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The Salafi movement, also known as the Salafi methodology and the Salafist movement, or Wahhabi movement is a movement or sect within Sunni Islam that takes its name from the term salaf ("predecessors", "ancestors") used to identify the earliest Muslims, who, its adherents believe, provide the epitome of Islamic practice. The popular hadith that quotes Muhammad as saying 'The people of my own generation are the best, then those who come after them, and then those of the next generation,' is seen as a call to Muslims follow the example of those first three generations, the salaf. logo
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updated Fri. April 13, 2018

In a confidential investigative report seen by The New York Times, the authorities blamed Imam Doudi's "patient and insistent proselytizing" for helping to turn a quarter of Marseille's practicing Muslims -- the largest concentration in France -- into practitioners of Salafism, an ultraconservative ... Muslim
The number of Salafists residing in Germany continues to grow, according to a report published by the German newspaper Tagesspiegel, which cited regional security statistics. While in 2013 it was reported that about 5,500 radical Islamists in Germany, by the first quarter of this year this number had ...

The number of Salafists in Germany has increased twofold since 2013, the interior ministry said Wednesday, surpassing December's "all-time high." The number of individuals classified as Salafists by regional authorities in state offices for the Protection of the Constitution reached 11,000, the ministry ...
ISIS and al-Qaeda, whether directed or inspired, will continue to prey on the minds of radicalized Salafists to spread their terror without distinguishing their targets. Salafist jihadi ideology not only considers the Christians, Jews, and the Shia as their enemies but also other Muslims who do not believe in their ...
Most French people want Muslims suspected of harbouring extremist views detained if they appear on spy agency watchlists and would back a ban on ultra-conservative Salafist Islam, two polls showed after the latest deadly attack in France, writes Brian Love. Right-wing opponents of Emmanuel Macron ...
Since followers of Wahhabism claim that they are trying to purify Islam, they call themselves "Salafi," while naming others "Sufi." Based on the dictionary meaning, Salafi means "antecedents," which refers to the Muslims in the first century. However, the practices and beliefs of people following Wahhabism ...

Since followers of Wahhabism claim that they are trying to purify Islam, they call themselves "Salafi," while naming others "Sufi." Based on the dictionary meaning, Salafi means "antecedents," which refers to the Muslims in the first century. However, the practices and beliefs of people following Wahhabism ...
In the wake of Friday's shootings by Radouane Lakdim, officials disclosed his links starting in 2013 with "the Salafist movement", a Sunni Muslim branch ... who have struck France since the January 2015 massacre at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris were later found to have frequented Salafist circles.
As France prepares to honour a policeman killed in the latest attack by a homegrown jihadist, debate has again flared over how to counter the influence of radical Salafist interpretations of Islam, with some officials urging an outright ban. In the wake of Friday's shootings by Radouane Lakdim, officials ...
He urged Mr Macron's centrist government to “wake up to the terror threat”. Socialist lawmaker Manuel Valls echoed Mr Didier's thoughts in an interview with the French news channel BFM TV on Sunday, in which he called for France to “ban Salafism,” an ultra-conservative branch of Islam the attacker ...
In early March 2018, senior leaders of the Salafi-jihadi stream in the Ein Al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon called a meeting with Lebanese journalists to liberate Jerusalem and Palestine rather than to operate in Iraq and Syria, which had for nearly two decades been the global jihad's main ...
Amid a crackdown on Islamists in Egypt, Salafists have avoided the fate of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, largely by backing Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Nonetheless, Egypt's Salafists have suffered a major reversal of fortunes, particularly in the political arena. Wael Magdi Abdel Moneim, ...
The Observatory of Radicalism and Religious Conflicts in Africa in Senegal is an action-research center of the Timbuktu Institute-African Center for Peace Studies promoting a transdisciplinary approach to religious radicalism studies. In February, it published a study on Salafist internet strategies in Senegal.
But in Tunisia, residents say, the Salafis have failed. They miscalculated, vastly underestimating Tunisians' historical and generational connection to Sufism. Across the country, neighborhoods and towns are named after Sufi saints, and most Tunisian families can trace their lineage to a Sufi saint or holy ...
The rise of Salafists and Wahhabists in major Tajikistani cities and among Tajik diasporas in Russian cities like Moscow have long been a concern for officials in Dushanbe, who fear that these movements could link up with other forces, domestic and foreign, to produce an Islamist revolution. The authorities ...
Leading the anti-Shia diatribe is Salafi preacher Zakkariya Swalahi, who heads a small Salafi group after his exit from Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen (KNM). Zakkariya has already addressed around ten public meetings in various parts of north Kerala in the last one month where he lashed out at Muslim ...
Yasser Borhamy, chairman of the Salafi Daawa, said that he, his party and their affiliated group would launch a large campaign to support President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in the upcoming presidential elections. Borhamy said that the Salafi Nour Party and the group have devised a plan to tour all of Egypt's ...

Rabat – Moroccan Salafist Hammad Kabbaj shown his support for the director of the newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum, Taoufik Bouachrine, who was recently arrested on charges of “sexual assault and human trafficking.” On Wednesday, February 28, Hammad Kabbaj explained his reasons for siding with ...
The analysis of contemporary texts put out by groups from across a broad ideological spectrum highlights that the ideology of Salafi-jihadism, held by groups such as the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, is palpably distinct from mainstream Sunni Islam. Across a sample of thousands of documents, of the 50 most ...
The Saudi-backed Madkhalist religious sect is the most prominent player in the Kufra and Sabha violence. A basic tenet of Madkhalism is respect for legitimate authority, the wali-al-amr. This Salafist movement was first introduced to Libya by Muammar Gaddafi to counter Libya's more revolutionary ... Mercenaries War
CAIRO – 21 March 2018: Vice President of the Salafist Call organization Yasser Borhami, who had supported President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in the 2014 ... In a series of conferences, Borhami has urged Salafist Call's Nour Party members to participate in the 2018 presidential election to avoid a state of chaos ... Mercenaries War
Throughout our time on these frontlines of ill defined wars and ill defined allies, our enemies primarily came in three distinct shapes: the generic Salafist Jihadist; the Iranian agent and proxy; the Washington D.C. red tape pedantocrat and technocrat. These were the primary opponents to our world, a world ... Mercenaries War
PETALING JAYA: Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF) director Ahmad Farouk Musa has voiced his suspicion that the Umno leadership tolerates the spread of Salafism because it serves the party's interest in retaining its power. Referring to a Salafi belief that a ruler should be obeyed as long as he observes his ... Mercenaries War
PETALING JAYA: A photograph of Perlis mufti Muhd Asri Zainul Abidin posing with followers of a hardline Indonesian Salafist scholar while showing a hand gesture that has come to be associated with the Islamic State (IS) militant group has drawn criticism. “I can't help myself to jerk!” tweeted prominent ... Mercenaries War
Egypt's Salafists remain the most organised Islamist political force in the country following the 2013 designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation. The group backed the 2013 ouster of Muslim Brotherhood-aligned President Muhammad Morsi and supported Sisi throughout his ... Mercenaries War
Egypt's largest Salafist party has announced support for incumbent President Adel-Fattah al-Sisi in this year's presidential election. Al-Sisi “is the best person…to achieve cooperation between state institutions…in a way that realizes stability and spares the country a lot of dangers,” Yunis Makhioun, ... Mercenaries War
KUALA LUMPUR: A US professor who has studied Islamist movements said the rise of Salafism, whose followers claim to promote an austere version of Islam that is free of non-Islamic practices, will further complicate Malaysia's already racialised politics. Jeffrey Kenney, a professor of religious studies at ... Mercenaries War
Egypt's Al-Nour Party, the country's largest Salafi party, declared on Sunday that they are officially supporting President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi's second presidential bid and that its members will vote for the incumbent in the upcoming polls. During a press conference held at the party's main headquarters in ... Mercenaries War
The number of Salafists residing in the German capital has almost tripled since 2011, growing to over 900 in 2017. The proportion of potentially violent radicals has increased even more. Six years ago, the numbers of those who were considered to be prone to committing an act of violence was 100. Mercenaries War
Berlin is increasingly becoming a centre of the Salafist scene, Tagesspiegel reported on Tuesday, based on data from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV). Whereas six years ago, 350 Salafists had been counted, now there are over 900. People in the scene considered to be prone to ... Mercenaries War
Germany's domestic intelligence agency reported a significant increase in the extremist Salafist scene in Berlin, more than tripling its members since 2011, according to the Berlin-based Der Tagesspiegel newspaper. Berlin's Salafist extremist scene comprised some 950 people, said a situation report from ... Mercenaries War
Plans to open a Salafi missionary centre in the Yemeni province of Al Mahrah on the border with Oman and Saudi Arabia raise questions about Saudi Crown Prince ... The disclosure of the plan for a Salafi mission suggests Prince Mohammed may only want to curb ultra-conservatism's rough edges. Mercenaries War
Rotterdam's mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb would not take back his controversial remarks on Salafism. Last month the mayor, a Muslim himself, caused uproar when during an interview he stated that every Muslim is a bit of a Salafist. Salafism is an ultra-conservative branch within the Sunni Islam. "There were no ... Mercenaries War
It is difficult to make the above statement at a time when the dispositions of false claimants to Salafiyyah have a deleterious effect on the appellation. The pooh-bahs of ISIS, Boko Haram, and sundry other extremist organisations say they profess Salafism, but at the same time perpetrate a battery of heinous ... Mercenaries War
The two men are Salafi clerics, members of a clerical order that has come to wield outsized influence over Muslims in northern Nigeria. The clerics act as enforcers of an increasingly puritan Islamic order. They are uncompromising in defining what is moral and permissible and what is haram or sacreligious. Mercenaries War
As the Islamic State has lost territory in Syria and Iraq, and as efforts are being made to separate radical elements from moderate Sunni opposition groups in and around Idlib, the violent Salafi-jihadi networks are migrating to Turkey. According to the Turkish General Staff's official website, 8,474 people who ... Mercenaries War
Until this week the fire was attributed to Salafists, the smaller and more extreme groups operating in Gaza, with claims that Hamas was trying to restrain them. The rockets indeed stopped for a few days but was renewed this week with a barrage of mortar shells, which landed near Kibbutz Kfar Aza, where a ... Mercenaries War
Network of 40 Salafist sisters preach hate and indoctrination online – German intel Germany's intelligence services have identified an Islamist terrorist network made up of 40 women. Female extremists with hundreds of Facebook followers are increasingly filling the gap left by their imprisoned husbands. Mercenaries War
By saying I don't want to be called a Salafi, I do not mean I don't like the great men of the past or I don't want to follow in their footsteps. ... But if anyone that calls--and wants others to call--themselves Salafi has any evidence that the Salafus-Saalih used that name on themselves, then I'm willing to change ... Mercenaries War
Burkhard Freier, the head of the North Rhine-Westphalian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper that the local female extremist network of “40 sisters” followed a strict Salafist doctrine —informing their advice on everything from raising children to ... Mercenaries War
Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb caused a social media uproar with an interview on NPO Radio 1 in which he said that "every Muslim is a bit of a salafist". PVV leader Geert Wilders called for Aboutaleb's resignation. The Rotterdam mayor discussed several topics with Thijs van den Brink, but it was his ... Mercenaries War
This resulted in Adel being arrested by a Salafist unit allied to the Saiqa Special Forces and which is commanded by Abdul Fateh Ben Ghalboun. The head of the school, Eman Busneina who helped organise the event, was also taken in for questioning. Initially Ben Ghalboun released a video denouncing ... Mercenaries War
The Salafist Algerian who vandalized the statue saw it as a disgrace, and just a “fetish” for a woman stripped of her clothes. The video was widely shared on social media sites in Algeria on Monday, showing the Salafist climbing the statue, and destroying it using a hammer and an iron bar, specifically ... Mercenaries War
However, Gulf influence is not unequivocal as the Wahhabi-Salafi brand of Islam widespread in Arabia is transformed while travelling to South Asia, having to adapt and coexist with South Asian understandings of Islam. Hence Samina Yasmeen argues that Lashkar-e-Taiba could attract followers only by ... Mercenaries War
More Salafists are living in Germany than ever before, domestic intelligence chief Hans-Georg Maassen said on Sunday. Maasen said the number of people adhering to the fundamentalist Islamic ideology had "risen to an all-time high," with the German intelligence agency BfV giving a figure of 10,800 ... Mercenaries War
Naik is regarded as one the most influential Salafi evangelists in the world today. He rose to prominence in the 1990s by preaching in English, not in Urdu, which allowed him to reach a wider audience. As a televangelist on his very own Peace TV or through social media, his austere version of Islamic ... Mercenaries War
There was no immediate claim of responsibility but the mosque is known to be a base for Salafist groups, which fought the jihadists alongside Haftar's forces. Mourners gathered outside the mosque yesterday, walking through puddles of water stained red with blood. Vehicles in a parking lot outside the ... Mercenaries War
However, ultraconservative Salafi scholars, known for their hard-line views have condemned the move, saying it is “feminising what cannot be feminised” and deviating from what they see as core Islamic principles. "Feminising the profession in Morocco is not in line with religious teachings," registrar and ... Mercenaries War
The inquiry identifies a number of Islamist ideologies spread in Belgium since the '70s, the most relevant being the Muslim Brotherhood's and Salafi-Wahhabism. Significantly, the Committee highlights how the two have built in Belgium a downright "joint-venture", characterised by strong ideological ties and ... Mercenaries War
The KSA spends as much as $4 billion annually promoting its uniquely intolerant brand of Salafist Islamic thought, aimed at the “purification” of the faith known as Wahhabism. By enforcing this rigidly intolerant theology the KSA has acted like a housebroken version of the Islamic State. People have been ... Mercenaries War


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