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updated Tue. April 24, 2018

In common with other religions, Islam has undergone several waves of reform movements, such as Wahhabism and Deobandism, but they have generally been reactionary - to "bring back" an authentic, puritan and orthodox form of Islam. Wahhabism and, in essence, Deobandism, aimed to bring back ... Muslim India
Since his father became Saudi Arabia's king in 2015, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has taken dramatic steps to change his country's political and economic life. But the 32-year-old heir to the throne also has begun to soften the kingdom's strict religious rules with a promise to return ...

Currently in Europe as part of a drive to woo the West, Mohammed bin Salman has recognised his country's association with Wahhabism is a problem and ... In a separate interview, he indicated the spread of Wahhabism was a consequence of the West asking Saudi Arabia to use its resources in ...
This week, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman pretended he knows nothing about Wahhabism. "Please define it for us. We're not familiar with it. We don't know about it," bin Salman said in an interview with the US-based The Atlantic magazine published on April 2. "No one can define Wahhabism.
Mumbai: A section of media, including those in Turkey and the Indian subcontinent who are openly part of the Iranian agenda of hate, since last two days are twisting Mohammed bin Salman's statement about "Wahhabism" in order to hide their own crimes unleashed in the Muslim world to fulfill ...

Ildar khazrat, why have the Russia Muftis Council and the MSB of the Russian Federation not approved the statement by Kamil Samigullin on Wahhabism? I personally haven't seen the statement yet. I don't even know whether it is at all. This is not a joint decision, but only an initiative of one of the ...
MbS: No one can define Wahhabism. There is no Wahhabism. We don't believe we have Wahhabism. We believe we have, in Saudi Arabia, Sunni and Shiite. We believe we have within Sunni Islam four schools of thought, and we have the ulema [the religious authorities] and the Board of Fatwas ... Iran
Advice that was not simply ignored, but rejected with contempt by Yameen, under whom the Maldives has become a key recruiting station for ISIS and Al Qaeda, and where the moderate, syncretic Islam that still holds sway in India is rapidly giving way to Wahhabism. The BJP has apparently kept Prime ... Iran
Rabat - In a recent interview with the American daily, The Washington Post, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) revealed that Riyadh had spread Wahhabi ideology, at the request of its Western allies to counter the influence of the Soviet Union (USSR) in Muslim countries, during the Cold War.
In response, the Syrian delegate referred to Saudi Wahhabism as “a weapon of mass destruction.” Despite some reforms, such as ending the ban on women driving and allowing them to join the army or anti-corruption measures, Saudi Arabia still remains an autocratic and repressive regime. Yet, Saudi ...
Yes, soon women in Saudi Arabia will have the right to drive – something they were banned from doing under the strict religious edicts of Wahhabism. While it's certainly a good thing that Saudi Arabia has chosen to enter the 21st century (sort of), the repeal of the driving ban is largely superficial as it does ...
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman made a historic confession about Wahhabism in a recent interview with The Washington Post's Karen DeYoung. In the piece published on March 22, the crown prince said that Wahhabism, widely accused of being the sole source of global terrorism, was ... tool
Western nations urged Saudi Arabia to invest in the endorsement of Wahhabism during the Cold War era to prevent the Soviet Union from gaining ... The Saudi-backed spread of Wahhabism — the most strict and violent branch of Islam — started because Western nations asked Saudi Arabia to help ... tool
When we incorrectly think all Muslims are terrorists, we are confusing the majority of Muslims in the world with Saudi Wahhabism. Named for an 18th Century preacher and extremist, the extreme fundamentalists have an enduring relationship with the House of Saud. Think of them like Saudi's answer to the ... tool
In an effort to counter the threat of Iran's 1979 Shiite revolution, and burnish their legitimacy at home with powerful religious conservatives, Saudi rulers plowed billions of dollars annually into spreading the kingdom's extremely harsh version of Islam - a.k.a., Wahhabism - around the world. Saudi funds built ... tool
In the second week of this month, Eisa Fazili was neutralised by security forces during an encounter in Anantnag. After the encounter, hundreds of youth reportedly swarmed to his home and raised anti-Indian slogans and even waved Islamic State flag. Now, Eisa's school classmate Aamir Ahmad Amin has ... tool

Declare that the deeply-rooted Islam of Mecca and Medina is the American Islam. Second, say that the deeply-rooted Islam is the Wahhabi Islam”. They wanted Wahhabi Islam to speak in the name of Islam worldwide. Wahhabism is the most violent and stupid [movement] in the Islamic world. Wahhabism is ... tool
The growing influence of Wahabi Islam among Sri Lankan Muslims at the cost of Sufi Islam and the proliferation of mosques built with money from Saudi Arabia have resulted in the Muslims being seen as “not one of us”, but as “the other”. They are also seen as having strong connections with powerful and ... tool
Back in the 1980s, Saudi Arabia adopted a set of principles for ruling from the Wahhabism sect of Islam, an extremely rigid interpretation of the Quran. It's because of this that Saudi women saw their rights sharply curtailed: Before 1979, Saudi women could wear modern clothes, attend schools and drive; but ... tool
Wahhabism has become known as an intolerant and aggressive form of Islam, both by Muslims and outsiders. ... In 2013, Strasbourg's European Parliament declared Salafism/Wahhabism to be the main source of global terrorism, with a report linking it to the Benghazi attacks and the war in Syria among ... tool
Due to ISIS being on the verge of a total defeat in Syria, which is largely on account of Russian firepower, ordinary people across the Middle East are increasingly looking to Russia as a safeguard against the menace of Wahhabism, which threatens the very existence of Muslims and Christians, alike, in the ... tool
Elsewhere in his remarks, Amir-Abdollahian said that the terrorism threats in West Asia region are rooted in the Saudi-inspired 'Wahhabism,' which has found roots in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Parliament Speaker Special Aide in International Affairs added that international consultations and ... tool
In Saudi Arabia, it can be rare for leaders to openly acknowledge any link between the kingdom's ultra-conservative strain of Sunni Islam known as Wahhabism, and the global rise of extremism and terrorism. Instead, the government frequently blames extremism on the kingdom's arch-nemesis, Iran. tool
Indeed, a majority of Muslims worldwide denounce Wahhabism, a Sunni attempt to reform Islam that has bred terror groups like Al Qaeda, Al-Shabab, Boko Haram, and ISIS. Tragically, this ideology has become the official doctrine of Islam as practiced in Saudi Arabia. Wahhabism forbids women to drive ... tool
Saudi Arabia, one of Canada's allies in the war for terrorism and against human rights is both a fountainhead of terrorism and Wahhabism, and it is this Wahhabi ideology that prevails in terrorist-occupied areas of Syria. It is also this Wahhabi ideology (takfiri/salafi) that is referenced in a 2012 DIA ... tool
“Lihat, tak ada Wahabi di sini. Yang ada Suni," ungkap Mahmud, mukimin asal Bukhari, Uzbekistan, yang berprofesi sebagai guru di Makkah. Pria yang pada setiap musim haji nyambi berjualan barang kelontongan di komplek pertokoan terminal Al-Ghaza ini secara panjang lebar berbicara mengenai soal ... tool
"All India Muslim Personal Law Board is an NGO, registered in 1973 under the guidance of Indira Ji to strengthen INC and promote Wahhabism. It collects donation from Gulf countries also but never audited till date," Ashwini tweeted. Lately, AIMPLB has been on the headlines for ousting its executive ... tool
The death of a Sufi-inspired Islam or the cultural notion of Kashmiriyat is an accomplished fact. And attempting to mainstream the detritus of a Wahabi Islamist promoted radicalization which co-exists with the more modern sense of victimhood among even the so-called 'secular minded' may end up being ... tool
In fact, one of the top leaders of Hezbollah outright stated that he considered Wahhabism to be worse than Israel in 2016, which is perhaps unsurprising because Hezbollah has been fighting al-Qaeda-affiliated groups as well as other rebel groups in Syria for the purpose of propping up Assad's government ... tool
BOGOR | — Ternyata, Ustadz Yazid Jawaz, dedengkot wahabi yang suka membid'ahkan amalan ahlussunnah wal jama'ah, mengkafirkan ulama Islam Nusantara, tidak datang dalam tabayun yang digelar MUI Bogor, Jawa Barat, Rabu, 07 Februari 2018. Islam Indonesia harus benar-benar mengawal gerakan ... tool
The House of Saud has a historic alliance with hardline clerics, whose fundamentalist strain of Islam known as Wahhabism has fuelled domestic terrorism and contributed to global extremism. The 32-year-old crown prince has vowed to destroy extremist ideologies and install in the country "a more ... tool
Dilihat aktif menyertai perlawanan bola sepak akhir-akhir ini Presiden Pertubuhan Ahli Sunnah wal Jamaah (Aswaja), Zamihan Mat Zin menggunakan analogi sukan itu untuk memerangi fahaman Wahabi, Syiah dan liberalisme. Menurut kenyataan dibuatnya untuk "memenangkan" kumpulan Ahli Sunnah ... tool
In the 88 years since its founding, Saudi Arabia has not had an official cultural policy in the Western sense, no tourism unless you count the pilgrimages to Medina and Mecca as such, and very little cultural outreach other than the diffusion of Wahabism, the country's ultra conservative version of Islam. tool
“In the villages of Northern Nigeria you see Saudi money come in, establish these Islamic organizations and preach the Wahabi doctrine,” Nakhleh said. “It happened in the 1990s, and so we began to trace this development of radicalization.” “They would come in and build a Quranic school – a tiny one ... tool
These restrictions are down to Saudi Arabia's guardianship system, which has aligned the country with a strict form of Sunni Islam known as Wahhabism. Under the system, every woman must have a male companion with her in public, usually a close family member, who has authority to act on her behalf in ... tool
In an unsettling evidence of what appears to be a covert infiltration of the ISIS ideology in the country, an India Today investigation has found several madrasas in Kerala are teaching the theo-Fascist variety of Islam. For centuries, madrasas in the subcontinent have been the fountainheads of peace and ... tool
(Yet note that Iran's image of Saudi Arabia rarely characterizes it in sectarian terms as a Sunni power as such, but primarily as representing a xenophobic, narrow and intolerant form of Sunni Islam, Wahhabism.) And then the fact that Iran is Persian in language and culture while Saudi Arabia is Arab adds to ... tool
For a documentary exploring the challenges facing Saudi Arabia's new ruler, 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, House of Saud: A Family at War (BBC Two) had an unexpected starting point: a village in the mountains of Bosnia, where a tattered black flag of jihad fluttered in the snowbound ... tool
An India Today probe discovered that several madrasas in Kerala are preaching Wahabism, a Saudi-sponsored creed of extremist Islam linked to global terror. Sushant Pathak | Jamshed Adil Khan | Written by Harmeet Shah Singh. Kozhikode ... tool
SRINAGAR: Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) scholar Manaan Wani has joined the Hizbul Mujahideen, the group's Pakistan-based chief Syed Salahuddin said in a statement to local media. "Joining of Manaan Wani exposes the Indian propaganda that the youths of Kashmir are joining militant ranks due to ... tool
He nevertheless stressed that the bid to empower women will likely run up against opposition from radicals who practice the Wahhabism doctrine. “Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has cracked down on these people,” Batrefe added, “but this came forty years too late.” Despite a history of promoting ... tool
Wahhabism, cited as the official Saudi religious doctrine for which the country's leadership has been so vehemently criticised and which MBS is looking to rebrand, is based on the teachings of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703-1792). Abd al-Wahhab was an Islamic scholar from the Nejd region of the ... tool
A democratic Shia Iran minus the clerics can be more acceptable to the world, particularly to the western world. Without the cleric regime bias, the western world considers Shia Islam not a threat to western civilisation as compared to the Wahabi Salafi version. With the passage of time, the Wahabi version ... tool
It seeks to weaken Wahhabism as interpreted by the Muslim Brotherhood and the late King Faisal and replace it with a type of conformist Wahhabism, which was originally manufactured in the 1950s by Saudi Aramco, and promote it across the Middle East. The pioneers of the new project, however, prefer to ... tool
Salman's unconventional approach indirectly puts him in a contradictory position to Wahhabism, the state ideology of Saudi Arabia. Almost every Salafist movement in the world follows the doctrine of Wahhabism, but not every Salafist Wahhabi is in line with Saudi's changing political currents. “Saudi regime ... tool
The KSA spends as much as $4 billion annually promoting its uniquely intolerant brand of Salafist Islamic thought, aimed at the “purification” of the faith known as Wahhabism. By enforcing this rigidly intolerant theology the KSA has acted like a housebroken version of the Islamic State. People have been ... tool
Wahhabism originated in the 18th century. Political and religious officials formed a brutal partnership. As the International Center for ... Admittedly, Wahhabism's relationship with terrorism remains indirect. It essentially is a theology of hate and intolerance, or what the group Freedom House called an ... tool
About 30 years ago, the extremist ideology of Wahhabism (al Qaeda) was exported to Pakistan and Afghanistan from Saudi Arabia in an effort to curb the expansion of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and extinguish the philosophy of Communism forever. All said and done, the Soviets retreated and the ... tool
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have attacked their neighbor, Qatar, for supposedly supporting terrorism. They pretend to be firefighters, but spent years as arsonists. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been consolidating power while posing as a reformer. The only positive so far ... tool


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