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updated Wed. June 29, 2022

For instance, the San Diego-area 49th congressional district was considered one of the top battleground seats in the country. For almost two decades, the district had been represented by my former boss, Republican Rep. Darrell Issa. In January, Issa announced that he'dforgo re-election and retire at the ...

For the 1992 elections, the NRA contributed 37 percent of its congressional campaign donations to Democrats. Republicans got 63 ... First, in the fall of 1994, the Democratic-controlled Congress — with opposition from the NRA — narrowly passed a 10-year federal ban on assault-style weapons. In the two ...
That initiative and its ties to Republican re-election campaigns not only illustrate the state's reversal on immigration issues — they helped catalyze them. California's Latino population grew quickly from less than 3 million in 1970 to over 14 million in 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Today, they ...
Since Donald Trump's election, liberal activism has exploded across Southern and Central California, including in traditionally Republican bastions such as Orange County. In response, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has drawn up an aggressive battleground map that targets 10 ...
Those include places such as Orange County, California; New Jersey; Miami; and suburbs outside of New York City, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia and .... But House Democrats were routed in these places in the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections under Obama, and almost all of these districts turned ...
In a year of remarkable political energy stirred by opposition to President Trump, so many Democrats want to run for Congress that they could end up ... That happened in California in a congressional race in 2012, in which the general election choice was between two Republicans in a district with a ...
represents one of the safest Republican congressional districts in California: In seven of his eight elections, he has captured more than two-thirds of the vote without breaking a ... He hasn't held a town hall meeting since 2010, instead communicating with his constituents by calling into friendly radio stations.
The race for California's 39th Congressional District has been named a “race to watch” by Politico, after Ed Royce announced on Jan. 8 that he would not seek re-election. ... Shawn Nelson began serving as an Orange County Supervisor in June 2010 and was re-elected for a second term in June 2014.
Stacey Dash, the actress who played Dionne Davenport in the 1990s teen movie "Clueless," filed campaign documents Monday to run for Congress in California this November, according to Federal Election Commission documents. Dash is running as a Republican candidate for California's 44th District, ...


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