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updated Fri. April 28, 2017

Around 230 trade deals went into force between 2000 and 2016, according to World Trade Organization. So, how do they work? Let's say two or more countries, Country A, Country B, and Country C, decide they want a deal.
This is in response to China's economic self-interest, as well as pressure from the United States and Europe, in the form of denying Beijing a coveted upgrade to full market-economy status at the World Trade Organization. Continuing that more targeted ...
The High-level panel discussion set the tone for the rest of the e-commerce week, which runs from 24-28 April 2017 on the theme "Towards Inclusive ...
"[For] the four presidents preceding Donald Trump, we had a focus on a multi-lateral system that was rules based, and that evolved over time and it went from FTAs (free-trade agreements) and WTO (World Trade Organization) and up to the TPP (Trans ...
Brazil has also lodged a complaint with the World Trade Organization over Canada's support for Bombardier, which competes with plane maker Embraer SA.
By BBN Staff: During Belize's third Trade Policy Review (TPR) at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Secretariat this week, the United States declared Belize a valued trade partner, valuing trade between the countries at over $300 million.
Canada can appeal U.S. agency decisions to a World Trade Organization (WTO) panel and under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to a bi-national panel.
A workshop on the topic of "Accession of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the World Trade Organization" has been co-organized by the Islamic Development Bank ...
On Monday, April 24 the third trade policy review for Belize took place in Geneva, Switzerland hosted and led by the World Trade Organization (WTO). This policy review looked at the trade performance with the United States which totaled at three ...
The World Trade Organization has ruled for Mexico in a dispute with the United States over the trade in tuna fish. Mexico can now slap a $163.23 million fine on the US every year until the situation is resolved.
Trade Minister Bulent Tufenkci has backed the World Trade Organization's first-ever multilateral trade agreement, saying it would help developing countries in boosting their exports.
In a filing published by the World Trade Organization on Monday, China said it wanted to stop anti-dumping measures from "over-reaching" and becoming permanent, giving special consideration to small- and medium-sized firms, and imposing tougher ...
And on Tuesday, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled that Mexico could take retaliatory trade measures against the United States in a dispute over tuna fishing.
In a hearing this year he said he'd work with Congress on new tools to rein in what he sees as unfairly traded Chinese imports, and he has signaled he would use tough tools against trading partners even if they run afoul of the World Trade Organization.
China is striving to attain market economy status as a World Trade Organization (WTO) member nation, and the scrap ban may be seen as a blatant violation of WTO policies.
We've heard a lot of disconcerting things about trade from the Trump administration, but in an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross may have just topped them all.
A group of ministers from developing countries released a roadmap today for global digital commerce discussions, aimed at paving the way to discussions on electronic commerce at the World Trade Organization ministerial conference in December.
(The Canadian government has denied such claims multiple times over the years, and in 2004 the World Trade Organization took Canada's side.
China unnerved World Trade Organization members this month when it threatened to sink prospects for a multilateral fisheries agreement ahead of the WTO's 11th ministerial conference in December.
Canada can appeal the commerce Department's action to a bilateral trade panel under the North American Free Trade Agreement or to the World Trade Organization. It can also impose retaliatory tariffs on U.S. exports to Canada, raising the risk of a ...
The law was last used in 2002 by President George W. Bush to safeguard the steel industry. The World Trade Organization overturned the order the following year.
President Trump has loudly proclaimed that he will pursue unilateralist "America First" policies, and he has also threatened to withdraw the United States from the World Trade Organization. In a 2016 interview with NBC's "Meet the Press," Trump said ...
The US Owes Mexico Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Because Of Tuna. The World Trade Organization will allow Mexico to sanction the U.S.
The world is acquiescing in this highly destabilizing economic behavior, with G7, G20, Bretton Woods institutions (I.M.F. and World Bank) and the World Trade Organization looking the other way. Mercantilists are ignoring the concerns of their trade ...
The internet has transformed the way companies and consumers do business. While global trade growth has been slow for several years, the value of online business grew from $16 trillion to $22 trillion between 2013 and 2015.
"As an important member of World Trade Organization (WTO), China has contributed enormously to global trading and to the world economy and it is hoped that the horse industry can become a bridge for the exchange of goods, services and knowledge ...
BERLIN - Germany criticized the U.S. decision to launch a national security probe into steel imports and urged Washington to respect international World Trade Organization rules. Continue Reading Below. economics Minister Brigitte Zypries said proposed ...
[Seoul] South Korea plans to raise the issue of US restrictions on steel imports at World Trade Organization committee meetings next week, its trade ministry said on Friday.
The World Trade Organization stated in a recent press release that global trade growth is slowing dramatically, a serious concern.
... for national security reasons under a law passed in 1962. Such moves, including a review of "Buy American" rules launched earlier this week, have raised concerns that the Trump administration is looking outside the World Trade Organization for ...
Despite growing uncertainties on global growth, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has moved up its forecast on the growth in volume of global trade from 1.3% in 2016 to 2.4% in 2017 with the range expected to vary from 1.8% to 3.6%.
The U.S. government hasn't used the law to impose penalties since the creation of the World Trade Organization in 1995, which discourages such unilateral sanctions.
Reuters - Australia and New Zealand dairy industry leaders say they would support moves by the United States to draw the World Trade Organization into a trade dispute with Canada, after President Donald Trump said existing rules were unfair. On a visit ...
We've lost 70,000 factories since China joined the World Trade Organization. And you've seen that, you've heard about it -- 70,000.
SYDNEY/WELLINGTON - Australia and New Zealand dairy industry leaders said on Wednesday they would support moves by the United States to draw the World Trade Organization into a trade dispute with Canada, after President Donald Trump said ...
China has been a very big beneficiary of globalization, especially since it joined the World Trade Organization, and Pillsbury argues that they have taken advantage of globalization.
The rapid economic liberalization of China, India and Eastern Europe and the development of global supply chains made the pre-crisis trade-growth trend at twice the pace of the global economy a unique period, says World Trade Organization chief ...
Services cannot be put on a boat and shipped, yet they way they are traded globally is increasingly important.
President Bill Clinton, for example, railed against the "butchers of Beijing" in 1992, but by the end of his term had helped China en route to joining the World Trade Organization. But what was distinctive about Trump was that he explicitly said that ...
He pilloried the World Trade Organization as "another one of our disasters," tied the closure of thousands of factories in recent decades to China and slammed NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, as a "complete and total disaster.
Hastening the approval process for the Dakota Access and Keystone XL, the report said, means courts could invalidate the go-aheads.
Not since the 1930s, when global trade protectionism fed the Great Depression, has the U.S. so questioned the value of the international organization that sets ...
President Donald Trump unveiled a new executive order on Tuesday, promising to protect the American worker as he stood in a Wisconsin tool company that has survived years of tough competition from China.
Last week, the World Trade Organization forecast on its website that global trade will expand by 2.4 percent, though it warned that deep uncertainty surrounding near-term economic and policy developments could affect this.
And the governing body of global commerce, the World Trade Organization, has different rules in place for advanced countries like the United States versus developing countries like Mexico.
A New York Fed blog posts explains how NAFTA helps US exporters to Mexico.
Any such tariffs - for example, an anti-dumping tariff on steel - are going to be challenged by China before the World Trade Organization. The long delays of such a challenge will be costly to China, to be sure. But China has almost certainly already ...





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