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updated Wed. January 3, 2024

Londono emphasized that Gilmore aims to improve the mechanisms and efforts to consolidate peace in Colombia and to facilitate an increase in the access to state funding for development projects. Last June, the FARC handed in the last of its weapons to United Nations officials, effectively ending 53 years ...
Back in 2012, Danish writer/director Per Fly (Drabet, The Inheritance) was introduced to Michael Soussan's memoir Backstabbing for Beginners: My Crash Course in International Diplomacy. The book is based on the true story of Michael Soussan, a former U.N. member and a first-hand witness to the ...

United Nations investigators have discovered five probable mass grave sites in eastern Congo's Ituri province where an outbreak of ethnic violence has killed at least 263 people, a UN peacekeeping mission said. The report from the mission provides the most comprehensive portrait to date of the human ...
Rome, April 27 (IANS/AKI) United Nations officials, ministers researchers and civil society organisation representatives from over 15 countries will attend a rural inequality summit on May 2-3 at the UN agricultural development fund IFAD's headquarters here, the agency said on Thursday. In all regions of the ...
On Tuesday, government officials held talks with senior United Nations officials in a bid to “correct the misinformation in the public domain" regarding the deportation of nearly 100 Venezuelan nationals last weekend. A statement issued by the Ministry of National Security said that National Security Minister, ...
The Trinidad and Tobago government has held talks with senior United Nations officials in a bid to “correct what it calls the misinformation in the public domain' regarding the deportation of nearly 100 Venezuelan nationals. A statement issued by the Ministry of National Security said Minister Edmund Dillon ...

The announcement this week of a five-year plan to rebuild Mosul's centuries-old religious complex represents the largest cultural restoration project in Iraq, according to United Nations officials overseeing the project. Noura al-Kaabi, the U.A.E. culture minister, said her nation's involvement was intended to ...
Calling for more diplomacy, dialogue and mediation to head off conflicts before they break out, United Nations officials urged a gathering of world leaders on Tuesday to help strengthen a new approach to sustaining peace, which aims to put prevention at the heart of the UN's work. “The first line of the ...
The civil war is part of a larger regional power struggle between the Sunni monarchy in Saudi Arabia, and the Shiite rulers of Iran. The conflict has killed more than 10,000 people, displaced millions and caused what United Nations officials have called the world's worst humanitarian crisis. Yemen was the ...
That forced United Nations officials and workers on the convoy to hide in basements, said observers in Douma with the Violations Documentation Center, a Syrian organization that tracks the conflict. The United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Damascus, Ali al-Za'tari, noted that the shelling near ...

Egypt has purchased North Korean weapons and allowed North Korean diplomats to use their Cairo embassy as a base for military sales across the region, American and United Nations officials say. Those transactions earned vital hard cash for North Korea, but they violated international sanctions and ...
A Russian plan for a five-hour pause in fighting in Syria's Eastern Ghouta needs to be upgraded to allow aid deliveries and medical evacuations, which must not be linked to prisoner swaps, the United Nations officials told reporters on Thursday.U.N. Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura said the U.N. would not ...
United Nations officials are allowed to enter the government-run camps to look for potential asylum cases — principally Eritreans and Somalis, whose flight from political persecution and chaos might qualify them. From lists supplied by the United Nations, the French choose whom they will interview.
The team also visited Addis Ababa and engaged with African Union officials and representatives from the Sudan People's Liberation Movement in Opposition, former detainees, the National Salvation Front and other political parties, as well as United Nations officials. In the first parts of the report I present ...
UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations Security Council, facing staunch opposition from Russia, failed to pass a resolution on Thursday that would have imposed a 30-day cease-fire in Syria to allow humanitarian aid to reached a besieged Damascus suburb. With new reports on Thursday of a rocket ...
United Nations officials have warned the federal government that proposed changes to national security laws would impose “draconian criminal penalties” on the freedom of expression and may be “inconsistent” with Australia's obligations under international treaties. In a submission to a parliamentary ...
The report put a spotlight on “complex attacks,” a type of suicide assault that is becoming more deadly, United Nations officials say. These involve two or more commandos with suicide vests seizing a building or taking hostages, fighting for hours and detonating their explosives only when security forces ...
Syria and Russia said that opposition shelling and sniper fire along the route were preventing aid deliveries; United Nations officials said the time allowed was insufficient to get aid past all the checkpoints, and accused Syrian officials of stalling approvals for aid convoys. If Monday's convoy to the town of ...


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