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Alki David
Alki David
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updated Thu. April 18, 2024

... revelation and several recent bar investigations, celebrity lawyer and feminist Gloria Allred is once again stretching the bounds of the law, and her profession's ethics in attempting to save her own professional reputation, as she attempts to try to discredit Hologram USA CEO and FilmOn owner, Alki David.

image from Our article last week about the heirs of Roy Orbison filing a lawsuit to block what they say is a shakedown by a hologram company owned by Alkiviades David has drawn a strong denial from the Greek billionaire. New technologies often lead to legal battles, and with music ...
There's a rather bonkers Russian chap named Dmitry Itskov who claims that by the year 2045 his team of scientists will have achieved human immortality by uploading brains onto a computer. That's a little way off, though. In the meantime, if Frankenstein's monster meeting Blade Runner doesn't tickle your ...
Alki David has a vision for the West End. The billionaire wants to open the first theatres that use 3D technology to beam a hologram variety show featuring past and present stars. Mr David, the Greek heir to the Coca-Cola bottling fortune and founder of FilmOn, the TV streaming site, has invested $12 million ...
They say blondes have more fun, but it's the Greek billionaires who really have things figured out. Some of them spend their wealth on $154 million yachts; others commission Andy Warhol to paint a portrait of their skull. Alki David, founder of the Internet-based live TV provider FilmOn, is choosing to spend ...
Ex-convict Grant Zimmerman and pals have been trumping up false allegations and launching garbage lawsuits. Have you ever lied to a boss who give you a second, and a third chance, and entrusted you with a career-making project? Can you imagine having the audacity to markup your expenses on that ...
Alki David, the man who created Tupac and Michael Jackson holograms, fired 2 women he repeatedly harassed after they rejected his sexual advances ... according to a lawsuit. The two ex-employees claim -- in lurid detail -- David's office was more like "Animal House." In the suit, one woman says David ...
Alki David, the Greek tycoon who famously created Tupac and Michael Jackson holograms, forced his employees to watch videos of him having sex with his wife ... this according to a new lawsuit. A guy named Grant Zimmerman worked for Alki and says he booked Chief Keef to be the subject of a new ...
FilmOn tendered license fees with the Copyright Office and attempted to take advantage. In July 2016, FilmOn won a shocking decision from a California federal court judge, who decided that the company founded by billionaire Alki David was likely correct in its interpretation of the law. At the time, the judge ...
At his Beverly Hills mansion, Alki David, one of Hollywood's biggest troublemakers, is showing his guests the 16,200-square-foot palace that, according to records, cost him $16.5 million in 2010. It's one of many places that Alki -- as everyone calls him -- likes to relax. The others include a mansion in Greece ...


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