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updated Fri. March 24, 2017

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - At least 1,365 children of internally displaced families sheltered in the Kurdistan Region are expected to benefit from a more than $1 million program to build a school in the Erbil governorate and another in Sulaimani, an ...
'Operation Sulaimani', implemented to supply free meals to destitute people in the district, will be expanded by adding more hotels to the network.
Here, locals from Sulaymaniyah, Iraq dance in celebration. (Anadolu Agnecy). Nowruz, known as Nauryz in Kazakhstan, represents fertility, love, and renewal.
Sulaimani chai is black tea served with lemon. Besides tea, there are other drinks that may be included as part of the Pakistani cuisine.
This spring, Jerry Joseph, critically acclaimed songwriter and international touring artist, is traveling to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to perform and provide music education to refugees living in camps near the city of Sulaymaniyah. To raise money ...
"We are proud of our diversity," he said this month at a forum sponsored by the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani.
WASHINGTON, D.C. - US President Donald Trump and administration officials will receive Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and a delegation in Washington on Monday, marking the PM's first visit to the US capital since Trump's inauguration in January.
In 2007, they packed up their home and moved their family, including their 18-month-old daughter, to the Iraqi town of Sulaymaniyah. There, they formed the Preemptive Love Coalition, an organization to provide heart surgery to children in Iraq. Then in ...
In Erbil 1,500 people, 1,400 in Sulaimani, 1,090 in Duhok, 120 in Halabja, and 250 in Garmiyan block have been selected. At least 90 guides will also accompany the pilgrims.
... [the Islamic State] doesn't have the ability to use [chemical weapons], and we understand [the incident reported was caused by] an explosion of smoke and gas, not chemical weapons," he told the audience at the American University of Iraq in ...
Sulaimani, Iraq (CNN) In a tea room in Sulaimani's old bazaar that's dense with the smoke of scores of cigarettes, bunches of grizzled, middle-aged men -- some wearing traditional Kurdish baggy trousers, other wearing suits without ties -- are arguing ...
Two citizens are walking from Sifah to Al hail to spread the message on water conservation across the country. Hilmi al Kindi and Nawaf al Sulaimani are known for undertaking gruelling walking challenges to raise awareness on social causes. The duo ...
"We are proud of our diversity," he said this month at a forum sponsored by the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. "Victory will be done when we are united." Yet Sunnis in Mosul have yet to see any of the $500 million set aside by the Iraqi ...
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - Casualties have been reported in an explosion in a factory near Sulaimani. The explosion has occurred in a steel factory in the town of Bazyan near the city of Sulaimani. Killing one foreign worker and injuring another four.
Missionary and Imam of the Anjuman Sunnat-ul-Jamaat Association's mosque on Mucurapo Street, San Fernando, Mushtaq Sulaimani, told the congregation yesterday at the weekly prayer service, that Rowley's call for the death penalty is in keeping with ...
Missionary and Imam of the Anjuman Sunnat-ul-Jamaat Association's mosque on Mucurapo Street, San Fernando, Mushtaq Sulaimani, told the congregation yesterday at the weekly prayer service, that Rowley's call for the death penalty is in keeping with ...
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - The wife of the leader of the Kurdish political party Change Movement (Gorran) has died, Rudaw's correspondent in Sulaimani reported on Friday. Shuhla Ali Saeed, born in 1957 in the city of Sulaimani, married Nawshirwan ...
Sulaymaniyah, 16 March 2017 - Eighteen Iraqi Kurdistan Mine Action Agency (IKMAA) officials successfully completed the improvised explosive device Defeat (IEDD) Management Course.
The tour cost $2,400 for 10 days, excluding flights. The tour group skied Choman and Mount Halgurd in January, while boarding with a local family.
Flavours such as ginger, masala, Sulaimani, dum, lemon, hibiscus, tulsi, and apple jostle for space on their menu. Given that the city already has a large number of chai kadais, one might wonder how Chai Kings stands out.
If there's one thing that the Iraqi politicians who came to Sulaymaniyah this week seem to agree on, it's that figuring out Iraq after ISIS will be a lot harder without American involvement.
And today, we are trying, instead of the disputed areas - a negative term - we will turn it into the agreed areas so that we rebuild and rule these places together, God willing," Abadi said in poetic Arabic while attending the Fifth Annual Sulaimani ...
"It is highly likely that the forum will be held in Sulaimani as most participants will come from there, and it will last for one day," he detailed.
Suli (its nickname), a low-rise city with a population of around 2 million is home to the American University of Iraq, Sulaymaniyah (AUIS), a modern, private co-ed campus, where young men and women (most with hair uncovered) argue unimpeded with their ...
[But] winning the war means nothing unless we also win peace," Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said during a keynote speech at the fifth annual Sulaymaniyah (Suli) Forum last week, entitled "Beyond Daesh: Ending the Cycle of Conflict, Toward ...
"It was originally my grandfather's store, and then he gave it to my dad, his son-in-law. That's usually what the story is for most Yemeni deli owners," Sulaimani says. The 21-year-old sometimes takes over the bodega counter from his father in the ...
Dozens of Kurdish women have collaborated together in an online campaign, intending to end gender-based cyberbullying in the region.
AUIS also hosts the annual Sulaimani Forum, a high-level gathering of Arab, Kurdish, and Western scholars and experts that is wrestling this year with a billion-dollar question: How can a fractured country and region prevent a new jihadi upsurge after ...
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - The Patriotic Union Of Kurdistan (PUK), whose forces seized a key oil installation in Kirkuk last Thursday and threatened to stop exports to the international market, has agreed with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to ...
Al Sulaimani said EMS also helps to reduce cellulite. "When fat cells accumulate between the skin and muscle tissues, they lead to bulges on areas such as the thighs, gluteus and abdomen.
"There are no political reasons that impede the opening of the Turkish consulate in Sulaimani. Opening the consulate will facilitate things for the people of Sulaimani who currently have to travel to Erbil to apply for visas. In addition, there are ...
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region - Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi expressed optimism for the unity of the nation post-ISIS, saying disputed areas will become agreed areas.
"Newton" is Masurkar's second film after "Sulemani Keeda" in 2014. The film had its world premiere at Berlinale, and won the Art cinema award for the Forum section there.
I have known exactly one woman in Kurdistan calling herself editor in chief - of a website - but the editors in chief I regularly collected to meet in the media center I led in Sulaimani until 2014, were all male. women have a hard time both entering ...
Providing 20,000 barrels of oil to the Qaiwan refinery in Sulaimani province. 4. The ministry of oil with the help of the investors and a Czech company will renovate the refinery of the North oil company.
"What if we get to the airport and have everything together and they say, 'No, we're denying you,'" said Ramey, 33, a teacher, from her home in the northern city of Sulaymaniyah. She said the revision was "encouraging" but until the vetting process is ...
On Feb. 20, the Iraqi Oil Ministry signed a memorandum of understanding with the Iranian Oil Ministry to settle disputes over the joint oil fields and examine the possibility of building a pipeline to export crude oil from the Kirkuk fields, in the ...
Amman - A Royal Jordanian (RJ) flight on Saturday veered off the runway while landing at the Sulaymaniyah International Airport, in Iraqi Kurdistan, the Jordan news agency, Petra, quoted an Iraqi official source as saying.
The force is based in Erbil, Dohuk, and Sulaymaniyah and operates throughout Iraqi Kurdistan. According to Dindar Zebari, head of the KRG committee to evaluate and respond to international reports, suspects can only be arrested under a court order.
"Newton" is Masurkar's second film after "Sulemani Keeda" in 2014. The film had its world premiere at Berlinale, and won the Art cinema award for the Forum section there.
Iran has a consulate in Erbil, and another in Sulaimani, while Saudi Arabia has only one consulate in the capital Erbil, opened in February 2016.
It is a very little proportion compared to the provinces of Erbil, Sulaimani and Halabja," he explained. A civil society organization which has run many activities to counter FGM said, "There is a very famous family in Dohuk who still believes in ...
He assembled 33, largely self-taught, musicians in Sulaymaniyah for a two-week summer school. It was a divided group of Sunnis, Shias and Kurds who did not even share a common language.
The strike came to an end late on Tuesday evening after the sanitation staff held talks with Tehsil Nazim Ishaq Sulemani and presented him with a charter of their demands.
refugees in a camp in Sulaymaniyah, in Iraqi Kurdistan. Increasingly, displaced families are heading to cities -- prompting major housing concerns.
The customers from different areas like Yakutpura, Dabeerpura, Santosh Nagar, Edi Bazaar and Talabkatta place their orders for Sulemani and other teas. " I try to reach the customers on time.Good response from customers has given me a chance to live ...
refugees are dispersed among camps and urban settings mainly across the governorates of Erbil, Dohuk and Sulaymaniyah. In 2015 more than 15,000 refugees in Iraq returned to Syria, and thousands embarked on dangerous routes to Europe with their ...
Iraq: In January, equipment and tools were delivered to over 40 beneficiaries to help them set up their businesses in Erbil, Dohuk, and Sulaymaniyah. In addition, IOM in coordination with the Swedish Academy for Training is offering online English ...
Following a string of assisting and writing gigs, which included sketches for The Great Indian Comedy Show, he made his directorial debut with the 2013 indie comedy Sulemani Keeda about two struggling writers hopeful of finding their feet. While the ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Kurdish security forces are developing a plan for security for the Region after ISIS is finally defeated in Mosul, focusing on targeting the legacy of the extremist group's ideology amid an apparent uptick in ISIS activity in ...






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