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In a recent security anomaly, the source code for the botnet malware called Mirai, was released into the public domain, according to Brian Krebs, author of the Krebs on Security blog, which was affected by the botware attack.
Of course, the current threat landscape is so dynamic that staying abreast of the latest malware trends can be difficult. Fortunately, Webroot is uniquely positioned to provide you with that information.
Following the news about the Spotify that has been caught pushing malware-infested adverts out to users of its free desktop version?
The malware hitting today's enterprises is very different from the malware they were fighting a year ago. New methods of disguise, new types of behavior, and new methods of automated malware generation mean that every day, most organizations are facing ...
Sysinternals' Process Explorer has always been used to detect malware infections, but that's just the start of its advantages.

Back in September, a ransomware variant called DXXD was found targeting servers and then encrypting files. To the relief of those who were affected, security researcher Michael Gillespie was able to analyze the malware, and eventually release a ...
A series of related malware campaigns whose m.o. resembles that of the notorious Carbanak gang has been quietly infecting financial targets since January, including users of the SWIFT bank messaging system that has already been under siege by another ...
Among those that do check for it, fully 57 percent have found malware, a recent survey found.
Researchers have developed a proof-of-concept attack that uses steganography to establish highly covert malware command and control channels on the Instagram social media network.
These three things, which represent super easy to customise malware, the ongoing difficulty law enforcement has in tracking down the bad guys as well as an entire cybercrime marketplace/economy are the perfect conditions for a flood of interest into ...
UCF police have determined that a vendor whose restaurants had malware on the computer systems for processing sales as a potential root of the spike in ...
The malware that powered one of the worst denial of service cyberattacks of the last few years has infected internet-connected devices all over the world, reaching as many as 177 countries, according to security researchers.
malware attacks can come from many directions. It is, however, possible to protect yourself by using a robust antivirus program and maintaining a healthy skepticism toward messages from unknown senders.
You'd hope that a mechanism for troubleshooting problems of operating system isn't an opening for a cyber attack. However, that's exactly was has happened to Windows Troubleshooting Platform (WTP).
Researchers from Kahu Security have come across a new malware variant, coded in javascript, which hijacks your browser's homepage but will also shut down your computer if you detect the intrusion and attempt to terminate its process.

smrithi-konanur_hpe_security "Retail malware is typically designed to steal clear data in memory from Point of Sale (POS) applications, resulting in the loss of magstripe data, EMV card data or other sensitive data exposed at the point of sale.
Once recipients see the message from a contact, who may likely be compromised by this same social engineering tactic, and click the link, they then receive a notification asking them to install a Chrome browser extension, which is actually the Eko malware.
A foreign power managed to install malicious software - known as malware - on the Australian Bureau of meteorology's computer system to steal sensitive documents and compromise other government networks, an official cyber security report has ...
The cyber-security giant announced today that it had detected a piece of malware entitled Odinaff on the systems of up to 20 Symantec customers.
The malware poses as a legitimate installer by manipulating the domain name. This allows it to get linked to the sites that distribute WinRar and TrueCrypt installer file.
Kaspersky Lab discovered malware called StrongPity posing as legitimate WinRAR and TrueCrypt program installers, providing full access to the victim's PC.
Of course, the technicians employed by these MSPs also know to exercise caution when confronted with suspicious emails, online ads and the like to avoid becoming victims of a malware attack. Unfortunately, that degree of caution is less commonplace in ...
HTML/FakeAlert, bogus web pages named by ESET, are showing made-up, fake alert messages usually about dummy virus infections, which if true, would harm the computer or affect users' data.
Legendary bank robber Willie Sutton famously explained that he robs banks "because that's where the money is." Cybercriminals are taking a page out of Sutton's book, targeting point-of-sale (POS) systems, whether physically or online, to expand their ...
This Eko malware somehow lands onto the private conversations of facebook users that they have started using Facebook Messenger and appears to be sent by their network contacts.
It all looks normal - but the entire message was actually written by a piece of smart malware mimicking the client's email mannerisms, with a virus attached to the map.
Mountain View has generally shied away from flagging the torrent site as a malicious entity, other than a handful of times when it was caught serving malware through its rotation of sometimes-dodgy advertisements. "Attackers on this site might try to ...
A smash and grab malware gang has updated its FastPoS point of sales hack app to plunder credit cards more efficiently ahead of the festive season.
London Police have continued to bag and tag criminals who installed malware in ATMs across the city, with the extradition of a Romanian man to the UK last week.
Although Yahoo responded a day later claiming the initial report was "misleading," the NYT sourced unnamed government officials claiming the company modified a system used to scan all incoming email for malware that stored matching messages and ...
Spotify's ads crossed from nuisance over to outright nasty this week, after the music service's advertising started serving up malware to users on Wednesday. The malware was able to automatically launch browser tabs on Windows and Mac PCs, according to ...
Is your computer committing cybercrime? New research reveals which countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa have the largest number of internet-connected devices infected with malware "bots" that allow criminals to use the device as part of ...
Palo Alto Networks says the malware, called Komplex, pretends to be a 17-page PDF document describing future projects of the Roscomos State Space corporation, Russia's space agency.
There has been a "massive upsurge" in reports of a dangerous email virus attacking West Country businesses, according to a local IT expert.
Those analytics coupled with trends, likely pulled from Google Analytics, are analyzed and when a spike is observed a website is created, populated with click bait, and infected with malware to deliver increasingly destructive payloads to unsuspecting ...
An Android Trojan is spreading across app stores, including Google Play, and has the capability of stealing sensitive files from corporate networks.
Crypto-ransomware is now the biggest malware threat facing law enforcers, according to the latest annual Europol report on the threat landscape.
One of the more effective ways to counter a malware infection is to make sure that it infects something that can't have much of an influence on the rest of the system, like a sandboxed virtual machine.
The hoax was more than just a hoax as cyber security experts discovered the link included malicious code that would have installed malware on the facebook users' computer. The report was made to look like a breaking news alert from Fox News and was ...
One of the more common ways that purveyors of malware are able to trick unsuspecting users into downloading malicious software is to prey upon the public's insatiable appetite for celebrity news, photos and gossip.
The fourth annual Security Report has analyzed more than 31,000 Check Point gateways across the globe and have outlined the challenges enterprises are currently encountering and this includes the malware, attack trends and the impact of mobile devices ...
For better understanding, let's start with the differences between "viruses" and "malware". Viruses are a specific type of malware that is designed to replicate and spread, while malware is a broad term used to describe all sorts of unwanted or ...
Security researchers have discovered a nasty piece of spyware that's being called "super-sophisticated" due to its use of encryption, which helped it stay hidden for five years.
German antivirus testing outfit AV-Test has tracked "only" around 100 million new pieces of malware as of 22 September, 2016, bringing its database to a total of 572 million malicious programs created since 1985 when it began counting new samples.
The feature uses a "mini virtual PC" to isolate Edge from the rest of your system, effectively quarantining the entire browser to prevent malware from gaining access to sensitive files. "Even if an untrusted site successfully loads malware, the malware ...
One of the biggest security risks for computer users is their web browser. According to Microsoft, 90 percent of phishing emails use the browser to initiate attacks, which can then be used to help attackers establish a beachhead inside a company ...
Large organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to perform even the most basic actions required to maintain the security of their IT infrastructure.
Cybercriminal networks are taking advantage of security shortcomings in Internet of Things (IoT) devices to spread malware and create zombie networks, or botnets, without the knowledge of their device owners, cyber security firm Symantec has found.






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