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Ron Mark was critical of the deployment of Kiwi troops as trainers in Iraq when in opposition. He's more positive about their role now as Defence Minister. Sam Sachdeva reports. Defence Minister Ron Mark says a visit to Camp Taji has convinced him Kiwi trainers are both valued and wanted by Iraqi forces, ...
Asked have the soldiers been training outside of Camp Taji, Ms Ardern said she's advised that there was one camp, Qayyarah West Airfield, where training was able to take ... "What I've been advised is there was a change that allowed our forces within Taji, within the camps, to provide a mentoring role." ...

"The New Zealand government has not publicised the advise-and-assist aspect of Task Group Taji's role," Mr Sooden said. The government also did not make public it had authorised the soldiers to train Iraqis at Qayyarah West Airfield, about 60km south of Mosul, the city liberated from Islamic State last ...
Alongside Australian forces, about 110 Kiwi troops are currently working to train their Iraqi counterparts at the Taji air base, north of capital Baghdad. That mission - which all three members of New Zealand's current governing coalition opposed while in opposition - is set to terminate in November. Mr Peters ...
Commander of Australian Defence Force personnel in the Middle East, Rear Admiral Jaimie Hatcher, said that over the past three years, Task Group Taji has trained forces involved in clearing and holding Mosul, securing Baghdad, and ongoing clearance and security operations in provinces across Iraq.
Baghdad ( Eleven people were killed and injured as two bomb blasts took place on Friday, north of Baghdad, security sources said. "A bomb went off near the industrial district in Taji region, north of Baghdad, leaving four persons injured," the source told Baghdad Today website. Earlier on ...

She is the third giraffe calf born at the zoo to mother, Vivian, and father, Taji, and second since their son, Finely, arrived in July, 2016 at 102.2 pounds. Finely now weighs 900 pounds. The pair's first offspring, a male born in February 2015, died three hours after birth, underweight at 55 pounds and showing ...
soldiers assigned to the 449th Combat aviation Brigade and medical personnel assigned to the Australian Army work together to assess a patient's initial injuries after a simulated gas bottle explosion during a mass casualty training exercise at Camp Taji, Iraq, Jan. 18, 2018. This training is part of the ...
Chattanooga police responded to a shooting late Monday, Jan. 22, 2018, to a house in the 1500 block of Ryan Street in Chattanooga, Tenn. police believe the homicide was justifiable and the use of deadly force was necessary. The victim, Taji Webb, 26, was transported to a local hospital where he ...
police say 26-year-old Taji Webb later succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. A release from Chattanooga police says, "Witnesses were interviewed and evidence was collected at the scene. As a result there is reasonable belief this homicide is justifiable and the use of deadly force was necessary". The release also ...
Taji Webb, 26, was shot and killed Monday night. police said they have determined that the shooting was justified and the unidentified shooter would not be charged. The Chattanooga police Department responded at 10:43 p.m. to a person shot call in the 1500 block of Ryan Street.
police said when they arrived at the home Monday night, they found 26-year-old Taji Webb on the ground with a gunshot wound; Webb later died at a hospital. police said they interviewed witnesses and collected evidence showing that deadly force was necessary. However, the details of the shooting have ...
Task Group Taji is a combined Australian-New Zealand military training force based northwest of Baghdad. The task group's role is to provide training to the Iraqi military as part of efforts to counter Islamic State and other security threats. Australia has approximately 300 personnel deployed as part of the ...
The zoo is asking for the public's help in naming a baby giraffe that was born this month to parents Vivian and Taji. Starting on Jan. 26, people can go to the zoo's website and, for a $1 donation, suggest a name. The (Peoria) Journal Star reports the zoo plans to announce the winning name on March 1.
"Throughout the trial, these vehicles will be employed by our soldiers within Task Group Taji Six in Iraq's Taji Military Complex. "The two Hawkei vehicles will complete defined tasks designed to ensure we are best prepared to deploy this capability when it enters service." The Hawkei is designed with ...
"Fun Robotics was launched in 2013," remembers founder and CEO Lubna Taji. "And the main motivation behind it was an aspiration to create the tools and the conductive environment for future innovators and makers to flourish, to make sure all students have the opportunity to be the problem solvers of ...

Members of the Iraqi security forces provide security during rural combat training at Camp Taji, Iraq, Nov. 18, 2017. Camp Taji is one of four Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve locations dedicated to training partner forces and enhancing their effectiveness on the battlefield. CJTF-OIR is ...
The president of Kiogi Welfare Society (KWS) of Arunachal, Kiogi Bamang Taji inaugurated thee three day convention here at Dree ground today. The three day celebration which include games and sports, cultural activities and others by the clan members. Addressing the gathering Taji in his address said ...
At Camp Taji, Iraq, a Texas National Guardsman serving with the 1st Armored Division stood in the crowd and sang along with Country star Jerrod Niemann. One group of soldiers at Operating Base lightning in Afghanistan was so excited to meet actor/comedian Adam Devine that they could hardly put two ...
About 200 of those are from Townville's 2nd Cavalry Regiment, who recently deployed to Iraq as part of Task Group Taji Six. While many of them will enjoy a unique celebration and feast on Monday with colleagues, thoughts are never far from home. Royal Australian navy Sailor Leading Seaman Maritime ...
Earlier this month, Task Group Taji 6, the sixth iteration of the training mission, began. Since 2015, the Australian Defence Force claims it has trained more than 28,000 Iraqi security forces personnel. The RAAF contingent came under the whole of military effort known as Operation Okra, which commenced ...
Members of the Iraqi security forces provide security during rural combat training at Camp Taji, Iraq, Nov. 18. Camp Taji is one of four Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve locations dedicated to training partner forces and enhancing their effectiveness on the battlefield. CJTF-OIR is the ...
Spc. George R. Obourn Jr., 20, died in Taji, Iraq, on Oct. 4, 2006, after being attacked by enemy forces using small arms fire and other weapons. "This memorial stands as a reminder that freedom comes at a price," said Brig. Gen. William "Robbie" Robertson, the former commander of the 182nd Airlift Wing ...
TRACER fire and explosions ripped across the Iraqi Desert at the Besmaya Range Complex east of Baghdad as Task Group Taji recently hosted the Iraqi ... weapons systems, including the .50 calibre heavy machinegun, 60mm mortar and the 40mm Mark 19 AGL as part of the Task Group Taji-run course.
Melaka: Skuad impian Liga Super Melaka United (MU) bakal menguji pasukan Negeri Sembilan pada aksi persahabatan di Stadium Hang Jebat, Paya Rumput Ahad ini. Saingan yang menjanjikan aksi terbaik itu adalah antara persiapan rapi buat skuad bimbingan jurulatih Eduardo Almeida menghadapi ...
Prijedlog koji hrvatska strana zasad nije prihvatila taj je da se takvo odlagalište gradi u Vrbini, nedaleko od Krškog, gdje je Slovenija već započela s pripremnim radnjama za gradnju. Ministar zaštite okoliša i energetike Tomislav Ćorić rekao je nakon sastanka, na kojem je bio i slovenski ministar ...
2, coalition military forces conducted four strikes consisting of four engagements against ISIS targets: -- Near Asad, a strike destroyed two ISIS supply routes. -- Near Qayyarah, two strikes destroyed two ISIS-held buildings. -- Near Taji, a strike engaged an ISIS tactical unit. There were no strikes reported in Iraq on Dec. 1.
Deployed to Camp Taji in May, the fifth rotation of NZ Defence Force troops worked alongside 300 Australian Defence Force counterparts to train more than ...
Camp Taji, Iraq -- Lee Michael Smith died at Camp Taji, Iraq, on Saturday, November 11, 2017, in a non-combat related death.
Taji, Iraq -- A Cadillac high school graduate assigned to fight the terrorist forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria died recently in a ...
One witness at Camp Taji in Iraq- where New Zealand has troops stationed - said "I'm in an old building on Camp Taji ... the old building I work ...
ITANAGAR, Nov 12: Todo United FC came from one goal behind for an impressive 3-1 victory over Bamang Taji FC in the second semifinal ...
11 at Camp Taji, Iraq, a statement sent out Sunday evening said. ... A British soldier was killed at Camp Taji, which is close to the Iraqi capital of ...
Wachezaji wanne wanaosakata soka yao Afrika wameorodheshwa kuwania Taji la mchezaji bora wa bara Afrika mbali na mchezaji bora anayesakata soka ...
This year, VICE's Taji Ameen went to the annual Skunk Fest to check out its competitions and meet dozens of skunk enthusiasts and the ...
Today, we check in with Taji Ameen who just visited Ohio's annual Skunk Fest for our new video series American Conventions. We hear Taji ...
Amidst the devotees who are busy finding their own ways to connect with the Ultimate Power, Abdul Hamid Taji personifies what American ...
Most skuplja potpise, SDP navodno ima plan koji Taji. AUTOR: Željka Godeč. OBJAVLJENO: 19.10.2017. u 22:00. Zagreb, 191017. Trg svetog Marka,Sabor RH.
The two were headed to Bryant's home on Beechrun Road when they saw 16-year-old Taji Kyle running down the street. Seconds later, they ...
police located and arrested the victm's ex-boyfriend Taji Kyle, 16, of Columbus. Kyle stabbed and cut the victim over 20 times and brought lighter fluid and a ...
On the first episode, host Taji Ameen heads to Kentucky's Vent Haven--the world's largest annual ventriloquism convention--to meet more ...
Camp Taji is one of four Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve building-partner-capacity locations dedicated to training ...
They have since returned to the Taji Military Complex where Iraq's 2nd Brigade ... Task Group Taji-5 train the Iraqi Army inside the Amber Zone.
Lt-Colonel Cornelia is the Commanding Officer of the Task Group Taji Five's (TGT-5) Training Task Unit (TTU) and the Townsville-based 3rd ...
BY RACHEL RILEY IN Taji, Townsville Bulletin ... And, for those serving in Iraq as part of Task Group Taji Five, the other key issue in getting ...
According to Master Sgt. Criss Turnipseed of the Mississippi highway patrol, Taji Shaheed Thomas, 23, of Columbus died after his 2006 ...
The move came as she met British, Coalition and Iraqi troops in Taji, Iraq, and congratulated them on the success of the campaign against ISIS. Speaking to reporters after the visit, she said: "I have spoken today to one of the Iraqi soldiers who was involved in the action in Mosul, but we need to continue to ...
British Prime Minister Theresa May paid a surprise visit on Wednesday to Baghdad where she met her Iraqi counterpart Haider Al Abadi and British troops stationed at Camp Taji. Mrs May's visit came after Iraqi forces backed by an international coalition including Britain ousted the ISIL from swathes of Iraq it ...
Staff Sgt. Williams T. Faucett and Spc. Dominik G. Parker, computer/detection systems repairers with the 536th Support Maintenance Company, 524th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 25th Sustainment Brigade brief Gen. Robert B. Abrams, commanding general of U.S. Army Forces Command, ...


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