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updated Thu. April 19, 2018

The Geneva Conventions and other international treaties require that prisoners who die in custody in wartime be buried in marked graves, that the graves' locations be recorded in a registry, and that their families be notified and allowed access to the gravesites when hostilities end. In a deposition for ... Afghan man CIA
Fixing the basic price of `200 for rubber by the Central and state governments. Terming rubber as an agricultural product accepted under the Ministry of Agriculture. Reconsidering international treaties adversely affecting farmers in the country. Amending governmental restrictions to retain the autonomy ...

The Greek Foreign Ministry discarded Ankara's claims to the disputed Imia (known in Turkey as Kardak) islands and reminded that Athens' sovereignty over them is determined by several international treaties. "While the EU calls upon Turkey to respect European law, it answers with provocative ...
Each basin is entitled to about half the river's water under rules laid out in a collection of interstate agreements, court rulings and international treaties. To make sure the Lower Basin states get their share, the Upper Basin states send water from the massive Lake Powell reservoir to the even bigger ... US states
... reach agreements in order to ensure a two-year transition period reduces potentially negative impacts. A "hard Brexit" would happen in the case of no deal, reverting relations between London and Brussels to existing international treaties, such as rules in place under the World Trade Organization (WTO). US states
Greece on Wednesday also called on Ankara to respect international treaties, stating that Turkey's “polarizing rhetoric” is increasing the country's international isolation, Kathimerini said. Noting that Greece's borders were also borders of the European Union,” government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos ... US states

The U.S. is a member of three specific international treaties which theoretically restrict the country's ability to allow cannabis, explains attorney Shawn Hauser of the cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg. Those treaties include the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, the 1971 Convention on ... US states
More negotiations on international treaties should be completed. China has, so far, signed bilateral tax treaties with 56 countries, bilateral investment agreements with 60 countries and bilateral aviation agreements with 52 countries. Those three kinds of agreements are extremely valuable – yet they are still ... US states
While medical marijuana has long been tolerated – it is even legal under the United Nations' international treaties – recreational marijuana is still prohibited in most parts of the world, including the majority of the United States. On the state level, legalised cannabis, for both medical and non-medical use, ... US states
These are 407 bilateral agreements with Ukraine and 80 international treaties, Ukraine's First Deputy Information Policy Minister Emine Dzheppar said. In March 2014, Russia annexed Ukraine's peninsula. International organizations did not recognize the annexation, the West introduced economic ... US states
It argued that sharing data stored on foreign soil could violate international treaties and policies. The DoJ case is built on an interpretation of the U.S. Stored Communications Act, but this dates back to 1986, well-before email was a universal communications channel and pre-cloud computing. The matter ... US states
Your use of the Site is subject to all applicable local, state, national laws and regulations and, in some cases, international treaties. You are solely responsible for all activities, acts and omissions that occur in, from, through or under your user name or password. You shall not use, allow, or enable others to ... US states
The gross violation of the governance and status quo of Nakhichevan occurs in the eyes of the interested states and international organizations: violating the 1921 international treaties of Moscow and Kars, according to which Azerbaijan is merely a Protector of Nakhichevan, Baku regards the latter as a part ... US states
It argued that sharing data stored on foreign soil could violate international treaties and policies. The DoJ case is built on an interpretation of the U.S. Stored Communications Act, but this dates back to 1986, well-before email was a universal communications channel and pre-cloud computing. The matter ... US states
This behavior also extends beyond his country's borders, as Turkey has invaded neighboring countries and threatened to invade others, and Erdogan has called for the revision, or “update,” of international treaties so that the country's official borders can coincide with, as he put it, “the borders of our hearts.”. US states
Of course, just how committed President Trump is to the preservation of that “free and open order” remains questionable given his determination to scuttle international treaties and ignite a global trade war. Similarly, whether China and Russia truly seek to undermine the existing world order or simply make ... US states
Washington's warnings, however, were not premised on bigotry, but rather reflected a more straightforward strategy to avoid the recurring violent clashes occurring between empires across the Atlantic. Thus, the United States largely avoided international treaties until well into the 20th century, at which time ... US states

Microsoft's legal battle began in 2013, when it refused to hand over emails stored on a server in Ireland to US officials who were investigating drug trafficking. Microsoft argued at the time that sharing data stored abroad could violate international treaties and policies, and there was no law on the books to ... US states
The White House believes there is value in protecting and preserving the Apollo moon landing sites for historic, cultural and scientific reasons, but has qualms about hindering future commercial pursuits or entering into new international treaties to do so. The administration outlined its position in a report ... US states
WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain, whose experience as a prisoner of war in Vietnam has established him as Congress's moral conscience on torture, asked CIA director nominee Gina Haspel to detail her role in the agency's enhanced interrogation program. Haspel's tenure at the CIA, where she serves ... US states
South African Kumi Naidoo, Chair of Africans Rising for Justice Peace and Dignity and incoming Secretary General at Amnesty International said:”For Grace Mugabe this is is an outrageous abuse of power which not only violates national laws but also international treaties and obligations. Zimbabweans ... US states
The Palestinian Authority has applied for membership to eight international treaties, including the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the International Convention against Apartheid in Sports, Israel's Channel 2 reported on Saturday. The unilateral move by the PA comes in the wake of five resolutions ... US states
... protection and empathy from the police. Despite Eastern Caribbean laws, international law protects the LGBT community by prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. HRW confirms that all countries mentioned in the report have ratified international treaties requiring them to protect the ... US states
Microsoft, for one, is cheering. The Cloud Act provides the legal clarity the company sought all along. Under current laws, Microsoft has argued, sharing data stored abroad could violate international treaties and policies. The company's president and chief legal officer, Brad Smith, said in a blog post that the ... US states
Bolton's attitude toward international treaties aligns neatly with that of Trump. “Treaties are 'law' only for U.S. domestic purposes,” Bolton once argued. “In their international operation, treaties are simply 'political,' and not legally binding.” Bolton reserves his greatest disdain for defenders of the international ... US states
Contemporary Russia's relationship with international law is not simply a question of international relations. International law is supposed to have a privileged place in the Russian legal system. Section four of article 15 of the 1993 Russian Constitution enshrines the supremacy of international treaties and ... US states
A 1958 U.N. Conference on the Law of the Sea (often referred to as UNCLOS I) resulted in four international treaties, all sometimes gathered under the title the Geneva Convention on the Continental Shelf; they dealt with territorial limits, what would be permitted on the continental shelf, cooperation on the ... US states
The federal government is not planning to withdraw from three international treaties Canada will violate when it legalizes recreational marijuana this summer, according to a top foreign affairs official. Mark Gwozdecky, the assistant deputy minister of international security and political affairs at Global Affairs ... US states
The Senate Tuesday expressed concern that most treaties entered between the federal government and other international countries do not have the force of the law. This development, according to the upper chamber is contrary to the provision of the law stating that “No treaty between the federal ... US states
... development of Thai legislation, adding that some laws currently in use in Thailand were drafted 600 years ago and have not been adjusted since. Dr Wissanu said a number of current Thailand laws are not on par with international treaties and agreements, while some appear to contradict the rule of law. US states
Decrim will happen, whether in this parliamentary term or next (assuming Canada can withdraw from the international treaties that govern cannabis). It should happen. Most Canadians either want it to happen or don't care. I fall into the “Don't Care” camp. But I care about the precise date for decrim because ... US states
According to CMSL's site, “Students attending the course will receive a broad education in space law starting with the overarching international treaties that govern the activities of nations in space and ending with the domestic regulations of individual countries that play a major role in shaping the success ... US states
... or to visit her sister. "Unless you want to give every woman boarding a plane in the Marshall Islands an ultrasound to see if she's pregnant and then also read her mind to find out why she's traveling here, you cannot stop her," Woodruff said. "Arkansas laws do not enforce international treaties," she said. US states
The governments of America and Britain believed, on the basis of intelligence that turned out to be thin, that Saddam's government possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that were banned by international treaties. The Iraqi dictator's refusal to allow Hans Blix and co. to roam around Iraq looking for ... US states
I ask those who allow their opposition to Big Government and international treaties and who therefore cast aside the vast majority of scientists who have concluded we are responsible for climate change to pause and ask — are you willing to roll the dice for an ideology at the cost of the lives of your children ... US states
Greece wants friendship and good neighborliness with Turkey but it should be based on Ankara's respect for international treaties, Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Wednesday. Visiting the island of Nisyros on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the integration of the Dodecanese to ... US states
Jakarta: The Indonesian government wants Australia to re-open discussions on maritime boundaries after a deal was finally struck to resolve a similar dispute between East Timor and Australia. In comments that suggest Canberra could face a new headache over economic borders at sea, the ... US states
Paris- 07 March 2018 — Only 44% of countries have made full legal commitments through international treaties to the cause of gender parity in education, according to this year's Gender Review, published by UNESCO's Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report on 8 March, International Women's Day. US states
It is also questionable whether the bill is compatible with international treaties.” If passed, the law could affect social media, as well as prominent internet broadcasters such as YouTube and Netflix. Opposition lawmakers opposed the changes, which they said were draconian and amounted to censorship. US states
The ideals of justice, equality, and human rights for all, enshrined in the UDHR and other international treaties, are the building blocks of international human rights law. The articulation of fundamental rights and freedoms, their implementation, and accountability for violations is a continuum. It is sometimes ... US states
The constitutional court said the administrative courts did not argue that acts of sovereignty and signing international treaties fall within the purview of the State Council, but argued to confirm their jurisdiction over what they ruled was an administrative act. Thus, according to the SCC summary, the CAJ and ... US states
The proposal, if directed at land held by the white community, would also contravene half a dozen international treaties, notably those condemning apartheid, that South Africa since the ANC took power, has signed and ratified. The same argument applies above, but now with the ironic twist that any such ... US states
The fourth option cited by the Institute for Government is using arbitration which is frequently adopted for international treaties. Last but not least, option five would be “dispute resolution by joint committee” which Switzerland currently uses in its agreements with the EU but with which the EU has recently ... US states
[1] (The Convention and the Protocol collectively are referred to as the "Treaty.") The instrument of accession to the Treaty was deposited with UNIDROIT on 31 January 2018,[2] and, therefore, the Treaty will enter into force for Uzbekistan on 1 May 2018. Generally, international treaties to which Uzbekistan ... US states
... UN Charter, The Helsinki Final Act, the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, Resolution 68/262 of the UN General Assembly on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, adopted on March 27, 2014, and other international legal acts, as well as a number of international treaties to which Ukraine and Russia are part. US states
Around 85% of its total exports were from Italy's manufacturing sector. “It's complete science fiction," said Albertazzi, asked about the chances of Italy agitating to leave the Eurozone if a populist party got into power. "Firstly you can't have referendums on international treaties under the Italian constitution. US states
President can conclude conclude international treaties, upon recommendation of the government. He is authorized to appoint and recall diplomatic representatives to foreign states and international organisations, upon recommendation of the Prime Minister, to receive the letters of credence and letters of ... US states
Seibert said Germany watched Putin's announcement with concern, noting the Russia's military modernization program and what he described as doubts about Moscow's adherence to international treaties, its annexation of Crimea and threats against some of its neighbors. Still, Seibert said Berlin was ... US states
Since 1990, he said, beer exports have grown from $190 million to $3 billion annually. Guajardo also touched on the prospect of a scenario without the North American Free Trade Agreement. The beer industry, he said, would be one of the least affected given the international treaties Mexico has signed. “. US states
Microsoft, and a number of commentators, have raised the possibility that if the U.S. is not willing to honor international treaties addressing data privacy, then other countries may also unilaterally circumvent similar obligations so as to reach data stored within the United States. This poses an issue for U.S. ... US states


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