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updated Thu. December 29, 2022

A suicide bomb has killed at least 21 people in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, police and medical officials have said. At least 13 civilians were killed in the attack, which took place at a police checkpoint at the entrance to the Kadhimiya district. Many of those killed were reportedly on their way to a Shia shrine in the area.

A series of car bombs in the Iraqi capital have killed at least 26 people, police and medical officials say. Five bombs went off across Baghdad on Saturday, with three blasts reportedly taking place in less than 10 minutes. The mostly Shia neighbourhood of Abu Dashir was hit, as were the districts of Baiyaa, ...
Unmarried and jobless, 39-year-old Fayhaa Jalil lives with her brother and his family in west Baghdad's Jihad neighbourhood. "My sister-in-law persecutes me and treats me like a house servant," Jalil said. Little attention. Jalil still dreams of starting her own family but, she said, she's "realistic". On her street ...


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