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updated Sun. January 28, 2024

Founded as Ionatron in 2002, Applied Energetics won nearly $40 million in military contracts to develop its laser-directed energy technology to defeat improvised explosive devices, or IEDs. The company's bomb-zapping system was tested by the Marine Corps in Afghanistan, but after the Corps canceled its ...

According to filings with the US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), in its previous guise as Ionatron the company attracted equity funding of $8 million in November 2005, and $26.5 million in April 2006. But the company has also made losses consistently over the past decade (see figure), and with ...
ION was the stock market symbol for Ionatron, the company that managed to convince Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Defense Secretary during the early years of the George W. Bush administration, to give the firm $30 million for its bomb-zappers. Shaped like golf carts, the remote-controlled JINs were ...
The Pentagon continues to pour funding into Arizona-based laser plasma lightning blaster-gun firm Applied Energetics, formerly known as Ionatron. The US Army says that the firm's lightning guns are "approaching the level of maturity needed to begin weaponization". The military assessment came as the ...
Once, a company called Ionatron promised to build the military real-life lightning guns that would blow up improvised bombs in exchange for tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. It never panned out—and the company had to change its name, 86 its senior executives, and fend off shareholder lawsuits as a ...
Flash in Tunnel like This ?rrOur Technology Ionatron designs and manufactures directed-energy weapons. Ionatrons directed-energy weapons work like "man-made lightning" to disable people or vehicles that threaten our security. Ionatron intends to use our compact, non-lethal LIPC ...
I have long been skeptical of the utility of lightning weapons, at least as standoff nonlethal weapons (the jury's out on IED applications, but rival Ionatron has certainly had trouble proving their version is effective). We'll try to catch up with Bitar soon for an update to see if, in fact, he's proving me wrong. On the ...
Arizona company Ionatron has funding to develop "directed lightning" raygun-style electro-blasters, which could potentially leave malefactors twitching in the dirt without benefit of wire or flying prod. Ionatron says that lethal settings will be on offer, too. (That said, Ionatron has a rather suspicious air about it ...
In 2005 and 2006, Raydiance's fellow USPers at Ionatron built for the Defense Department about a dozen golf cart-esque vehicles, equipped with lightning guns, and seemingly ready for rapid deployment to Iraq – only to have the things sent back. Last year, Raydiance got a $4 million contract from the ...
Apparently, the the artillery development budget for the US Navy is bursting at the seams, as the branch is complimenting the myriad of other dazzling weapons that it's collaboratively developing with a LGE-based rendition from Ionatron. The company, which focuses on developing "directed energy ...


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