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Carina Perelli
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updated Fri. December 1, 2023

The referendum in Crimea was neither an exercise in democracy, consulting Crimeans on important decisions about their future. Nor was it an effective conflict management tool, distributing power between competing interests. Crimea's referendum was technically flawed. It therefore, lacks credibility based on internationally ...

Carina Perelli, the Director of the United Nations Electoral Assistance Division, received a letter this morning informing her of the Secretary-General's decision to summarily dismiss her for misconduct, a spokesman for the world body announced today. The decision took immediate effect, Stephane Dujarric ...
Iraqis have passed their country's new constitution, according to official results from a referendum dismissed by the opposition but commended by the UN. Sunni "No" campaigners had hoped to block it by taking two-thirds of the vote in at least three provinces, in line with electoral rules. But they won in only ...
The allegations against Carina Perelli, head of the UN's Electoral Assistance Division, were quoted in a report commissioned by the world body. But a UN ambassador defended Ms Perelli and said the report was preliminary. UN peacekeepers and Secretary General Kofi Annan have also been criticised ...
Carina Perelli, chief U.N. electoral adviser, praised the Iraqi electoral commission for its work, saying, "From a technical point of view these elections are as sound as they can be under the circumstance." "Iraqi citizens are faced with a very tough position of basically having to confront their fears," Perelli said ...


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