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Albright cooperated actively with the IAEA Action Team from 1992 until 1997, focusing on analyses of Iraqi documents and past procurement activities. In June 1996, he was the first non-governmental inspector of the Iraqi nuclear program. On this inspection mission, Albright questioned members of Iraq's former uranium enrichment programs about their statements in Iraq's draft Full, Final, and Complete Declaration.



David Albright

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updated Sat. June 18, 2022

In addition to Takeyh and Dubowitz, among the experts and government officials who signed the letter are Olli Heinonen, former deputy director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), David Albright, a former weapons inspector and president of the Institute for Science and International ...

As for Trump's concern about advanced centrifuges, David Albright, an IAEA weapons inspector in Iraq during the 1990s and founder of the Institute for Science and International Security, said that issue has been resolved. “The issue is the number of advanced centrifuges Iran had,” said Albright. “I would ...
By Amano's own admission, the IAEA cannot verify that Iran is “fully implementing the agreement,” because it doesn't have a way of ensuring that Iran is abiding by the terms set out in Section T. The terms of Section T are important, David Albright, a former weapons inspector and head of the Institute for ...
David Albright and Olli Heinonen, both former I.A.E.A. inspectors who have been highly critical of Iran, argued in an article published Thursday that the I.A.E.A. could make better use of provisions in the accord that enable verification that dual-use equipment — which could be used for civilian or weapons ...
In order to understand Iran's nuclear weapons program, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) needs full access to Iran's Parchin military installation, two experts on nuclear weapons wrote in a report published Monday. David Albright, a former weapons inspector and current president of the ...
When Vaez noted that he'd listened to Salehi's interview in the original Persian, and reiterated, as though it were necessary, that he's a native Persian speaker, the Good ISIS switched tactics, insisting that its report was only raising concerns about flaws in the IAEA's verification procedures. Albright and ...
Last year, former weapons inspectors David Albright, now the head of the Institute for Science and International Security, and Olli Heinonen, a former deputy-director of the IAEA, argued that the discovery of uranium at Parchin necessitated full access to Parchin by IAEA inspectors because “a ...


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