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updated Sun. May 28, 2017

hospitals connected to Australian state of Queensland's integrated electronic medical record system (ieMR) are suffering outages attributed to patching against a ransomware attack.
In yet another 'ransomeware' cyberattack in Kerala, six computers of the Southern Railway office were hit here today by the 'WannaCry' virus, but there was no data loss, railway officials said.
WannaCry ransomware attack highlights the important role of brokers and insurers in mitigating cyber attacks says Gallagher Bassett claims expert John Deane.
Computers around the world started to fall prey to a ransomware attack called WannaCry last week, before the spread of the malware was at least temporarily halted.
Hyderabad: On the heels of the ransomware attack, Hyderabad-based cyber security and threat intelligence company Unik Systems, which provides encryption solutions to defence and aerospace firms, has announced developing ZeroXT, a product that it ...
Beijing authorities earlier this week announced the discovery of another mutation of WannaCry, the WannaCry 2.0. Written by: IANS.
A giant worldwide attack of computers with something called ransomware is raising red flags for Tennesseeans. It's something many of us knew very little about, but if you are a victim you will never forget.
Abuja - The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has assured all operators and their subscribers of the security of national telecommunications network due to the recent outbreak of a ransomware virus known as "WannaCry".
Ransomeware: India least prepared due to low awareness level. By PTI | Updated: May 17, 2017, 05.49 PM IST. Post a Comment.
Some of the WannaCry code is similar to past North Korean hacks, some say. Photo: Reuters. facebook · twitter · LinkedIn · Reddit · StumbleUpon · email.
While officially the Federal government yesterday was saying that so far only 12 Australian organisations have reported being infected by the WannaCrypt/ WannaCry ransomeware attack, some experts in the security business believe many more may have ...
WannaCry ransomeware threat: Agencies on alert in Himachal Pradesh. The country's cyber security agency Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) had earlier issued a red-coloured 'critical alert' in connection with the WannaCry attack, ...
While officially the Federal government yesterday was saying that so far only 12 Australian organisations have reported being infected by the WannaCrypt/ WannaCry ransomeware attack, some experts in the security business believe many more may have ...
bitcoin , the peer-to-peer transaction service, made headlines for the wrong reasons a few days ago. hackers behind the WannaCry cyber attack demanded 'ransom' in the cryptocurrency for releasing 'hostage' computers under their control.
The ongoing attack, which specifically targets Microsoft operating systems, made headlines last week after it compromised one of the UK's largest hospital systems.
WannaCry or WannaCrypt Ransomeware is all we see people talking about this week. The cyber attack which started affected computers last Friday continues to spread in full swing and despite there being a patch by Microsoft, thousands of computers remain ...
I access internet from my phone. Can the ransomware affect it? ransomware can affect it. According to analysis by security companies, a large number of ...
The attack infected computers with software that locks up the user's data and flashes a message demanding payment to release it.
A new ransomeware called 'WannaCry' or 'Wannacrypt' has attacked a few big countries and created havoc by targeting sensitive industries like healthcare.
Bhubaneswar: Odisha crime Branch on Monday issued an advisory on WannaCry Ransomeware attack and possible measures that internet users need to follow as a preventive measure.
renault nissan plant A security guard walks past 'Micra' cars lined at the newly-inaugurated Renault-Nissan Alliance auto plant in the southern Indian city of Chennai.
The trust which runs Boston, Grantham and Lincoln hospitals is still affected today (Monday) following Friday's cyber attack. United Lincolnshire's Hospitals Trust has cancelled all routine activity in the hospitals today while work carries on to ...
Following the global damage wrought by the WannaCry ransomeware attack, the Charity Commission has published an alert advising how charities can be protected from the threat.
Wanna Decryptor ransomeware - what it is, what does it do to your computer, how to remove it. Covertly installed on computers, the people behind it are after your money.
"We are trying to assess the quantum of the damage caused by the ransomeware," he said. According to Altaf Halde, managing director South Asia Kaspersky Lab, the ransomware uses a Microsoft Windows vulnerability to enter systems that were not updated ...
In an effort to protect shared County resources from the WannaCry ransomware attack, CTS has temporarily blocked access to personal internet email from County computers.
Cyber attacks: Microsoft hits out at governments "stockpiling vulnerabilities" calling Wannacry ransomeware a "wake-up call".
Even as companies around the globe are preparing for an imminent cyber attack, the computers of two village panchayats in Kerala were hit, with messages demanding $300 in virtual currency to unlock the files.
Bhubaneswar: Odisha crime Branch on Monday issued an advisory on Wannacry Ransomeware attack and possible measures that internet users need to follow as a preventive measure.
Russia not behind 'ransomeware' attack, govts must beware of hacking tools: Putin. Reuters. Published May 15, 2017, 7:58 pm IST.
Beijing/London (May 15): The WannaCry "ransomware" cyber attack hobbled Chinese traffic police and schools on Monday as it rolled into Asia for the new work week, while authorities in Europe said they were trying to prevent hackers from spreading ...
technology and software group Servelec said none of its systems were compromised by Friday's unprecedented ransomware attack. The UK-basec company confirmed that neither customer data nor information was lost from either a Servelec system or a ...
Earlier today, news agency ANI reported that computers at the West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company are suspected to have fallen prey to the ransomeware attack. Monday also saw India's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) lay down ...
Edward Snowden called the continuing "ransomware" scourge "a perfect storm of all the problems everyone has been warning about" at a privacy issues conference Monday.
Singapore/TORONTO, May 14 (Reuters) - Technical staff scrambled on Sunday to patch computers and restore infected ones, amid fears that the ransomware worm that stopped car factories, hospitals, shops and schools could wreak fresh havoc on ...
More than 150 countries across the world are being targeted in what cybersecurity experts say may be the biggest ransomware attack ever observed.
The WannaCry ransomeware infects computers, encrypts most of your useful files, documents and images and then demands $300 to be paid in bitcoins if you want to get your data back.
THE controversial computer currency bitcoin that's worth more than gold is central to the global cyber attacks that struck the NHS.
Doha: Computers across the world were locked up and users' files held for ransom when dozens of countries were hit in a cyber-extortion attack that targeted hospitals, companies and government agencies.
London (AP) -- An unprecedented global "ransomware" attack has hit at least 100,000 organizations in 150 countries, Europe's police agency said Sunday - and predicted that more damage may be seen Monday as people return to work and switch on their ...
Imagine that the government required the companies that issue us with our front door keys to keep itemised copies of them for a year.
The malware's name is WCry, but analysts were also using variants such as WannaCry. Mobile phone companies, network vendors and tower operators are keeping a close watch for any disruption in operations in the aftermath of Saturday's deadly ...
Computers have been infected with "ransomeware" demanding payments as much as $600 to restore access. Russian cyber security company Kaspersky Lab said its researchers had observed more than 45,000 attacks in 74 countries.
Dr Krishna Chinthapalli, a neurology registrar at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, had warned that an increasing number of hospitals could be shut down by ransomeware attacks in an article on the vulnerability of the NHS ...
On Friday evening, Microsoft released patches for windows xp, Server 2003, and Windows 8, after those systems were infected with ransomware on Friday.
The ransomware, called "WannaCry", is spread by taking advantage of a Windows vulnerability that Microsoft released a security patch for in March.
Researcher finds 'kill switch' for cyberattack ransomeware. May 13, 2017 by Kate Bartlett. A cybersecurity researcher appears to have discovered a "kill switch" that can prevent.
You've likely heard, by now, about the "wCry" (aka WannaCry) ransomware worm. There are a few features of this attack worthy of particular note.
A ransomware virus is spreading aggressively around the globe, with over 100,000 computers in 99 countries having been targeted, according to the latest data.
The U.K.'s National Health Service said today it suffered widespread IT failures due to what is believed to be a cyberattack against hospital computers.