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updated Mon. July 18, 2022

With the June primary approaching, there is a fight underway for the identity of the California Republican Party. “We need ... Arnold Schwarzenegger, the keynote speaker in east L.A. at the first meeting of New Way California. ... The old and New Way approaches will face off in the June primary elections.

Voters in Mecklenburg County and across the state will start voting Thursday in a primary election that, in many cases, will be the election this year. Early voting begins at 8 a.m. at the Hal Marshall Center uptown. On April 27, voters can begin casting ballots at 15 other sites around the county. Polls will be ...
It may not be a presidential election year, but the stakes in the June 5 primary election remain high for California voters. The primary election will winnow the ranks of men and women hoping to be the next governor to the two who will advance to the runoff in November. The final candidates for eight other ...
Five of the leading candidates for governor of California met in a debate Monday March 26, 2018 at USC ahead of the June 5 primary election. Scroll down to watch video from the debate. "California's Race for Governor" was a policy-focused debate with an opportunity for the public to hear the candidates' ...
Candidates who have qualified to run for political office in California's June 5 primary election have been notified of their eligibility by Secretary of State Alex Padilla. The state Elections Code requires the Secretary of State to notify each candidate for a voter-nominated office of the name, address, ...
Delaine Eastin is a Democratic candidate who was the first woman elected California Superintendent of Public Education (1995-2003). She has represented Alameda and Santa Clara counties in the state Assembly (1986-1994). Her campaign is focused on education, affordable healthcare, infrastructure ...
The existing record is held by California's 2010 gubernatorial contest between Republican Meg Whitman and the eventual winner, Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, that cost $252 million. Rich Miller of Capitol Fax notes the Illinois primary has already broken the record for the highest ad spend—$66 ...
Scott Baugh, the former Republican leader in the California state assembly, entered the race late as a challenger to Rohrabacher. Due to California's top two primary and the traditional Republican lean of the district, it's possible that no Democrat could make the ballot in November. It's one of several seats ...
With a number of upcoming and special election dates across the nation, it is important to ensure that you are properly registered to vote in your home state. Visit to register or update your voter registration so that you are able to participate in the ...


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