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Sulaimani - Degala is not a border between two countries or two regions, rather, as some writers say, is a border of hate and tensions between political parties. Whenever the political tensions deteriorate, the Degala border shows evidence of the severing. The Degala border, in eastern Erbil, is severed ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) - Sulaimani's landmark wheat silo, located in the center of the city of Sulaimani, on Friday was demolished in a controlled explosion to make way to a new tourism and business project in the area, according to a Kurdish official. A new silo was built in the southern ...

Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region- Sulaimani's old silo will be razed in a controlled demolition using explosives. A tourism project is set ... "A business, settlement and tourism project named Down Town will be created, creating hundreds of job opportunities for Sulaimani," Yaseen added. The silo was built by ...
Sulaimani - A number of Kurdish teachers in the province of Sulaimani went on strike on Sunday (January 28) on protest of delayed salaries and the austerity measures, which have cut a percentage of their pay. NRT reporter in Sulaimani, Karzan Tariq, visited schools in the province and teachers said ...
Iraqi delegation visits semi-official border crossings between Sulaimani and Iran. By Rudaw 9 hours ago. A convoy of vehicles accompanies Shakir al-Jabouri and an Iraqi delegation to inspect the Kele border crossing. Photo: Rudaw TV. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region -- An Iraqi delegation from 10 different Iraqi ministries visited ...
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - International flights should resume in the Kurdistan Region within the next two weeks, according to an MP who said ... manager of Sulaimani's international airport, Tahir Abdullah, said they have received no news about reopening the airports following the recent meetings.

Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region -- The Patriotic Union Of Kurdistan is set to meet on Wednesday to discuss a number of issues including setting a date for the ... The party congress was set to be held on March 7, Hero Ibrahim Ahmed, an influential PUK member in Sulaimani and the widow of Jalal Talabani, ...
Sulaimani - On January 15, 2017, Bakhtiar Ali Hama Amin submitted his resignation as chief public prosecutor in Sulaimani to his superiors. His resignation was approved one year later on January 15, 2018. A year ago, Ali had complained about the work of the Kurdistan judiciary and the work of his ...
Rizgar is working with a Kurdish party in Sulaimani, but then is forced to leave for the mountains to join other peshmerga fighters who were staging an armed struggle. His lover, Hanar, joins him after a while. Their love story is one that captured the imagination of the audience, and one that recalls life before ...
Sulaimani - Some kind of explosive substance was dropped on Friday (January 12) by two unknown helicopters in Hajiawa and found detonated in a residents' house. No casualties were reported from the blast. A family head in the village of Kani Maran said she heard a loud sound and saw smoke and ...
Sulaimani - Sulaimani Public prosecutor announced on Thursday (January 11) that it is going to take legal proceedings against a number of security forces involved in "unlawful" arrest of individuals during protesters occurred last month in the province. The head of the prosecutor's office in Sulaimani, ...
Nawar [name changed to protect anonymity] lives in a camp for internally displaced people near the city of Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq. Her face lights up when she describes the beauty of her home, but the expression fades as she remembers what happened to her family. Nawar has been in the camp ...
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - Security forces in Sulaimani announced the arrest of two ISIS groups that were planning to carry out acts of terrorism in order to cause instability in the Kurdistan Region. One of the groups is all-female and was tasked with social media propaganda for the extremist group in ...
Sulaimani - Two Sulaimani Provincial Council members have filed a lawsuit against Kurdish Deputy Prime Minister, Qubad Talabani, for deciding "unilaterally" on names of successors, that he chose for posts in the province's administration. The complainants said that Talabani should have tried to forge ...
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - A market festival is being held in Sulaimani at a local factory to promote the lowering of commodity prices through hosting ... Different expert committees from Sulaimani's mayor's office will monitor the quality and pricing at the festival to ensure bad quality goods do not make ...
Sulaimani - Financial damages for the Sulaymaniyah International Airport caused by the ban of the international flights on the Kurdistan Region's airports are estimated at $3.5 million USD, a Kurdish official said. Director of the Sulaymaniyah International Airport, Tahir Abdulla, told Voice of America on ...
KRG Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani has been in Sulaimani since at least Thursday following deadly anti-government protests in both Sulaimani and ... Talabani, who is from the Patriotic Union Of Kurdistan (PUK), visited Sulaimani because of the "special situation" in the province, Hawrami added.

At least five protesters were shot dead by security forces and more than 90 people injured on Tuesday during the protests in the city of Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq's Kurdish region, according to officials. Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Taha Mohammed, public health director in Sulaymaniyah's town of ...
Several public facilities, including the offices of opposition groups including the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF), were torched by protesters on Tuesday in the city of Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq's Kurdish region. Aydin Maruf, an ITF lawmaker for Erbil, told Anadolu Agency that demonstrators had set fire to the ...
People in Sulaimani, especially teachers who demand their delayed salaries, have taken to the streets on December 18, 2017. Photo: Rudaw/Sartip Othman. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - The KRG is "concerned" about violent protests mainly in cities in Sulaimani and Halabja on Monday, saying that while the ...
In Sulaimani, demonstrators express solidarity for the people of Afrin with some holding the portrait of Avesta Khabur on January 29, 2018. ... Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region -- Demonstration were held in Sulaimani and Erbil on Monday to protest Turkey's attack on Afrin and to show their solidarity with their ...
Rasul left Sulaimani for Berlin in late November following the death of the party's founder Jalal Talabani on October 3 and the October 16 loss of the oil-rich Kirkuk, a PUK stronghold, to Iraqi forces. At the time, he accused some PUK elements of "treason," especially those from the Talabani family, a charge ...
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region -- A high-level delegation from the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) led by the party's leader Salahaddin Bahaddin on Saturday met with Change Movement (Gorran) leader Omar Sayid Ali to discuss joint steps to improve people's living conditions in the Kurdistan Region and ...
Sulaimani - Financial damages for the Sulaymaniyah International Airport caused by the ban of the international flights on the Kurdistan Region's airports are estimated at $3.5 million USD, a Kurdish official said. Director of the Sulaymaniyah International Airport, Tahir Abdulla, told Voice of America on ...
Sulaimani - The Sulaimani Public prosecutor said the office had not issued the orders to shut down the NRT channels in the Kurdistan Region, today December 28, eight days after the NRT's main headquarters were closed by the security forces. The office of the public prosecutor in Sulaimani said in a ...
"There is a group of people in the PUK that colluded with the Iraqi government and the Hashd al-Shaabi to surrender Sulaimani, Erbil, and Duhok, just like how they surrendered Kirkuk on Oct. 16," Jaafar Sheikh Mustafa, a prominent peshmerga Commander from the PUK, told VOA. On Oct. 16, Iraqi troops alongside Shia ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) - The Prime Minister of Iraq and his Minister of Interior are at odds over the deployment of forces to the Kurdistan Region's Sulaimani province which resulted in a standoff between Kurdish peshmerga and Iraqi troops, according to sources. Officials in the office of the Iraqi Presidency ...
Erbil ( Kurdish forces have launched a wide-scale arrest campaign in Sulaymaniyah to silence demonstrators, who have taken to the streets since Monday in protest at delayed salary payments and poor services. "Kurdish troops have been heavily deployed at Halabja, Chamchamal, Ranya ...
Sulaimani -- The Asayish (security) forces have raided and taken the NRT channel in Sulaimani on Tuesday (December 19). The Kurdish security forces have raided NRT channel in German village (Gundi Almani) in the city of Sulaimani at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Nearly 200 members of the Asayish forces have raided the ...
Sulaimani -- A special force has detained President of the New Generation Movement Shaswar Abdulwahid in Sulaimani on Tuesday (December 19). Abdulwahid was taken to an unknown place after he was arrested by a special force at the Sulaimani International Airport. The president of the New Generation arrived in ...
People in Sulaimani, especially teachers who demand their delayed salaries, have taken to the streets on December 18, 2017. Photo: Rudaw/Sartip Othman. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - The KRG is "concerned" about violent protests mainly in cities in Sulaimani and Halabja on Monday, saying that while the ...
Sulaimani is Kurdistan's largest province with vast fertile lands, touristic areas marked by high mountains and cool weather in summer, and where many factories and companies are based including Iraq's multi-billion telecommunication company Asiacell, a fact noted by Abubakir both as a candidate and ...
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - Mount Asos in Sulaimani has come under intense shelling by unknown fighter jets, locals confirmed to Rudaw. "An intense bombing has started on Mount Asos and that is ongoing," Kamaran Hassan, mayor of Mawat town in Sulaimani, told Rudaw. He added it was the third ...
Sulaimani - Iraqi president, Fuad Masoum on Saturday (November 25) arrived in Sulaimani for talks with Kurdish officials and political parties ...
Sulaimani - Two Nepali workers employed by a factory in the province of Sulaimani have died, police said on Tuesday (November 21).
The 7.3 magnitude earthquake epicentre was south of Halabja in Sulaymaniyah Governorate. According to national authorities, close to 10,000 ...
Baghdad - Teams from the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), left from Rihaniyah and Kels to bring food to families in Sulaimani ...
In 2016, 310 people were arrested in Sulaimani for consuming and dealing drugs, ten of whom were women. In 2017, so far 192 people have been arrested, ...
More than 140 people have been killed and at least 860 believed to have been injured by tremors in Iran's Kermanshah province, according to ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Turkish warplanes bombed Mount Asos near the town of Mawat in Sulaimani on Sunday, the second such bombings ...
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - The Patriotic Union Of Kurdistan (PUK) held a memorial in Sulaimani on Friday for the party's late founder Jalal ...
The National Museum of Amna Suraka in Sulaimani, along with other sections dedicated to the Anfal and chemical bombing tragedies that the ...
In Irbil, they suspected that in Soleimani's talks in Sulaymaniyah, a plan was devised to remove Masoud Barzani from power, and perhaps even ...
Haval Abu Bakir, a senior member of the Change Movement and their candidate for the position of the governor of Sulaimani. Photo: Rudaw.
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - More border crossings between Iran and the Kurdistan Region are expected to be re-opened over the next ...
Sulaimani - Sulaimani Provincial Council has given the Kurdistan Regional government (KRG) only 15 days to send the salary of the ...
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - Border crossings between Sulaimani province and Iran will reopen on Wednesday, a week and a half after ...
Sulaimani - A number of the people, who fled from Tuz Khurmatu following an attack by the Iraqi forces and Hashid al-Shaabi, protested in ...
Sulaimani - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi denied that there was an agreement to create three regions in the Kurdistan Region, after ...
Iranian Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani visits the tomb of former Kurdish President of Iraq Jalal Talabani in Sulaimani Province, Oct. 12, 2017.


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