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updated Wed. April 4, 2018

Travellers will no longer be allowed to use cell phones within immigration halls following the leak of a video showing a female immigration officer scrolling through her smartphone, instead of clearing travellers at a border post in South Africa. "They (immigration officers) are always suspicious of ... Africa
MUSKEGON COUNTY, MI - An 11-year-old's cell phone video is among the evidence used to send a man to trial for attempted murder after allegedly shooting the victim six to seven times. Dequan Davis, 22, was ordered to trial for assault with intent to murder in the shooting that occurred in ...

I've been racking my brain to try to remember the first time I noticed a cell phone on camera, I think it was Michael Douglas as Gordon Gecko in Wall Street, though it could have been Zack Morris ... Here's a fun and slightly dated video from 2013 that traces the trajectory of cell phones in movies and TV.
The cell phone video, taken by Elijah Brown in Temple, Georgia, shows when a tractor trailer stuck on the tracks with the safety railing stuck on top of the truck's bed. The footage shows the truck driver jumping out of the driver's seat and running away from the rail crossing. Seconds later, a Norfolk ...
Fort Worth police on Tuesday released video from officers' body cameras that appeared to show a man was actively resisting as officers tried to handcuff him, shedding a different light on an incident that drew national attention. The department released the video to counter video from bystanders' cell ...
doug aitken's new installation at the 303 gallery in new york is centered around marty cooper's seemingly-inconsequential statements. sitting alone, journalistically, in front of a black backdrop, white-haired marty -- without any particular excitement -- humbly introduces himself. 'hi, my name is ... cell phone

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WTSP) - As St. Pete police weigh the pros and cons of gun cameras versus body cameras, the National Christian League of Councils will push city council this week for the latter. The push comes a month after a woman recorded a cell phone video of police using a Taser on a ...
We now know two victims told police that Jason Williams used his cell phone to take video and call people during their attacks. Last March, Williams allegedly broke into a woman's apartment near Belmont University. He held a razorblade to her throat and sexually assaulted her. According to ...
This story comes amid a widespread privacy crisis surrounding Cambridge Analytica [VIDEO] collecting over 50 million Facebook profile details [VIDEO] in order to influence the 2016 US Presidential Election, and in the broader fight for privacy spurred on by Edward Snowden and his 2013 NSA revelations. cell phone
Police obtained a search warrant for Cruz-Castellanos' cellphone, but the video was not able to be recovered from the phone. The affidavit said Cruz-Castellanos denied ... Police said Cruz-Castellanos deleted the video after being confronted by the victim outside the restroom. A trial date has not been set. cell phone
Clark was unarmed, and was found to have been carrying a cell phone. Videos from the officers' body cameras and from a Sacramento Sheriff's Department helicopter led to national outrage and marches in Sacramento last week that shut down Interstate 5, snarled traffic throughout the city and forced ... cell phone
A major key finding revealed that with the increasing use of cell phones at work, 11.7 percent of respondents never use their desk phones for in-office ... Desk phones ranked fourth in terms of workers increasing their use, falling behind email, cellphones and text but outranking IM, video call apps, online ... cell phone
SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - We're learning more about the violent arrest that left a Bradenton man and multiple police officers injured. New cell phone video is providing more insight into the altercation between Chad Washington and Sarasota police. Video shot on Thursday in Newtown shows half a dozen ... cell phone
Next month, Jack White's embarking on a massive North American tour in support of new album Boarding House Reach, but don't expect to see any of his shredding on your Facebook feed. White recently announced that he's banning cell phones from every non-festival stop on the jaunt, a decision that's ... cell phone
he's heard asking in his cell phone video of the incident. "Open up your bag." "I put a freaking body wash in my freaking-" the woman explained. "Yeah, in your bag. Take it out," he responded. He followed her as she left the store, then went to find a police officer next door at the Dion's when he said he saw ... cell phone
And heaven forbid you get a GoPro anywhere near a seagull. YouTube is littered with videos of people who had to chase down one of these thieving birds. cell phone
Troopers seized cell phones from Harris and Tousel at the scene of the incident and have possession of the phones. ... Lorain County Prosecutor Dennis Will has said the incident was recorded on a home surveillance video, and it is believed to have been an intentional act, which is why Harris has been ... cell phone

Police in Sacramento, the state capital, released video footage late on Wednesday of the shooting of Stephon Clark, 22, on Sunday night, which police said showed him holding an object that was later found to be a cell phone. More than 200 demonstrators gathered on Thursday to denounce the shooting, ... cell phone
He said he and his mother did not plan to watch body camera video of his brother's shooting, but he expressed skepticism about the police version of what happened. "They said he had a gun. Then they said he had a crowbar. Then they said he had a toolbar. Now I'm asking you, you've got a nice job, you ... cell phone
The police chief said Manley likely recorded the cell-phone video when police began closing in on him. “Sometimes we can't assign a reason to irrational acts,” he said. “This is a very troubled young man who was talking about challenges in his life that led him to the point in his life that led him to take the ... cell phone
Cell-Phone Video Shows Gay Teen Getting Head Smashed Into Lockers By Alleged Bully. "All of a sudden I felt something hit my face, ... his face into a locker because he was gay. Cell-phone video captured the gruesome incident, which happened in full view of classmates at Highland West High School. cell phone
James Invades RuPaul, Jenny Slate & Kumail Nanjiani's Cell Phones ... James is presented a food order, recent song played and photograph from a cell phone belonging to either RuPaul Charles, Jenny Slate and Kumail ... Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. cell phone
A Southold man reported that video from his security camera showed a man getting out of a U-Haul carrying a bucket last Wednesday around 10 a.m., police said. The man walked into his backyard and dumped what appeared to be animal feces on his rear sliding door, police said. No damage was ... cell phone
Watch the footage in the above video and it's easy to see why Eakin thought that would be his last prayer after the men walked into the store on ... The surveillance footage shows them clearing out the store's entire inventory and leaving with huge bags full of cell phones, but not before the camera got a ... cell phone
... cell phones do emit radiation but, as this video points out, so does your FM radio. A lot of things in modern society emit radiation, but that doesn't mean we're getting hit with cancer-causing techno-waves 24/7. This video will explain things a bit better, and hopefully get some people to take that cell phone ... cell phone
GALESBURG — Dr. Mark Meeker moves his cell phone around his body throughout the day. Moving it from other pockets to ... He said, from age 6 and up, he recommends a limit of two hours a day with technology, including cell phones, computers, video games and TV. “The main concern is the content of ... cell phone
Raleigh, N.C. — Many cell phone owners enjoy using Snapchat filters to add a little something extra to their pictures and videos, but there are other apps that can transform those images as well. My Talking Pet in Action: It turns your pet into one that can talk. Users can take a picture, tweak it into the shape ... cell phone
Kracked Cell Phone Repair brings video games, comics to Gila Valley Comic-Con. Mar 11 ... Kracked also has video games, game systems, DVDs, CDs, used musical instruments, records and comic books. ... Kracked Cell Phone Repair is located at 514 Main St., in Safford, next to the GCRC Thrift Store. cell phone
Harris County Precinct 5 deputies say the two pretend to be customers, then take off with the phones and tablets. Deputies say the two men walked into a cell phone store in the 8900 block of Fry Road on Feb. 13 and asked to see phones and a tablet. While the clerk was distracted, surveillance video shows ... cell phone
During the first altercation, the victim's cell phone was dropped and said to be thrown in the river by Manzano. ... The one minute, thirty-three second cell phone video was displayed Thursday, and showed the group of males — excluding Daniel Garcia — assaulting the victim and yelling threats throughout. cell phone
One of the most stress-inducing questions modern-day parents find themselves asking is: "when do I have to get my kid a cell phone?" Sure, no ... There's no chance your kid will be staring, zombie-like, at the screen of this phone while playing some video game or watching some YouTube clip. Although ... cell phone
These human studies have tried to see whether heavy users of cell phones have higher rates of brain cancers and other health problems compared with people who use cell phones less often. All that research—in test tubes, animals, and humans—has been mixed, with no definitive proof that cell-phone ... cell phone
That's why, in the best cell phone plans from Verizon, we would recommend getting the BeyondUnlimited plan for that carrier. It begins at $85 a ... The BeyondUnlimited plan offers video streaming up to 720p resolution, but you can go up to 1080p if you pay an additional $10 a month. It also offers 15 GB of ... cell phone
And they display video games NC game and released them from the trance they were written from the video games. And that over time has more now into the cell phones in the Smartphones in the now kids. You know you'll see parents to kids scream and cry and Holler and mount an argument. And and ... cell phone
The moon's space-grade Ultra Compact Network will also be the lightest ever, which means less payload weight for that Falcon 9. Think just under 2 pounds. That really is deceptively small for something that should be able to use the 1800 MHz frequency band to broadcast 4G and beam the first HD video ... cell phone
Court documents say the video shows Hicks looking down at his phone for a full eight seconds. Hicks admitted to the State Patrol he was driving 63 miles an hour. “I have seen the video. It's horrific and it is difficult to dispute what occurred,” Langer said. The State Patrol said that in those eight seconds Hicks ... cell phone
Woman Sues Cell Phone Store Employee Over Stolen Sex Video. Getty Images. AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 14: Liam Messam of the All Blacks takes a selfie on a smart phone during a New Zealand All Blacks Captain's Run at Eden Park on August 14, 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo ... cell phone
Other schools have experimented with Yondr, a locked bag for cell phones that high-profile comedians have used during their shows to keep people off of their phones and prevent them from taking pictures or video. The biggest argument is that phones are distractions for students. Former teacher, principal ... cell phone
Police say the shooting happened Wednesday just before 5 p.m. in the parking lot of the Walmart located in the 39100 block of Natchez Drive. An officer attempted to stop U-Haul truck at Murphy Oil gas station that was reported stolen by New Orleans police. As the officer was ordering the occupants out of ... cell phone
We're all too accustomed to seeing videos of students fleeing campus; interviews with eyewitnesses; reunions with parents. But we're not used to being transported to the crime scene through the cell phone cameras of the victims. This is new and blood-curdling. In one video clip, we see that some students ... cell phone
James is presented a food order, recent song played and photograph from a cell phone belonging to either RuPaul Charles, Jenny Slate and Kumail Nanjiani, and James quizzes his guests to see if he can figure out whose those items originated from. Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH ... cell phone
TULARE - TULARE, Calif. -- An unidentified suspect, is in the hospital on Monday after an officer involved shooting in Tulare. It happened at the intersection of Cherry and Cross, next to First Baptist. Cell phone video, from a passerby, shows the officer involved shooting. A school bus driver said he was ... cell phone
The 18-second video starts just outside of a Columbus City School bus on Fort Hayes' campus. It shows a 53-year-old bus driver going head to head with a student. The student curses at the driver just before the driver swings toward the student and misses. Seconds later, another student comes behind the ... cell phone
Firefighters were called to the two-story home on the 600 block of South 69th Street just before 9:30 a.m. Monday, but crews from Roman Electric had already helped two people, including a baby, out of a first floor window by the they arrived. cell phone
Cell Phone Videos Capture Intense Moments at Concord Mills. Concord Police say no shots were fired and no one has been located with a gun. Author: WCNC. Published: 3:12 PM EST February 25, 2018. CONCORD, N.C. -- Police say a fight at Concord Mills led to a false shooting report Saturday night. According to ... cell phone
YouTube does offer a “kids” version of their app, which allows parents to block channels, monitor which videos their children have watched, and set timers to restrict the amount of time children can spend on the app. It's worth noting that the survey only included about 1,000 people, and only eight percent of ... cell phone
Cell phone videos capture intense moments at Concord Mills. Concord Police say no shots were fired and no one has been located with a gun. Author: WCNC. Published: 6:08 PM EST February 25, 2018. CONCORD, N.C. -- Police say a fight at Concord Mills led to a false shooting report Saturday night. According to ... cell phone
No charges for substitute teacher fired after video captures seventh grader being body-slammed. Share. Shares ... No charges will be filed against the Guilford County substitute teacher who was fired last week after cell phone video captured him body-slamming a seventh grader to the floor. The incident ... cell phone
... Jersey prison once used a smuggled cell phone to swap child pornography," the spokesperson noted, adding that prisoners in South Carolina are posting real-time Facebook Live videos inside the walls of prisons, where it is estimated that one out of every three inmates have had contraband cell phones. cell phone
Theft-criminal damaging, West 130th Street: A cell phone and cell-phone case, containing two debit cards, were reported stolen at 8:25 p.m. Feb. 10 from a house. The victim, who was home at the time of the theft, suspects a family acquaintance. Operating a vehicle under the influence, Ohio 237: An ... cell phone


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