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Samer Tariq Issawi, born December 16, 1979 in Issawiyeh (to the north east of Jerusalem) is a Palestinian citizen, activist, and member of the group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. On 15 April 2002, Samer was captured by the Israeli army in Ramallah during the invasion of multiple West Bank cities, dubbed by Israel "Operation Defensive Shield". Samer was sentenced to thirty years in prison on charges of possession of weapons and forming military groups in Jerusalem.

Nearly 10 years later, in October 2011, Samer was released along with 1027 Palestinian prisoners as a result of an Egypt-brokered deal between Hamas and the Israeli government for the return of Gilad Shalit. However, on 7 July 2012, he was re-arrested near the Palestinian village of Hizma, an area within the boundaries of the municipality of Jerusalem. Israel claimed that Samer broke the terms of his release by leaving Jerusalem.

Issawi has been on a hunger strike since July 29, 2012.

Samer Tariq Issawi
Samer Tariq Issawi
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updated Sun. February 11, 2018

Issawi is the sister of former long-term hunger striker and re-imprisoned released prisoner Samer Issawi as well as her brother Medhat Issawi, ...
The media committee of the prisoners' strike said, on Saturday evening, that detainee Samer Al-Issawi was taken from Ayalon to the Ramla ...

Samer Issawi and Munther Snawbar refused food for 11 days in solidarity with the female prisoners, who must endure grueling, days-long ...
The former Palestinian political prisoner and hunger striker Samer Issawi was detained by Israeli occupation forces on Monday night, according ...
Al-Akhbar is currently going through a transitional phase whereby the English website is available for Archival purposes only. All new content ...

As the rain pounds continuously and the winds howl uncontrollably, Samer Issawi dominates my mind. I think back to my 24 hours of hunger ...
After staging an intermittent hunger strike for some nine months, hunger striking Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi agreed to start eating again, ...

... us or release us, otherwise many of them went into hunger strikes and we know very well-known incidents of Khader Adnan and Samer Issawi and also Mohammed al-Qeeq and now we have Janazrah who have been on hunger strike for the same reason.
Shireen rose to international prominence when she served as the spokesperson for her brother, Samer Issawi, during his lengthy hunger strikes in 2012 and 2013.
They include Samer Issawi, who stopped eating five days ago in solidarity with al-Qiq. Issawi and his sister, the lawyer Shireen Issawi, are both currently in administrative detention.
Unlike Samer Issawi and other Palestinian hunger strikers, he refuses to take any salt or mineral supplements. He will not accept any medical care and refuses to even be seen by a doctor, fearing that it could interfere with his protest.


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