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updated Tue. June 4, 2024

One person attracting attention is former investment banker Austin Beutner, who also served as an L.A. deputy mayor and later as publisher of The Times. He currently ... Former investment banker and former Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner is attracting notice as a possible candidate for L.A. schools chief.
"We're recommending three things: Take a careful inventory, figure out how best to utilize these properties and engage the community along the way," said Austin Beutner, co-chair of the L.A. Unified Advisory Task Force. The task force's primary recommendation is that L.A. Unified should hire real estate ...

OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) - A non-profit organization and a rap superstar stopped by Oakland High School to celebrate a milestone and offer students free glasses on Friday. Inside the on campus theater students were called up individually to receive a free pair of glasses after an exam was conducted in a ...
By the way, I'm advised that the New York Times was a little off in reporting that Soon-Shiong lives next door to former Times publisher Austin Beutner. They are "a few blocks" apart. [Added: From Groves' 2010 story in the Times, not online: Soon-Shiong bought up nearby houses through an attorney, ...
There was a brief upswing during the year when businessman and civic leader Austin Beutner served as publisher. But Beutner was stunningly and pointlessly fired by Tribune Publishing CEO Jack Griffin in 2015. This proved to be Griffin's second-dumbest move — in early 2016 he arranged for Ferro to ...

Will the new owner bring back older hands — like Maharaj or Austin Beutner, who took his own start at transforming the Times under Tribune Publishing CEO Jack Griffin before Griffin dismissed him? Would either want to return to the scene of so many journalistic crimes? Might Soon-Shiong himself take an ...
... joining the board of Tribune Publishing, which later became known as Tronc, in May 2016. In purchasing The Times, he has accomplished what eluded some of the most established business leaders here who have flirted for years with buying it — Eli Broad, David Geffen and Austin Beutner among them.

By Levar Stoney and Austin Beutner. Much has been written about poverty in America. But what if you learned one in five kids in public schools lack the glasses they need to see the board, read a book, or participate in class? What chance does that child have to succeed in school, let alone break free from ...
Philanthropist and former LA Times publisher Austin Beutner said he doesn't see the new task force he is co-leading as a body that has any intention of usurping the new LA Unified School Board, or telling the superintendent what to do. “We are here to support Michelle King, and offer suggestions,” Beutner ...
Austin Beutner is the former Publisher and CEO of the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune, and the first Publisher to serve in both roles. He is the Founder and Chairman of Vision To Learn, a nonprofit that provides free eyeglasses to children in low-income communities in California, Delaware, Hawaii and ...
Los Angeles Times Publisher Austin Beutner was abruptly fired Tuesday after leading a yearlong drive to reshape the media company by emphasizing digital experimentation, a deeper connection with the community and efforts to cultivate ardent readers in the belief that advertising would follow.
Austin Beutner, the civic leader and former Wall Street investment banker, is the new publisher and chief executive of the Los Angeles Times. Beutner, 54, who served as first deputy mayor of Los Angeles for more than a year and briefly explored a run for mayor himself, succeeds Eddy W. Hartenstein as ...
Austin Beutner, the panel's co-chair and a former L.A. Times publisher, said the report did not imply that officials were trying to hide things or failing to comply with disclosure requirements. "But there is a big gap between compliance and that extra step you take to make sure that information is received and ...
“Helping 100,000 kids is just the beginning,” said Austin Beutner, Founder and Chair of Vision To Learn. “With the help of supporters like Master P, Vision To Learn will continue working to help every child get the glasses they need to succeed in school, and in life.” Music mogul and philanthropist Master P ...
Austin Beutner of Los Angeles is a genuine custom truck enthusiast, and if we told you that he has also owned a 1932 Ford roadster, a 1967 Camaro, and a classic Ferrari you'd know where he belongs on the above descriptions of enthusiasts. Furthermore, if you knew why he decided to add this 1952 ...


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