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police were called to look into a series of burglaries on the University of Tulsa campus in February. Witnesses told police similar stories about a male who entered through an unlocked door to a common area of an apartment or dorm between the hours of ...
What many people don't know is that cell phone use is banned while voting. Many people are hooked on social media: facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, twitter.

How did we ever survive without cellphones? Have you wondered about that recently? Decades ago, before cellphones became commonplace, it was not a concern.
The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office is investigating an attempted burglary qt the Metro PCS Store in Port Charlotte.
After assaulting a bus driver and running off, police say a man returned to the bus because he forgot his cellphone.
video surveillance footage shared on social media led to the arrest Monday of a Fenwick man in the theft of a cell phone from a Shepherd McDonald's employee earlier this month.
GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) - Goldsboro police said victims' cell phones inside a stolen vehicle were used to track the car's location on Sunday.
BRADENTON, FL - A 12-year-old girl faces criminal charges after the Manatee County Sheriff's Office says she attacked a teacher and a resource officer because her cellphone had been taken away from her. According to the sheriff's office, teacher Molly ...
Wisconsin authorities say a Minnesota woman had both hands on her cellphone and apparently none on her steering when she lost control of her car and sent the vehicle behind her into a deadly rollover.
ATLANTA - Georgia regulators are working with the Federal Trade Commission to get results for cellphone users across the country.
As telephone interviewing costs continue to rise and cellphones represent an increasing share of survey samples, survey researchers are exploring approaches to make these designs more cost-effective.
An Oakland County sheriff's deputy was hurt and his car was left " not drivable" after being rear-ended by a car driven by a cellphone-distracted driver on ...
OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A driver is cited for failing to stop after rear-ending another vehicle while reaching for his cell phone.
Is anyone else sick of paying over $600 for a phone? A phone that tends to break down after two years of usage, sometimes more, if you are lucky.
According to KDFW-TV (Fox 4), police in Arlington believe they've identified two thieves whose selfie spree with stolen cellphones may ultimately have given them away. ... They stole three cell phones from a victim's vehicle and then went on a selfie ...
FORT EDWARD - A Ford Edward man was charged with two federal crimes on Thursday for knowingly receiving and possessing child pornography, according to the Warren County sheriff's office.
What they did do is divide cellphone plan use into several categories. One service basket includes 450 minutes for calling and 300 text messages; another includes 1,200 minutes for calling, 300 texts and 1 GB of data.
According to KDFW-TV (Fox 4), police in Arlington believe they've identified two thieves whose selfie spree with stolen cellphones may ultimately have given them away. ... They stole three cell phones from a victim's vehicle and then went on a selfie ...
Chief Minister Harish Rawat launches Blood Friends, a mobile phone application, at a function in Dehradun on Saturday. Congress senior vice-president Suryakant Dhasmana is also present.
A 58-year-old man is dead after two Tulsa police officers shot and killed him, the department's public information officer said Friday.
Jean-Jacques Gabriel filmed two white police officers who stopped two black men on Oct. 18 in Philadelphia (video below). When the officers realized they were being filmed, they demanded Gabriel's cellphone, but he refused to give it to them. The two ...
ABC10 set out to VERIFY it. I googled "are all cell phone networks great?" I landed on a Clark Howard report with a link to an article stating that "Verizon is the best performing wireless network, according to extensive nationwide testing by ...
Luckily, the Truaxes, who own and manage two Victoria watering holes - Rumorhazzit and The Barn - had tucked away their old cellphones after upgrading to the Note7 in August. But they could not transfer their cellular service until about 2:30 p.m. Friday.
Mophie has a number of universal external battery chargers that can recharge cellphones, iPods, iPads and other electronics when their batteries run out.
A cellphone stolen during a late-night carjacking in Pontiac helped lead to the two people behind the crimes, Oakland County Sheriff's officials said.
Texting and driving has been a problem on the roads for years and statistics show, car accidents caused by distracted driving are taking more than eight lives in the U.S.
Eighteen students filed into Kelly Matthias' freshman seminar at St. Paul's Concordia University last week, quickly settling into their seats to wolf down lunch, open notebooks or laugh with classmates.
He's a cell phone forensics expert from North Carolina. "Ninety-nine-point-nine percent of my work is for prosecution," Massuci said on the stand.
We've become accustomed to the ubiquitous nature of communications. However, commonplace conveniences change when we travel internationally.
Research has shown that the average person checks their phone 85 times a day and that we spend a total of five hours using our cellphones to browse the web or use apps. For many, our smartphone is the first thing we look at in the morning and the last ...
It was an unusual delivery, as the doctors were armed only with flash lights from their cell phones. The hospital apparently lost power along with the rest of the country as the mother went into labor.
COCOA, Fla. - A lack of patience led to a fistfight Wednesday involving parents and students in the car line at Cocoa high school, and part of it was caught on camera, police said.
When Douglas County Detective John Parenteau searched Freeman's cell phone for evidence, he found additional information.
Thanks to a series of selfies taken with stolen cell phones, Arlington cops have some clear leads on who to look for. A man and woman took a series...
The injured persons, both clerks from the store, were taken to a hospital and were listed as being in stable condition. The robbery happened just after 7:30 p.m.
A cellphone app designed to notify nearby first responders recently aided in the rescue of a Seattle cardiac patient. The patient, Stephen DeMont, was standing at a bus stop in front of University of Washington Medical Center Friday when he collapsed, ...
TRAVERSE CITY - GPS data from a Kalkaska man's cellphone mapping service launched a renewed search effort more than six weeks after he went missing.
Defense attorney Cathy Green told Brown on Thursday that she had narrowed her request to just the cellphone activity, including text messages, during a three-hour span from the night Lewandowski is accused of assaulting the woman as she pleaded for him ...
"People demand more on their cell phones and their apps in everyday life as kind of a currency, the table stakes to be able to interact in society today," said Kevin Goodwin, the assistant information services director of the City of San Antonio ...
Darren Knesel is charged with aggravated stalking and for violating an order of protection.
Delaware (WTXF) - We're hearing about the results of a new study focused on crime in Delaware schools, The study suggests that cell phones shouldn't be allowed in schools. It's becoming all too common fights at school recorded on a cell phone and ...
You can talk to someone across the world from a cellphone that is connected to absolutely nothing. There are things floating in orbit that receive invisible waves, that when those waves are received bounce it onto another one, until it lands ...
BURLINGAME (KRON) - A Northern California couple is suing Samsung after claiming their cellphone burst into flames this summer.
City Commissioners are considering tougher penalties for distracted driving in the Great Falls city limits. Commissioners accepted a proposal for tougher penalties on first reading Tuesday and set a public hearing for Nov. 1. Deputy City Attorney Joe ...
Speaking to CNN Thursday morning, Kodak CEO, Jeff Clark says he believes the Ektra will succeed in the cell phone market because of its imaging capability, along with its unique features.





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