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updated Sat. June 11, 2022

Yarra Riverkeeper Andrew Kelly said the bikes were recovered during the Yarra River Blitz project with the Clean Water Group and Ocean Crusaders. “It was a real shock. I didn't expect to see this many bikes,'' Mr Kelly said. Some of the oBikes retrieved from the Yarra by the Riverkeeper Andrew Kelly and ...

The organization's first project is Community Pearl River Blitz Build, a project dedicated to provide stable and permanent housing for a local family, Tim and Danielle Bennett, and their four children. "This is an oh-so familiar story," Pitman said as the ceremony began under a tent at 64421 Highway 3081.
SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Volunteers spent Saturday morning scouting the San Diego Riverbed, documenting areas that contain excessive trash and invasive plants. The effort was part of the San Diego River Park Foundation's River-Blitz. During Saturday's event, volunteers surveyed seven miles of the ...
As temperatures climb, many Utahns look to tubing to cool down, and that's creating a deluge of problems on the Weber River. From the popular stretch from Henefer to Taggart, locals deal with piles of beer cans tossed on beaches to plastic water bottles and stray flip-flops clogging irrigation intakes.
November 2004: Al Taqaddum. December 2004-February 2005: Ar Ramadi (Operation Silent Night). January 2005: Saqiawia. February-March 2005: Hit (Operation River Blitz). to TAKE PART in HONORING VETERANS. Following are upcoming local and regional events to honor the nation's veterans:.
On Sept. 7, 1940, the Nazi Luftwaffe launched day and night raids on London, its first large-scale attack on a British civilian center. It marked the start of the Blitz, a nine-month campaign of civilian bombing designed to cripple British morale.
Dinauer's unit was part of “River Blitz,” the latest major American military operation in Sunni-dominated Anbar province.] “Sergeant David Phillips, 23, sighed and patted his flak jacket. 'I just want to stay alive and go home with all my body parts.' He spoke for 150,000 American soldiers in Iraq. Yesterday the ...


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