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updated Fri. February 17, 2023

Last month, the high court denied a request by Pennsylvania Republicans to stop the application of new congressional districts prior to the 2018 midterms ... It's possible that the comparatively smaller 13th Congressional District, which spans nearly 5,800 square miles through all or parts of Springfield, ...

Betsy Londrigan's big win in the 13th Congressional District Democratic primary — taking 24,334 of the 53,226 votes cast, or almost 46 percent in a five-way race ... Rodney Davis, the National Republican Campaign Committee was quick with its take on the contest with this message Tuesday night.
Yvonne Hayes-Hinson, Dushyant Gosai and Tom Wells each hope to be his opponent in the race for Florida Congressional District 3. In just five months, registered Democrats will pin their favorite candidate against incumbent Ted Yoho in a congressional race to represent North Central Florida. Yoho ...
At the end of January, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a list of districts across the country that it will target in an effort to flip the U.S. House of Representatives to a Democratic majority in November. On that list are three North Carolina Congressional Districts, including the 13th, ...
In explaining this, many media organizations are counting only money that the NRA has given directly to candidates, such as this TIME story that noted only that Florida's junior senator, Republican Marco Rubio, received $9,900 from the NRA for his re-election campaign in 2016. What TIME and other media ...
The 3rd, 4th, and 6th Congressional Districts have raised particular interest from reporters and engaged voters across the country. In these top races, three Democratic challengers, Marie Newman, Sean Casten, and Kelly Mazeski, have contributed significant amounts to their own campaigns. With this ...
2006: Beats a DCCC-favored candidate in a primary, given up on by the national party because she can't raise money, still manages to upset an .... There are a few districts won by Clinton and held by Democrats (Arizona's Ninth, Florida's Seventh, Florida's 13th, California's Seventh) that could be ...
With the way U.S. congressional districts are apportioned, any representative who wins their seat by less than five points is considered to be in a swing-seat ... professor Larry Sabato), managing editor Kyle Kondik now moves Crist's 13th Congressional District from “leans Democratic” to “likely Democratic.”.
The 2017 elections gave Democrats a sizable confidence boost. The party won both governors' races, a lot of state legislative seats and local elections, on top of exceeding past performances regularly in the year's special elections. Add to that a blockbuster fundraising season, which has seen almost three ...
Not so if it's Florida's 3rd Congressional District, which covers all of Alachua, Clay, Union, Bradford, Putnam and parts of Marion counties. ... On top of that, McGurn, who ran a largely invisible campaign that highlighted his concerns for veterans and the environment, gave voters no reason to split their vote.


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