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updated Sat. February 3, 2024

The machine was installed in a configuration with a single die-cutting unit and accessories for the processing of labels and in-mold films. Important features include the sidelay-free in-feed system, DriveTronic SIS, as well AirTronic delivery, compressor cabinet and those to provide scratch-free sheet travel.

In December 2017, the Ukrainian defense trade company Spetstechnoexport announced that it worked with the American company AirTronic, based in Spring Branch, Texas, to supply PSRL-1 (Precision Shoulder-Fired Rocket Launcher, an “advanced version of the Soviet RPG-7”) weapons systems to the ...
The PSRL grenade launchers that AirTronic USA has been to Kiev in fact a redesigned US-manufactured version of the Soviet RPG-7, which the US company itself calls “the world's most widely used anti-tank weapon.” The supply agreement was initially renewed annually but is now not limited by time, ...
"We started delivering our product to Ukraine last year and we are continuing deliveries up until now," said Richard Vandiver, Chief Operating Officer at the Texas company AirTronic, USA, in an interview with VOA's Ukrainian service. Vandiver said the sales have been limited to short-range defensive ...
Texas-based AirTronic USA, Inc., an electromechanical engineering design and manufacturing company, has been shipping lethal weapons, namely shoulder-fired rocket launchers, to Ukraine since 2016, according to journalists of Voice of America (VoA). Read more here. Tags: Ukraine US weapons.
President and Chief Operating Officer at AirTronic USA Richard Vandiver says that his company began cooperation with Ukraine two years ago, and first batches of Precision Shoulder-fired Rocket Launchers (PSRLs) were shipped to Ukraine in 2016, VoA said. The PSRL is a U.S.-manufactured advanced ...
But the head of that arms company, Airtronic USA Inc., later declared in a court document that there was no $95 million order. The value of all of Airtronic's pending orders was $1.3 million, she swore in a court statement. And she said the press release quote saying she was “thrilled” about the deal was ...


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