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updated Fri. January 20, 2023

Andy Harris, who represents Maryland's 1st District, got $2,000 for his campaign from Jordan. ... Rod Blum, who represents Iowa's 1st District, received $4,000 from Jordan's war chest for his campaign. ... Since he first got elected to the 4th District seat in 2006, re-election bids have been a breeze for him.

Today, CIRCLE is releasing the top 10 congressional districts where young people might have an especially high electoral influence. Later this month will release the top ten Senate and Governor races. Here's why these ten districts ranked so highly: Iowa 1st (Cedar Rapids) – Iowa's 1st district has 20 ...
Jeff Fortenberry in Nebraska's 1st Congressional District have the same item atop their agendas — health care. Personal ... [More: Republican senators from Nebraska and Iowa hail tax overhaul]. They both ... Neither has raised more than a tiny fraction of the incumbent's $1.8 million campaign war chest.
The 2017 elections gave Democrats a sizable confidence boost. The party won both governors' races, a lot of state legislative seats and local elections, on top of exceeding past performances regularly in the year's special elections. Add to that a blockbuster fundraising season, which has seen almost three ...
Also present at the event were George Ramsey III, candidate for U.S. Congress, 1st District, former Iowa Senator Bill Heckroth speaking on behalf of his son, Thomas Heckroth, and Mark Galinsky, Iowa outreach director for the Delaney for President Campaign, speaking for John Delaney. Howard County ...
DUBUQUE, Iowa — If Democrats are planning to ride an anti-Trump wave to a takeover of the House in 2018, they can't just rely on seats where voters ... "It's going to be seats like (Iowa's 1st district) that are very important to winning a House majority,” said Kyle Kondik, managing editor of the politics ...
Among the Democrats, Omaha nonprofit executive Kara Eastman has raised more than $30,000 since kicking off her congressional campaign in late May. And former ... It also highlights how much money is flowing into campaigns today and just how competitive the 2nd District is expected to be, he said.


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