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updated Tue. September 13, 2022

Bill Tierney's team will enter Philadelphia looking to jump into the driver's seat of a competitive Big East that also includes quality teams like Georgetown and Marquette. His team's identity revolves around Trevor Baptiste, who sits second in the nation with a 75.5 faceoff win percentage. Unfortunately for the ...

In the latest edition of “Time Is A Flat Circle,” a Bill Tierney-coached team might just have to lean on its defense to thrive this season. It certainly was the case Saturday. Tierney, of course, was known for fielding stellar defenses as Princeton rattled off six national titles in a 10-year span from 1992 to 2001.
Vikings head coach Dylan Sheridan has a deep connection with Pios boss Bill Tierney. Sheridan was an assistant coach under Tierney at Denver for four years and helped win the 2015 National Championship, before leaving for Princeton and later Cleveland State. Sheridan's wife, Brianne Tierney, is the ...
... defeated Penn last Wednesday, becoming the fastest coach in program history to reach the mark. The win also moved Tillman past Dave Cottle for third place in career wins at Maryland. Tillman's overall .714 winning percentage ranks second among active Division I coaches behind Bill Tierney. -TERPS-.
Teams that were able to score in the winner's column included Jim Demers and Mary Lou Barnard, Doug Orr and Pete Kolobutin, Dave Straub and Keith Melrose, Dave Slocum and Doug Davis, Ric Caner and Alvin Toll, and Bill Tierney and Ray Faczan. Teams that halved their matches included Paul ...


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