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updated Mon. April 8, 2024

But pressure to support single payer, including SB 562 which passed the state Senate before stalling in the Assembly, has gotten the attention of candidates up and down the ballot, some of whom fear alienating the powerful “take no prisoners” California Nurses Association, single payer's most ardent ...

Democrats may be favored to win the House, although probably not the Senate, in the midterm elections, but the party certainly has no shortage of significant challenges moving forward. ... Another sticky issue for Democratic candidates in the House is their view on the impeachment of President Trump.
Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980, precisely 14 years after he became governor of California. ... The best vindication of the Quatorze Quotient is that, at minimum, seven Democratic senators who won a big race in 2006 stand before the mirror every morning probably humming, “Hail to the Chief.
Tony Mendoza “more likely than not” behaved in a flirtatious or sexually suggestive manner toward staffers, a Senate investigation found. ... by two outside law firms tasked with investigating allegations that Mendoza had made unwanted advances to female aides while he served as an Assembly member from 2006 to 2012 ...
If it happens, the 280 characters might just make up one of the most important social media messages in California politics this year: a tweet from President Trump ... Not only have Democrats won every statewide race since the fall of 2006 — that's 18 separate contests — but the GOP share of the registered ...
All four of those top candidates are Democrats, showing just how dismal the prospects are for a Republican Party that has not won a statewide election in California since 2006. The polls' results largely mirror the findings in an earlier PPIC poll released in late November, though the race between Newsom ...
President Trump seemed to embrace a variety of bipartisan proposals to address gun violence at a White House meeting Wednesday, and urged Republicans to consider adding an assault weapons ban to a popular bipartisan Senate background check bill. The moment left the author of the ban, Sen. Dianne Feinstein ...
If re-elected, the venerable Democrat will almost certainly set the record for the longest Senate tenure of any Californian in history. She won her most recent three races — in 2000, 2006 and 2012 — by an average of almost 23 percentage points. The only close contest was her 1994 nail-biter victory over ...
Four current California lawmakers, including a candidate for governor, are named in sexual harassment claims released today by the state Legislature. .... of inappropriate behavior toward young women who have worked for Mendoza, who served in the Assembly from 2006-12 before winning his Senate ...


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