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updated Mon. April 1, 2024

WTWH Media, LLC announced that Boston Dynamics founder and CEO Marc Raibert will deliver the closing keynote at the 2018 Robotics Summit & Showcase. Taking place at the Westin Boston Waterfront in Boston on May 23-24, 2018, the Robotics Summit is an international educational forum dedicated ...
So far we've been telling you about all of the awesome humans we're going to have at TC Sessions Robotics next month in Berkeley — humans like Boston Dynamics' Marc Raibert, Playground's Andy Rubin, Fetch's Melonee Wise and Pieter Abbeel, Ken Goldberg and Robert Full from U.C. Berkeley.

The evolution of Boston Dynamic's robots continues at a brisk pace. The latest example to hit YouTube features a pair of their robot dogs that work together to assess a situation and take action. The action? Escape from the lab! Check them out here at: ...
That's because, in the movies, the massive bots mirror every step their pilot takes — a process that is much more complicated than it has to be. “In reality, locomotion is becoming one of the easiest functions to totally delegate to a robot,” writes Murphy. Think about the Boston Dynamics robots. Engineers ...
The VP of Engineering at Boston Dynamics visits a small town in Germany to explain how 3D printing and fluid power contributed to dramatic weight savings and power efficiency in the latest generation of their Atlas humanoid robot. In the city of Aachen, Germany this past week, more than 650 “fluid power” manufacturers, ...
Robotics and AI are two off the hottest segments of tech right now, so it stands to reason that there are plenty of companies out there doing their best to combine them. When they do, however, the results keep getting more and more creepy. We recently saw a pair of videos from Boston Dynamics, one that ...

Boston Dynamics' dog-like SpotMini robots have already learned to open doors and can happily trot along in adverse conditions. Just watching the bots evolve feels like we're seeing a real-life episode of the futuristic horror series "Black Mirror." Now you can feel even more uneasy about the four-legged ...
But in our actual timeline, where everything seems to be playing out like we're in a nightmarish, Twilight Zone-inspired alternate reality, this parody instead feels depressingly plausible. Let's face it, if all we have to keep some of our most advanced autonomous robots in check is a guy wielding a hockey ...
... our apex predators,” the narrator intones. There's a lot going on in this 38 second video: The narrator also implies that the robots are to blame reason for the “uninhabitable wasteland.” So, basically, Horizon Zero Dawn, but with Boston Dynamics robots roaming the post-apocalyptic Earth. Cool, cool cool.
It was only a mere week ago that the world got to see what Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot dog has been up to. Not only did it make a new friend, it also learned how to open doors for said friend. How sweet. A followup video posted today by the SoftBank-owned company, however, reveals a grave ...

Boston Dynamics causes a viral sensation every time it posts a new video of one of its robots moving around the lab. It's the first sign of the inevitable robo-pocalypse, guys!. But with a little advice from some experts, you can begin to separate the hype from the facts and appreciate Boston Dynamics's work ...
Boston Dynamics video of door-opening robot dog grabs attention. Boston Dynamics robot opens a door ... Boston Dynamics has been in the business of robot making for more than 20 years, but it's dog-like robot keeps … evolving. The latest starring what the company calls SpotMini as seen in a video ...
When the robots decide to become your overlords, what defensive measures are you hoping to deploy? If your answer is “doors,” then you're unfortunately fresh out of luck. Boston Dynamics, the nightmare factory that was for a time one of Alphabet's more ill-advised properties, has once again released ...
The first time we saw Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robo-dog in action, it used its gripping arm to help load a dishwasher. But after getting a fancy new yellow coat a few months ago, SpotMini has apparently since learned how to open doors, enabling the robot, and its comrades, to escape a life of servitude.
The video shows the latest iteration of its Spot Mini robot standing in front of a door, presumably in Boston Dynamics' lab. Around the corner pops another Spot with a creepy arm attached to its back. It positions the arm next to the door handle, grabs it, pokes its weird hand-head thing around the door, and ...
A recent video shoot in the space shows Boston Dynamics' latest creation meeting Playground-funded bipedal wunderkind Cassie for the first time. The former also had a run-in with Andy Rubin's dog in the company parking lot. The poor little terrier was less impressed. Robotics is a core part of the firm's ...


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