents of Borno State have appealed to the military to intervene in the increased suicide bomb attacks by suspected Boko Haram insurgents in the state.
A bomb struck a Bangkok military hospital on Monday wounding more than 20 people, police said, three years to the day since the army seized power of the politically unstable kingdom. "From the initial report it was a bomb... there are more than 20 ...
Members of the military turned out in full force for "Zoolute,"
Borno residents have appealed to the military to intervene in the increased suicide bomb attacks by suspected Boko Haram insurgents in the state.
Damascus, Syria (2:50 P.M.) - ISIS appears to be running low on volunteer suicide bombers in Mosul after the Iraqi Federal police captured a large car bomb factory in the newly liberated '17th Tammuz' district of northwestern Mosul. Upon discovery of ...
A Wrexham binman who researched bomb attacks on UK military targets and Downing Street security has been jailed for five years and four months.




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