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The report was presented to the Knesset Economics Committee, which is set to decide in the coming weeks on whether to legislate harsher penalties for drivers who break the law.
The report was set to be discussed in a session of the Knesset Economics Committee, amid claims that purchasers of homes under the program were getting a bigger discount in the center of the country than in peripheral areas - quite the opposite of what ...

YERUSHALAYIM - Low-cost carrier EasyJet, which currently runs 20 flights a week between Tel Aviv and European cities, is likely to expand to Eilat, Tourism Minister Yariv Levin told the Knesset Economics Committee, in an annul rundown of the activities ...
burger_ranch The Knesset Economics Committee debated Monday about the costs of the Rabbinate's perceived kashrut monopoly [David Shai] High costs and damage to businesses resulting from the Israeli rabbinate's kosher certification monopoly were ...
The Knesset Economics Committee and Ministry of finance officials oppose such a step, fearing that this would strengthen Bezeq and weaken competition in Israel's telco sector.
The Knesset Economics Committee is set to approve benefits for those who sell apartments, exempting them from several taxes, including a capital gains tax, which could amount to as much as NIS 75,000.

Normally, it would be debated by the Knesset Economics Committee, but since Cabel chairs that panel, Knesset sources said the coalition would ensure it goes instead to a special committee.
The bill is sponsored by MK Eitan Cabel, chairman of the Knesset Economics Committee. The law was brought to a vote after Cabel reached an understanding with the finance Ministry and the Manufacturer's Association on the costs of the program, and the ...
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat attends an Knesset Economics Committee meeting, Jerusalem, August 2, 2016. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90).
... save money for both customers and service providers, it could also create a major problem of chillul Shabbos, MK Rabbi Yaakov Asher (United Torah Judaism) said at a special meeting of the Knesset Economics Committee discussing smart technology.
The Knesset Economics Committee on Wednesday authorized for its second and third reading a law that will allow individuals 65 and older, as well as new immigrants and individuals recognized as being mentally challenged, up to four months to back out of ...
The money to pay for those projects needs to be approved by the Knesset Economics Committee, of which Smotrich is a member - and until concrete steps are taken to resolve the problem, Smotrich said he would make sure that the money for these and other ...
YERUSHALAYIM - New regulations will require supermarkets to separate products that are under government price controls from those that are not, the Knesset Economics Committee has decided. The decision was implemented at the urging of MK Ayelet ...
In a talk with "Globes," Knesset Economics Committee Subcommittee for Public Transportation chairman MK Dov Khenin (Joint Arab List) strongly attacked the Ministry of Transport, saying, "The situation is criminal.
Earlier this week, the Knesset Economics Committee has authorized for its second and third reading a law that would increase competition in the car business, by increasing the number of importers of vehicles and parts.
YERUSHALAYIM - Chairman of the Knesset Economics Committee MK Eitan Cabel intends to demand that cellphone service firm Pelephone compensate the customers who were without service for as much as 72 hours, after the network for 2.6 million ...
According to the Knesset Economics Committee there have been too many incidents, involving not only riders of the bikes, but also pedestrians who were run down by careless bikers.

Some Israeli politicians, such as Eitan Cabel, opposition Labor party member and chairman of the Knesset Economics Committee, have suggested giving retailers a choice of kosher supervision to boost competition and prices for the consumer. Kosher food ...
The Knesset economics Committee headed by MK Eitan Cabel (Zionist Union) has told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that there is no justification for approving the gas agreement and bypassing the Israel Antitrust Authority head's powers because there ...
Jerusalem (AFP) - Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold has been exported from Israel to North Korea despite a UN ban, an Israeli parliamentary committee said Thursday.
Former Ministry of finance chief economist Michael Sarel, who resigned because of his opposition to the 0% VAT plan for new apartments during the term of former Minister of Finance Yair Lapid, told the Knesset economics Committee today that he opposed ...





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