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updated Sun. August 28, 2022

How can the NPRC, in such a context, convince the nation to believe that they herald a new era when everything else remains unchanged? How can iron promise not to rust in the land where gold is rusting? Many stakeholders have been grappling with these questions. To overcome this doubt, the NPRC ...

Not gonna happen anytime soon - the logistics of moving all those cars from Northland to Auckland (or further South) will be hugely expensive which will directly impact the cost of cars. Any government that does it will make themselves a sitting duck. Also, note Winston's "cast iron promise" to move the port ...
There's no such thing as either certainty or a cast-iron promise in finance, of course, but we're hardwired to want such things, so there's money to be made in selling them. I'm going to suggest to you a better way. One that is more, well, honest, but also one that has delivered for investors time and time again.
“Alignment” sounds a bit weaker than “no divergence”, and that was certainly the British view. But crucially, for the Irish side, the British had made what they viewed as a “cast-iron” promise that there would be no hard Border; that meant a special deal for Northern Ireland. The details could be worked out in ...
Though Mr Grayling was, in fairness, in Yorkshire yesterday to defend his record, only a ringing endorsement of the Northern Powerhouse and its potential in the Budget, as well as a cast-iron promise of sufficient funds to accelerate the proposed Crossrail for the North, will suffice. Over to you, Chancellor.
Patrick Gower hit the nail on the head last night when he was asked to explain the latest Newshub poll results: volatility. It has been one of the strongest themes of this election campaign, with its various twists, turns, leadership changes, and poll results of the last two months. You can watch Gower put his ...
“The Premier gave all West Australians a cast-iron promise. No caveats, no ifs or buts. Once he got their vote, he broke the promise. And all he says now is I'm sorry about that. He has been completely devious, dishonest and destructive.” “It's all very well Ben Wyatt coming to Kalgoorlie tomorrow but if all he ...
“But it's another thing entirely for Mr Salmond to claim he did not actually make this cast-iron promise to voters. The people of Scotland will see through this latest bluster from a man who walked into the poorest communities in Scotland and sold them a lie about the economic case for independence.”.


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