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Wang was involved in several incidents of taking photos and video in a unisex restroom at the Thomas J. Meskill Law Library at UConn Law that took place in 2013 and 2016, according to the arrest warrant.
"The cell phone charger, the video monitor and the wifi hotspot all had to be very small and lightweight enough for the shoe to be wearable and comfortable.

Uncovering elements a bride and groom would like to experience later is a good starter conversation, said the experienced pro. "While the tools come cheaper and easier to operate today," he emphasized, "an hour of video with two cell phones and a ...
Oklahoma authorities believe the 2011 slaying of a 19-year-old - whose butchered remains were found stuffed inside a duffel bag behind a grocery store - may have been videotaped, and they are offering up to $10,000 to anyone who can provide the ...
Meanwhile video of the incident has gone viral. The alleged attack took place Wednesday afternoon on Glenwood Avenue. Video of the incident, recorded with a cell phone by a bystander, has gone viral on social media platforms including facebook, with ...
ABOVE VIDEO: A lack of patience led to a fistfight Wednesday involving parents and students in the car line at Cocoa high school, and part of it was caught on camera, police said.

A man was arraigned Wednesday in Jackson City Court and is charged with stealing cell phones, video game controllers and a flat screen television from Jackson businesses.
The cell phone video supports Terenius's argument that the swans "are using wind to speed up," agrees Chris Perrins, official Swan Warden to queen Elizabeth II and an emeritus ornithologist at Britain's University of Oxford.
ILION, N.Y. - A Frankfort man is facing charges for allegedly taking surveillance videos on his cell phone, according to Ilion police.
(Stillwater, Okla.) - A Stillwater man accused of standing outside the bathroom window of a woman with the intent to watch her while she was taking a shower and using his cell phone to take a video of her remained jailed on $10,000 bail today with an ...
There are a few images as well as a brief 30-second video which reveals the bendable display running Xiaomi's MIUI 8. This video shows that display is bent on the palm of the user. Moreover, it is also responding to the touch responses that the user is ...
Eyewitness News obtained exclusive cell phone video of the discovery. During investigation, police found at least 40 frozen cats, including one skinned cat in an aluminum tray.
A widely seen cell phone video of a black man in Minnesota being arrested by a white police officer for allegedly walking in the street has drawn the ire of people and organizations, including the NAACP.
The Evanston Fire Department responded to the call and couldn't find the windsurfer from shore, but were able to maintain contact with him via cell phone, officials said. The fire department then relayed information about the man's position to the ...
Palm Bay, Florida -- cell phone video captures witnesses scrambling to help after an SUV careened off the road and toward a river, bursting into flames in Palm Bay, Florida.
"We're allowing any resident to capture cell phone video of a nuisance dog that's next door," said Adams County spokesman Jim Siedlecki.
The overuse of cellphones to capture grainy, blurry photos and videos at concerts has for years vexed and enraged artists like Jack White, Alicia Keys and Mumford and Sons.

But I think some of the most significant threats that we deal with on a daily basis are cell phones and the technology." He cites the internet as a haven for things children should not be exposed to.
Stanley the raccoon became an "instant campus legend" at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky, after being caught on video stealing a student's cell phone and running away. A student at a Kentucky university found himself on an unusual ...
The Brady Campaign tapped a firm noted for their LGBT campaigns to craft an anti-gun video based on the Pulse nightclub shooting that actually makes a great point for everyday carry and against gun free zones.
BEAUMONT - KFDM and 6 News on Fox have obtained cell phone video showing a large fight after school Wednesday in the parking lot near the stadium at West Brook high school.
Stanley the raccoon became an "instant campus legend" at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky, after being caught on video stealing a student's cell phone and running away. A student at a Kentucky university found himself on an unusual ...
LUMBERTON TWP. - police are asking the public to help identify three individuals who allegedly robbed a cell phone store at gunpoint Friday.
Cleveland - The FOX 8 I TEAM is tracking new developments in the case of a retired police officer captured on cell phone video wearing a sheriff's deputy uniform getting involved in a property dispute. The incident happened on Cleveland's west side.
Radar Online reported that Kim and her family are reportedly terrified that two cell phones stolen in the robbery might contain explicit videos or pictures that could come back to haunt them. "Aside from tons of nude and explicit content featuring her ...
Hemphill said she clung to her cell phone, which recorded a bit of the Braham arrest and the beginning of her own arrest, until it was pulled from her hands by officers, she said.
Grimes spent a good chunk of her summer overseas on her "Ac!d Reign" tour, and because she's apparently one of those restless creative types who can't go more than two seconds without making something, she used her downtime to film seven new music ...
(KRON) cell phone footage out of Modesto showing a creepy clown walking through a park has surfaced. The creepy clown epidemic has reached Northern California with threats made in Oakland, Antioch, Fairfield, Modesto, Elk Grove and Woodland.
Lewisburg licensed psychologist Nancy Pashchuk said cell phones can be used for both good and bad. "Any technology is simply a tool," she said, "it just depends on how that tool is being used.
Embattled Douglas County Commission Chairman Tom Worthan repeatedly apologized for his racist comments reported last week, but told a packed work session he will not heed calls to quit.
Scenes from a police dash cam video and witness cell phone video show the violence that erupted after a CA police officer tried to stop a vehicle during a stunt show.
Scenes from a police dash cam video and witness cell phone video show the violence that erupted after a CA police officer tried to stop a vehicle during a stunt show.
Orta caught the act on his cell phone, including Garner's final words, "I can't breathe." He then uploaded the video to YouTube and inspired others to grab their cell phones and record police actions across the country. The officer involved in the ...
The videos show the officer fired four times at close range almost immediately after Alfred Olango, 38, suddenly raised both hands to chest level and took what police described as a shooting stance.
Post-Gazette TV writer Rob Owen answers reader questions online every Friday in Tuned In Journal blog at Here's a selection of recent queries.
police in El Cajon, California, on Friday released cell phone and surveillance video that shows the controversial fatal shooting of a man who pointed a vaping device at officers.
However, the DA joined with police at the news conference Friday to release the video. police had faced accusations the day of the shooting that they confiscated cell phones at the scene. However, they say the cell phone video was given to them ...
BOSQUE farms, NM (KRQE) - A New Mexico woman claims she's so tired of watching police officers from her small town speeding outside of their jurisdiction, she decided to play cop herself.
The witness, whom I'm not naming, took a cell phone video of the incident's aftermath. He posted it on social media.
"Feeding time," Jones says as he rotates his cell phone camera. Jones, owner of the bike shop Winter garden wheel Works, came across the assembly of alligators as he cycled on the shores of Lake Apopka.
The robbers then smashed the 26-year-old employee's cell phone and the store's cordless phone before fleeing. The employee walked to a nearby gas ... Deputies retrieved the store's video surveillance footage. Later, Bradley University police stopped a ...
A witness shared cell phone video with WUSA9 and said Sterling couldn't help running into the cruiser because the officers used it as a barricade.
He hit my camera, I was using it as a shield," said Torkelson who is seen on cell phone video extending one arm in front of him as he quickly backed up.
Sgt. Michael Barger is with the Austin police Department, "I have officers on the bus who will observe people driving their vehicle when they see somebody that's holding a cell phone, texting, talking on their cell phone, using their GPS, playing a ...
BRYANT, Ark. - A brawl broke out between two Bryant high school students Tuesday, and cell phone video is circulating around to prove it.
Even before the man's name had been released, the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties put out a statement decrying the rumor, noting that it would be a constitutional violation if police had indeed taken cell phone video from witnesses ...
Confiscating cell phones is a violation of the Fourth Amendment (unreasonable seizure without warrant or exigent circumstance) and the First Amendment (interference with the right to record in public) under the U.S.
FBI investigating possible hack of Democratic party staffer cell phones 34min; Most of the world breathes polluted air, WHO says 35min; Wells Fargo CEO forfeits millions as company launches probe 40min.
News 4 Tucson obtained cell phone video of one of those parties. Teenagers as young 14 and some ... Nanos did interfere with keeping investigators from going into nine different schools to seize cell phones that belonged to students. He told News 4 ...
With this picture being located on Shimon's cell phone, I am led to believe his cell phone is the device which distributed the image to my computer along with the original video on June 27, 2016." Shimon is being held on a $150,000 bond in the Phelps ...





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