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updated Tue. June 25, 2024

Demonstrations took place in the impoverished neighborhood of Fudhaliyah, a suburb in eastern Baghdad. The protesters raised banners denouncing corruption and demanding essential services be improved in their predominantly Shia area. Like many areas in Baghdad, the neighborhood requires ...
According to the source, the explosion which occurred in Kirkuk's Baghdad Road Neighborhood also wounded the official's daughter who was in the vehicle with him. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, but the Islamic State (IS) has taken the blame for similar incidents in the past.

Baghdad ( – Three civilians were wounded Monday in a bomb explosion in Baghdad, a security source was quoted as saying. Speaking to Alghad Press, the source said, “An explosive charge went off near a popular market in Arab Jibor neighborhood in southern Baghdad, leaving three ...
The claim relates to reports published March 10 of “senior officials refusing to leave Saddam Hussein's palaces, seized after the US invasion, in the Green Zone and other Baghdad neighborhoods.” Abbas' words hint at the potential role of corruption in determining the fate of the assets. On April 16, 2017, ...
Hundreds of Iraqis staged a sit-in in Baghdad on March 18 to protest deteriorating services in the capital's eastern part. ... “We are protesting to force the government to do its duty toward citizens,” Abdel-Jabbar Khalaf, a protester from the Shia-majority al-Maamel neighborhood, told state-run Anadolu ...
“This is the second attack against Christians in three weeks; both occurred within the same neighborhood of Baghdad. A spokesperson for Iraq's Interior Ministry says that the individuals responsible for the deaths of Dr. Hisham Shafiq and his family were arrested on the evening of March 10,” the article ...

Hundreds of Iraqis staged a sit-in in Baghdad on Sunday to protest deteriorating services in the capital's eastern part. ... “We are protesting to force the government to do its duty towards citizens,” Abdel-Jabbar Khalaf, a protester from the Shia-majority Al-Maamel neighborhood, told Anadolu Agency.
One source told Kurdistan 24 that at least four men brandishing knives stormed the doctor's house in eastern Baghdad's predominantly Shia neighborhood of Mashtal, and then began stabbing him and his family. Another source said the attackers stole money and valuables after the victims were dead.
Iraqi's legendary copper markets, once centers of commerce and socialization, are now fading away, from Baghdad to Najaf. ... about the steady decline in the number of customers who come to his shop in Baghdad's Souk al-Safafeer, the legendary copper market in the neighborhood of Bab al-Agha.
Steamboat Springs joins a global celebration of free expression, happening in dozens of locations around the world, including Baghdad, Paris, Berlin, Cairo and New York. The local event ... The 2007 bombing took the lives of 30 people and destroyed a large portion of the neighborhood. The booksellers ...
Frankenstein in Baghdad begins with an explosion in Baghdad's Tayaran Square, the full significance of which doesn't become clear until later, when the ... specifically the inhabitants of the run-down, somewhat seedy neighborhood of Bataween, in the first months of what would become a brutal sectarian ...
Baghdad ( – Three people were injured Sunday in a bomb attack in southern the Iraqi capital Baghdad, a security source was quoted as saying. Speaking to Baghdad Today news website, the source said, “A bomb exploded near commercial markets at Arab Jibor neighborhood in southern ...
Speaking to Baghdad Today news website, the source said, “Security forces found a man dead after unknown gunmen opened fire at him near a rubbish dump at Abu Disher neighborhood, in southern Baghdad.” “A probe was launched to identify perpetrators of the attack, while ambulances carried the ...
"It cannot be expected for Baghdad to take any step at this time to resolve either the Kirkuk [issue] or the issues facing the Kurdistan Region. ... to Kurdish lands, and at one point ordered the eviction of Kurdish residents of two Kurdish neighborhoods based on an order from the times of Saddam's regime.
Baghdad — The weightlifters on Iraq's national women's team train hard every day, both to bring home the medals and to help ease the financial burden of ... Jerking weights heavier than themselves at a rundown gym in Baghdad's conservative Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City, the young women and girls ...
Baghdad ( – Two civilians were wounded Tuesday in a bomb attack near street markets in northern Baghdad, a security source was quoted as saying. In a press statement to Alghad Press, the source said, “A bomb placed near busy street markets went off in al-Rashdiya neighborhood, north ...
“Another bomb exploded near a busy street market in al-Latifiya neighborhood in southern Baghdad, leaving four people injured.” The Iraqi capital has seen almost daily bombings and armed attacks against security members, paramilitary troops and civilians since the Iraqi government launched a ...

I was in Baghdad, leading a platoon of Army Rangers as part of a special operations task force that was hunting down the famous “deck of cards”—the last of the Ba'ath Regime loyalists, and .... Looking at the picture of the neighborhood and then back at the neighborhood itself, something seemed off.
The hanging took place just a few blocks from al-Rubaie's home in the Baghdad neighborhood of Khadamiyah. Al-Rubaie says he hoped to detect some remorse from Saddam, who was handed a Koran minutes before dying, but he remained outwardly unmoved. Al-Rubaie says he still has complicated ...
"It was the first time that I've gone to such an event in Baghdad. It was just beautiful," Hadad says. "I think it's the first [startup incubator] in all of Iraq, to be honest with you. It's a great initiative that was established by a bunch of twentysomethings. You know, they're basically getting loans [of money] to make ...
An Iraqi Christian family of three was stabbed to death in their Baghdad home last week by a group of armed men in what is a continuing trend of ... A source told Kurdistan24 that at least four men with knives stormed the home in the predominantly Shia eastern Baghdad neighborhood of Mashtal.
But while the ISIS threat might have abated, the Iraqis still live in a dangerous neighborhood. Thus, Baghdad will eventually have to rebuild its conventional forces to guarantee its security and territorial integrity. As such, the Iraqi government will eventually have to buy more advanced conventional weapons ...


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