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updated Wed. May 24, 2017

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Google AdWords announced a number of machine learning innovations it will be rolling out, one of the most notable of which is in-market audiences for search ads.
For SEOs, Advanced kicks off with our keynote conversation AMA With Google Search. search engine Land founding editor Danny Sullivan will talk with Google's Gary Illyes in an open, freewheeling and entertaining discussion about the most burning topics ...
For search advertisers, Google is launching a beta to serve AMP-enabled landing pages on mobile from Search ads. After users click a search ad from mobile, the ad will direct to the AMP landing page that can serve up much faster than standard landing ...
Google frequently makes changes to its search results pages in order to improve the user experience. Contributor Sergey Alakov has collected examples of what appears to be Google's latest test: replacing blue links with black ones in the user interface.
The game streamed live on Google-owned YouTube, while executives from the DeepMind unit that developed the program sent out updates live on twitter .
A new consumer survey from Nielsen, commissioned by Yelp, argues that review sites drive higher conversions than search and social media.
There was a thesis - "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web search engine" by Sergey Brin and Larry Page - that told us how Google worked. And while Google evolved rapidly from the concepts in that document, it still told us what we needed to ...
Google is continuing to extend its audience targeting capabilities into Search. The company announced Tuesday that In-market audiences, currently only available for Display Network and YouTube campaigns, will be coming to Search campaigns.
The rise and advances of new automation and artificial intelligence software algorithms, including those that learn predictive models from historical data, are ...
And it's no longer acceptable to have paid search specialists not looking at the entire search engine results page, managing PPC campaigns on channels like Capterra, or launching digital placements on sites within Google's display network that rank in ...
Google announced AMP pages now load twice as fast from Google Search. The company has managed to cut down the time it takes to render content in half from just a year ago.
Google's I/O conference concluded this week, and if there's one thing people will be talking about long after it's over it's Google Lens.
Currently, the way Google Analytics separates users on AMP and non-AMP pages can make it difficult to get a full picture of user behavior across the two page formats.
The widget shows the best prices for a one-night stay. If no pricing is available, the bar will be white instead of blue. Clicking on the price goes to a page of ads for "Best prices per night for a 1-night stay" with pricing from OTAs like Expedia ...
Google is making the Assistant available via SDK to third parties to integrate into their appliances and devices. It's also quickly ramping up third-party content integration into the Assistant.
We all know that Google is constantly launching updates to their products (over 1,600 last year), and some of these changes are well covered and some slip by unnoticed.
In recent weeks, Google has made significant moves in preparation to disrupt an industry with some of the most lucrative content in the search results: job listings.
At AdBasis, we have spent Q1 speaking with enterprise-level advertisers about changes being implemented to account structures and to ad units (creative) in order to improve their relevancy scores as recommended by Google. This often means that ...
WeChat has plenty of data to draw from to build and perfect a search engine. With 938 million registered monthly users, it not only knows who your friends are (more than Baidu or Google do), it knows what they read and share, and what you read and share.
The article that prompted this rant (I won't link to it because I don't like ruining lives) indicated that Google looked at timestamps on posts to determine which piece of content came first on the web.
Google Analytics is enhancing support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) by unifying users across AMP and non-AMP pages. Google says this will have the benefit of improving user analysis, while providing a more accurate understanding of how users are ...
Google has rolled out the ability to schedule imports of offline conversion data. Advertisers can schedule AdWords to automatically upload offline conversions on a daily or weekly basis.
Smartphone cameras have a lot of utility these days: capturing a memory, snapping a selfie, taking notes (far better to photograph a Wi-Fi password than write one down), checking one's complexion (who needs a mirror?
Google announced today it's launching a jobs search engine in the U.S. The service will focus on all types of jobs - from entry-level and service industry positions to high-end professional jobs.
Google has announced at I/O that they are rolling out a job search feature called "Google for jobs" in the coming weeks.
Google is testing yet another bold new local feature in the local knowledge panels. This test shows icons to represent the "highlights" of the venue featured in the local panel.
If you can stay ahead of these momentous shifts, you can stay ahead of Google and your competition to dominate online in your industry.
Today's Google doodle marking the 115th anniversary of the Antikythera Mechanism discovery is a nod to scientists, Astronomers, archeologists and Historians alike.
"The ABC... pays Google out of taxpayers' money - [Google] pays negligible tax and spends nothing on local content provisions - for search engine marketing," Hywood said. "That means the ABC's stories appear on key search terms on national news... and ...
The argument hinged in part on turning a trademark into a verb. To "Google," the plaintiffs in the 9th Circuit case argued, had come to mean to "search the internet," regardless of which search engine was used. That resulted in "genericide," the ...
Google is opening the beta for its "buy button," dubbed Purchases on Google. Sales & Orders reported finding the option in Merchant Center Tuesday.
At the Google I/O conference this week, the Alphabet Inc. unit plans to bring it to at least three more places: iPhones, coffee tables and kitchens.
Every business and brand, regardless of size, wants to dominate its industry online. That means owning as much real estate as possible at the top of the search results.
Pinterest and Google's recent moves to leverage visual search technologies to connect consumers with products have not gone unnoticed by those in the..
An effective marketing strategy shouldn't focus on SEO alone. You need to approach SEO as a companion to your social and content marketing strategies.
Will investing in Google PPC campaigns help boost my organic rankings in Google search results? Recently, we have done a homepage revamp across worldwide and the digital consultants from headquarters had recommended that we invest in Google ...
Being a "featured snippet" had allowed sites to effectively double-dip with Google visibility, but the search engine is currently testing a change that ends this. Usually, a site that's selected as a featured snippet appears both at the top of Google's ...
The right to be forgotten mandate gives EU residents the right to ask search engine services such as Google to remove links in search engine results that point to articles containing erroneous, incomplete or derogatory personal information about them.
A Google spokesperson told search engine Land over the weekend, "We can also confirm that this started ramping up at the beginning of May, and that it isn't related to exact match/close variants.
Last month, search engine Land reported that changes to Quality Score reporting may be on the way. Now they're here. Google has added seven new Quality Score reporting columns that will provide much more visibility. The big new development is ...
Not infrequently, we hear from B2B businesses that have grown frustrated with the Google Search Network. Their marketing .... Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily search engine Land. Staff authors ...
Google has announced a couple of changes to its AdSense policies which will help ensure greater transparency for site owners.
Google Assistant is reportedly coming to iOS as a standalone app, according to Android police which received the information from a "trusted source.
The doodle leads to a search for "Mother's Day 2017" and includes the usual sharing icon so that it can be posted on social feeds or sent via email.
We are in the final line! The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in a few hours will have its winner, as the polls and odds keep going on!
A controversial search warrant issued to Edina police to collect personal information on anyone who searched a resident's name on Google yielded only one ...
These 12 techniques will dramatically increase your content quality, which will help your content stand out, rank better, and increase your authority.
Google will show bid suggestions for various page positions, even if the bid simulator is not available for the keyword. Google may show one, two or three bid suggestions depending on the current standing on the keyword bid. For example, when bids are ...
An FIR has been lodged against search engine Google by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) member R.K. Awasthi for an alleged derogatory search result from 2015 involving Prime Minister Narendra Modi.






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