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updated Thu. August 4, 2022

Backers of the SoccerCity proposal to redevelop the former Qualcomm stadium site filed a lawsuit Wednesday in hopes of kicking off the ballot the rival ... and violates the provisions of California's Education Code, Government Code and Elections Code by using the SDSU name for private development.

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento and Fresno Counties must now provide Hmong ballots in polling places. California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said, “Providing voting information in a voter's preferred language is critical to ensuring all citizens can participate in our elections.” He made the ...
When does a ballot initiative become law in California? ... A recent change to state election law allows mail ballots to arrive up to three days after the election and still be counted in the final tally. ... The potential for a law to be wrongly put into effect grows every year as more voters cast mail ballots.
The investor Tim Draper has such an idea he's using his money to push: a ballot initiative to split California into three. If Draper has his way, California would be cleaved into a northern state with San Francisco at its core, a smaller but populous center built around Los Angeles, and a southern state ...
Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper introduced a ballot initiative that would split California into three states. ... wants to give businesses a chance to appeal but not prohibit sidewalks vendors · According to new study, China trade war would hit California especially hard - what does CA ag think?
In 2016, there were 33 California counties that listed the Senate candidates in more than one column. Those counties had more than four times as many Senate "overvote" cases as local communities with all the names in a single column. Statewide, that translated into 235,821 mistakenly marked ballots.
The saga over lead paint cleanup in California began in 2000 when 10 cities and counties sued ConAgra, NL Industries and Sherwin-Williams alleging that lead paint was a public nuisance and that the companies promoted its use even after they knew the material could cause negative health effects, ...
A local venture capitalist's proposal to break up California, "CAL 3," gained nearly double the necessary signatures to get it on the ballot in November, which will allow state voters to decide on the partition. Tim Draper announced Thursday that his initiative had gotten more than 600,000 signatures from ...


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