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One of the "burglars" ran through the base's main gate, another one rode through on a bicycle, while two others entered in a vehicle.

Gershony is twice a national hero, first as a dedicated and courageous IDF soldier, and again as the first Israeli to achieve a gold medal in the Paralympics quad (for quadriplegic) tennis competition.
"This lets the soldiers know that the IDF cares," says Major Oriah Ziv On. "They know that they must save food for those on patrol or in the field as well.
Almost exactly 16 years after an identical event ended in a horrible lynching, two IDF soldiers inadvertently entered the Arab village of Dura, near Hebron on Thursday.
A surge in violence against both civilians and soldiers, defined by some as a new intifada, has led to many dangerous days and sleepless nights for those tasked with defending the Jewish State.

I hope people to see that an IDF soldier, who has the same ideals and goals as American soldiers, (and I train with them so I know them well) watches the Bengals games every week!
soldiers of Downhill takes place on the same weekend as an International Downhill Federation (IDF) - an organization that regulates the sport of downhill skateboard and luge racing - sanctioned event in Brazil.
In mid-September a record 5,500 Lone soldiers - Israel Defense Forces soldiers with no immediate family in Israel - gathered at Israel's largest water park, just outside Tel Aviv, for the largest-ever Lone Soldier Fun Day, a day of rest and ...
Channel 2 News recently discovered that the Israeli security establishment received concrete information about terrorist organizations planning to attack IDF soldiers and officers abroad. Due to this new information, the Israeli security establishment ...
Aviv Krief is an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldier who will complete his three years of required service in half a year.
The court ruled today that the parents of IDF soldier Omri Shahar, who was killed in a traffic accident during his military service, will be able to use the sperm that was extracted from him immediately after his death in order to conceive a child and ...
Israeli soldiers Photographed Beating Palestinian Face Disciplinary Action. After IDF says man was resisting arrest, investigation states soldiers 'acted unprofessionally.' In separate incident, two soldiers suspended after caught on tape setting fire ...
YERUSHALAYIM - The IDF has finalized a proposal for the regulation of benefits for disabled former soldiers, the culmination of several years of negotiations between the military and a group representing the disabled.
YERUSHALAYIM - IDF soldiers overnight Sunday continued their raids of weapons caches and factories, this time focusing on Jenin in northern Shomron.
In the halls of the UN Headquarters, where anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist materials were exhibited only a year earlier, the art of fallen IDF soldier Hadar Goldin is on display. Goldin fell during Operation Protective Edge and his body is still being ...
WASHINGTON -- A rabbi who coordinated with a Muslim member of Congress to spearhead an effort to get Hamas to return the bodies of two Israeli soldiers said the resulting letter is proof "Muslims are speaking out" against terrorism and on behalf of the ...

A video received by Channel 2 News depicts two IDF soldiers setting a Palestinian merchant's storage unit on fire in Nablus.
Israeli security forces stand at the scene where a Palestinian attempted to stab an Israeli soldier at the entrance to Bani Na'im, near Chevron, Tuesday.
According to the army, the attacker approached the checkpoint with a knife, attempting to stab an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldier. "The soldier foiled the attack and subdued the assailant without use of fire," the IDF said in a statement ...
With the Jewish New Year on the way, the IDF is increasing security to ensure a safe and meaningful holiday. But who will ensure the soldiers a special day?
The Nefesh B'Nefesh Lone soldiers Program ( was created with the "goal of providing assistance and support to new immigrants that are required to serve in the IDF," according to the program's website. Its funding comes from the FIDF and ...
Tens of thousands of IDF soldiers were left stranded with no way to return to their bases after Sabbath leave. And why was that?
YERUSHALAYIM - IDF forces returned fire at Gaza terrorists who shot at them on late Motzoei Shabbos, the IDF said. An IDF patrol along the Gaza border was fired upon suddenly by a group of terrorists shooting from the Gaza side of the border fence.
A special new project called Keter - a Hebrew acronym for fitness, diet and relaxation - that the IDF Central Command's Health Department has developed is aimed at improving combat soldiers' resilience. An app was developed for this project that will ...
Azaria claims he thought the Palestinian man was wearing a suicide vest after he and another man attempted to stab an IDF soldier, but other witnesses insist he posed no risk after being initially shot and left lying incapacitated in the road. Mr ...
YERUSHALAYIM - The furor over Israeli police Commissioner Roni Alsheich's remarks about Ethiopians continued on Thursday as Ethiopian reserve soldiers said they would refuse to report for duty as an act of civil disobedience, The Times of Israel ...
The visit was authorized by security officials and dozens of IDF soldiers were deployed to protect the group. A large contingent of troops were positioned between the Israeli group and an Arab refugee camp adjacent to Kever Yosef, where Arabs were ...
YERUSHALAYIM - Newly adduced forensic evidence in the manslaughter trial of IDF soldier Elor Azariya could change the outcome, Arutz Sheva reported on Wednesday night.
A serious safety error occurred two days ago during an IDF engineering Corps company exercise in Southern Israel. The platoon commander failed to notice that one of his soldiers was still standing near the targets and ordered the rest of them to begin ...
2 IDF soldiers attempted to inspect the quality of their bulletproof vests by one of them stabbing the other one in his stomach with a Leatherman knife.
An initial investigation by the IDF stated that a group of soldiers was patrolling the Silwad area when they saw Hamed rush towards another group of soldier standing near the fortified military pillbox. The onlooking forces, from the ultra-Orthodox ...
Israel Defense Forces soldiers have been cleared of alleged criminal misconduct during the 2014 Gaza war, Israeli prosecutors said Wednesday.
A combined rock-throwing and stabbing attack against Israeli soldiers was carried out on Wednesday afternoon, near the Jewish community of Yitzhar in Samaria.
... Hamas-held Israeli prisoners will be treated in the same manner. "We will continue our struggle until we are victorious," he declared.
Since 1999, Jews who fall into the religious Zionist sector, as opposed to Haredim, have served in the IDF through units called Netzah Yehuda.
YERUSHALAYIM (AP) - The Israeli military said Thursday it has disciplined three soldiers after a video emerged that seemed to show them hurling a stun grenade at Palestinian men smoking a water pipe in the Shomron region.
Next weekend at the Ra'anana Integration Center, Garin Tzabar is expecting to absorb 80 new young immigrants from Australia all the way to America, all of whom are coming to Israel in order to serve in the IDF as lone soldiers. Garin Tzabar is looking ...
The Israel Defense Forces is to issue a list of approved organizations in which soldiers may volunteer, after a prominent right-wing activist from south Tel Aviv complained that troops were playing with the children of African asylum seekers in the ...
Under a blue summer sky, in a seemingly endless expanse of sand, recently drafted soldiers of the Israel Defence Forces carry out training drills, practising shooting, running, and navigating.
"They hit one of her brothers furiously and his hands were bleeding. They hit his nose with a big stone and I went to hit the settler back, but I couldn't.
A video emerged on Friday showing a Palestinian man urging Israeli soldiers to kill his toddler son so he could capture the shooting on camera.
The trial of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier Elor Azaria is underway. In March, Azaria shot to death Abdel Fattah al-Sharif, who lay on the ground wounded and incapacitated after he stabbed another IDF soldier in Hebron. In testimony on the witness ...
YERUSHALAYIM - terrorists overnight Sunday threw firebombs at IDF forces that were operating in the Arab town of Abu Dis next to Yerushalayim.
An IDF soldier defending Israel on the Lebanon border experienced a personal miracle on Wednesday as his life was saved from enemy gunfire.
Two IDF soldiers were killed this morning (Sunday) after a hand grenade detonated at a military base near the entrance to Majdal Shams.
Israeli soldiers at the scene where two soldiers were stabbed by a Palestinian near Hebron at the Al Arrub intersection in the West Bank, on July 18, 2016.
IDF soldiers were attacked as they attempted to arrest a wanted suspect in a village near Ramallah: The Palestinians are reporting that at least 13 were injured, several of whom were injured by a Ruger semi-automatic rifle.
Any soldier in the IDF's intelligence division or special units is prohibited from disclosing that they serve online, and all soldiers are forbidden from "checking in" at bases or during military activities. soldiers have been punished in the past for ...
Words that the newly promoted chief rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Col. Eyal Karim, spoke in the past have caused an uproar in Israel.






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