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 Falluja, Iraq

Fallujah Aug. 27, 2004
Aug. 27, 2004: On Wednesday, U.S. warplanes and tanks bombed Fallujah for more than two hours, killing at least four people, hospital officials and residents said
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updated Mon. March 27, 2017

He arrived in Kuwait during the time of the capture of PFC Jessica Lynch and volunteered to lead a supply column to Baghdad, and participated in security operations in Baghdad and Fallujah. In January 2005, Phil returned a second time to Iraq as a ...
After all, Donald Rumsfeld was right. In Iraq, there were known knowns and known unknowns. But the hardest of all for Iraqis to deal with are the unknown unknowns: the things they don't know, either because, frankly, no one has cared to look or because ...
Kanazi has infamously connected the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to American Middle East policy ("Every time I think of 9/11 / I see burning flesh / Dripping off the bones / Of Iraqi children in Fallujah"). Kanazi has stated that ...
A number of these Shia militias, including the Badr Brigades and the Hezbollah Brigades, had previously detained, tortured, and disappeared fleeing civilians during the sieges of Tikrit and Fallujah. The Iraqi government has a similar record of cruelty ...
Mosul, Iraq - Hasan thought he had seen everything after fighting Islamic State in Fallujah in Tikrit. Then he came to Mosul, and a boy no older then 10 tried to kill him.
A Marine named Nik was with his platoon invading Fallujah when he saw a boy with something in his hand. Because there had been reports of children being used to attack Americans in the area, he trained his rifle on the boy, hesitated, waited, thought, ...
On March 31, four civilian contractors working for the US Army in Iraq were ambushed and killed as they drove through Falluja. Footage of their bodies being dismembered and strung up on the main bridge in Falluja caused widespread revulsion. In the ...
Moments later, he watches video footage of his Helvenston and three other Americans being brutally murdered in Fallujah, Iraq.
Iraqi Shi'ites from Badr Organization look at a tunnel built by ISIS militants on the outskirts of Falluja, Iraq, May 28, 2016.
He served in Operation Al FAJR in Fallujah, Iraq where he was wounded several times in close quarters combat with the enemy.
Everybody acknowledges that the way Mosul is handled after IS is driven out will have major repercussions across Iraq. It was by far the biggest city to fall to IS, having a population that is more than double that of Ramadi and Fallujah put together.
Iraqi pro-government Shia fighters of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) seen during clashes with ISIS near Fallujah. File photo: AFP.
Other performances include Candide and Fallujah with the Long Beach Opera. Arnold made his mainstage debut with LA Opera under the baton of Palcido Domingo and will close their 2016-2017 season singing Parpignol in La Boheme with conductor ...
Executive Director of UNICEF Anthony Lake with an eight-month-old infant who lives with his family in Alsamah neighbourhood, Iraq.
Iraqi pro-government Shia fighters of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) seen during clashes with ISIS near Fallujah. File photo: AFP.
As the battle for Mosul continues, the aftermath of IS being driven from Fallujah and Ramadi hints at the challenges ahead.
The U.S. Army needs to better prepare to fight in megacities, said Gen. Mark Milley, the service's chief of staff, on Tuesday.
An Arizona bar and grill is changing its dress code policy after a veteran says he was barred from entering because of a tattoo on his neck.
Baghdad, 21 mar 17:50 - (Agenzia Nova) - Il comando per le operazioni di Baghdad ha annunciato oggi che due genieri Dell'esercito iracheno sono rimasti uccisi e un altro ferito nell'esplosione di un ordigno a sud di Falluja, nella provincia di Al Anbar ...
Baghdad, 22 March 2017 - "I leave Iraq at a time when the country is facing significant challenges and opportunities. "Yet everywhere I visited - East Mosul, Baghdad, Fallujah, Erbil - children and their families told me of their dreams and their ...
(Tom note: army Maj. D.J. Skelton is a friend of mine. The "pirate eye" phrase refers to an eye he lost in Fallujah, Iraq, when an rocket-propelled grenade round grazed the side of his head, for which he now wears a fake eye.
In Saqlawiyah, ISIS isn't the problem. The problem is the militia that drove ISIS out of town.
Iraqi government forces backed by the US-led international coalition have since retaken many cities, including Tikrit and Fallujah. But as ISIL has lost ground in Iraq, it has also retained the ability to stage regular attacks there. Iraqi troops are ...
... a 2014 report from the Craig Daily Press. He lost his eye in 2004 when a mortar round went off in front of him as he and other servicemen and women worked to capture Fallujah from insurgents, the newspaper reported. He retired from the Marines in 2011.
WASHINGTON - Advocates are lobbying for sweeping reforms in women veterans services in the wake of a nude photo sharing scandals that have raised ...
And given that most of the suicide car bombs emanated from Fallujah, thus the PMU insisted that recapturing Fallujah should take primacy over Mosul. This, presented Abadi with a stark choice either losing face or his premiership, thus pushing Obama's ...
US war casualties totalled nine hundred in 2007, making the year of surge the deadliest yet for the US soldiers. With the fifth anniversary of war approaching, ...
Recognizing "exceptional courage and enterprise," the Overseas Press Club awarded its Robert Capa gold medal to Bryan Denton and Sergey Ponomarev of ...
They might have been in the first grade when US forces decimated Fallujah, and in the second grade when those photos of Abu Ghraib began to circulate, kicking off a never-ending debate over whether it is moral or not to torture.
Baghdad, Iraq - They have one of the best addresses in Baghdad and some of the worst accommodation. An unimpeded view of the slow-moving waters of the Tigris is little compensation for the misery of some 6,000 refugee families from Fallujah who live on ...
Anbar ( Baghdad Operations Command announced on Tuesday, that two members of the army's engineering Teams were killed and another one was wounded, while dismantling an improvised explosive device, south of Fallujah. The media ...
He urged the UN to call on the fighting groups designated to liberate Raqqa to help rescue the Yezidis. "If the same scenario is repeated in Raqqa just like what happened in Mosul and Fallujah, then the fate of our Yezidis will never be known," he said ...
In Iraq, UK and coalition support for local forces has liberated Ramadi (February 2016), Rutbah (May 2016), Haditha, Sharqat, Hit (April 2016) and Fallujah (June 2016), Qayyarah (August 2016) and eastern Mosul (January 2017). Operations to liberate ...
San Francisco's five-piece Fallujah, meanwhile, are touring in support of their early 2016 release Dreamless and injected their set with plenty of material from the acclaimed album.
Ashton Carter, former United States secretary of defence, made clear last October that operations to force ISIL militants from their main urban strongholds, the Iraqi city of Mosul and the Syrian city of Raqqa, would intentionally overlap.
It would be a Fallujah in 2004 type operation," Heras added. "The Coalition dropping a new wave of leaflets on Raqqa warning the local population about heavy airstrikes would indicate that the under Trump, the operation to seize Raqqa is going to be ...
Sajer and her late husband, a general in the army, started PWWI 10 years ago to help Pennsylvania wounded soldiers returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The army, especially the elite Golden Division, gained experience in Fallujah, Ramadi, and Salahaddin. And now, said Alaqsi, coalition forces are attached to the Iraqi Army in the frontlines, providing advice, support, and intelligence.
"Let me ask you a question: What role did the NEA play, in say, the Battle of Fallujah," Carlson asked, referencing the bloody battle in the early stages of the Iraq war.
U.S.-trained Iraqi forces have pushed IS to the brink of a major loss in Mosul, following the group's defeats in the western Iraqi cities of Ramadi and Fallujah. But the elimination of IS in Iraq appears far from over, and U.S. commanders may determine ...
... Summit will be releasing its new album In A World Of Fear on May 19, and it'll feature guest solos from Yvette Young of Covet, Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy, James Iyani, Nick Johnston, Nathan Navarro, Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry, Scott Carstairs of ...
TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Is it time for Big Bird to fly south? President Trump's new budget includes a proposal to eliminate $148 million in federal funding for the National Endowment for the arts, the NEA, along with hundreds of millions more for other ...
In any case, retaking Mosul should be good practice for the inevitable time when we have to turn around and retake Fallujah. That city has fallen into the clutches of the evildoers three times now -- in 2004, 2005 and 2014. Retaking Fallujah will be ...
Scale The Summit premieres a new song entitled "Royal Orphan", taken from the upcoming new album "In A World Of Fear", which will be out in stores May 19th.
I served in the USMC Infantry for eight years after finishing high school. My first and my most recent deployments saw very heavy combat between Fallujah, Iraq, and the Helmand province, Afghanistan that prepared me well for the most stressful of ...
"Because most of the terrorists - we think there are now 2,500 ISIS fighting there - will escape like they escaped from Ramadi and Fallujah. It is not very difficult to escape; they escape with refugees, they escape through tunnels. Mosul is still not ...
A cemetery of ISIS militants containing 500 graves, most of who were killed in clashes with Iraqi armed forces, has been found near the town of al-Saqlawiya, northwest of Fallujah in Anbar Province, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday.
A cemetery with the graves of nearly 500 ISIS fighters has been discovered near the city of Fallujah in Iraq's Anbar Province, the country's Ministry of Defence said.
Standing on a roof at dusk, surrounded by desert and under fire from enemy insurgents, Lance Cpl. Jeremy Brooking felt a bullet strike his chest.
Iraq was under heavy pressure to improve its procedures for the Mosul operation after people reported torture and other abuses during screening of those who fled Fallujah, which Baghdad's forces retook from Daesh last year. While changes do seem to ...





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