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When Theresa may called a general election in April, it was "to get a mandate for the Brexit negotiations." She thereby confessed that she did not have such a mandate already; and indeed there never was a mandate for Brexit. The EU referendum of June ...
But he and his wife, a nursery school teacher, decided shortly after the Brexit vote last year that the anti-eastern European rhetoric in the UK had become "too much" and decided to sacrifice the life they had built in Hinckley, Leicestershire, to ...

Theresa may's Brexit manifesto promises could be rejected by the Lords as pro-European Union figures said her failure to win a majority means they are no longer protected.
Perhaps in considering, and judging, the progress of Brexit it would help if we took into account the nature of the negotiation process.
Asked if the door really remained open for Britain to go back on Brexit - after his recent remarks, taken as an encouraging sign by opponents of a hard Brexit, that there may be room for compromise - Macron said: "The door is open until the moment you ...
The UK public finances registered a robust performance in May, according to the Office for National Statistics, bringing some welcome breathing space to the government.

Wednesday's best TV: Brexit Means Brexit, A Plastic whale. Patrick Forbes tracks the disturbing and deeply unpredictable year since the EU referendum.
Bots and trolls are working together to spread propaganda and manipulate twitter and facebook users' political views, says a new study from the University of Oxford.
Senior Whitehall mandarins from non-Brexit departments have been warned to expect further demands for more senior staff in the long term, according to leaked emails.
The row broke out after the Queen's Speech included fisheries and agriculture Bills to set up replacements for the hated CFP and CAP after Brexit. Scotland's fishermen welcomed a UK government pledge to bring "prosperity" by taking back control of ...
If you want to understand why even Brexit's loudest cheerleaders are in for disappointment, the most important bill announced in the Queen's Speech is the Nuclear Safeguards Bill.
A Brexit voter was caught out when he told a radio presenter he wanted to take back control - but could not name a single EU law he opposed.
He said that recent political developments in the UK had given those who oppose a hard Brexit a voice and that it is now no longer a case of Britain being unable to turn back.
Post Brexit, the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will become the only land border between Britain and the European Union, raising the possibility - technically - of passport checks, customs checks and tariffs.
Brexit could be cancelled because Theresa may failed to secure a parliamentary majority at the general election, former Conservative deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine has said.
Thus, the final deal may now not result in the doom and gloom that a lot of the Brexit-sceptics (myself included) had previously predicted.
Luxembourg (Reuters) - European Union states locked horns on Tuesday over moving the bloc's London-based regulators for banking and drugs after Brexit, a test of unity for the 27 remaining members, most of which have expressed interest in hosting ...
Although one suspects Mr Hammond believes in a soft or partial Brexit - remaining the single market and/or customs union - he stuck to Mrs May's programme, albeit with a plea for a very gradual transition.
Martin Schulz, the Social Democrat (SPD) chancellor candidate who Merkel will square up against in her bid to win a fourth term in September's election, told the same conference: "The best result of the Brexit negotiations would be - there wouldn't be ...
As Brexit progresses however, it is becoming more and more Trumpian in its nature. The further the UK government edges us away from the EU, Brexit has begun to share an increasing number of qualities with the President. Which is to say, both are a ...
Life comes at you fast. In May, David Davis promised that argument over the timetable for the Brexit talks would be "the fight of the summer".
Fears that the start of Brexit negotiations will damage the economy mean that interest rates should remain at their record-low level, the governor of the Bank of England has said.
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders told the government on Tuesday it was time to be pragmatic and honest about what could be achieved and secure an interim agreement in Brexit negotiations. Otherwise Britain could face a "cliff-edge" in 20 ...
The commencement of Brexit negotiations this week is good news for the UK and the EU. It is in the interests of both parties to agree a great new relationship.
Nicolas Hatton, co-founder of grassroots campaign group the3million, said the government's protracted position that EU citizens could be "bargaining chips" in Brexit talks and Theresa may's refusal to offer any details on the Conservative party's ...
It may be harder than usual to make sense of the Queen's Speech this year. Some of the most significant things about the government's programme are the measures that will not be in it: the bill to withdraw winter fuel payments from better-off ...
More than 50 Labour politicians, including frontbenchers, have signed a statement claiming young voters backed their party in 2017 because they wanted it to "stop the Tories in their tracks" over Brexit. The group, made up of dozens of MPs, peers and ...
U.K. Chancellor Philip Hammond sets out three steps for securing the Financial Services sector post-Brexit. Chancellor says maintaining collaboration between the U.K.
TODAY the EU and UK's negotiating teams met together for the first time for official talks on Brexit. David Davis and Michel Barnier shook hands this morning as they prepared to agree the timetable for our exit talks.
Today, British and European Union negotiators met to start talking about how they're going to talk about Brexit - in other words, how those negotiations are going to go.
As we approach the start of the negotiations, the public is looking to those elected recently to provide the leadership required to ensure Britain can maximise the opportunity that Brexit will present, while minimising the disruption. This will require ...
London, United Kingdom - Britain's economy will slow in the coming years, the CBI business lobby warned Tuesday, blaming domestic political turmoil - and the impact of Brexit one day after EU divorce talks began. The economy will expand by 1.6 ...
The dishes have not been washed since September. The bin duty rota is in the hands of the European Court of Justice. But at last, the negotiations can begin.
"We must first tackle the uncertainties caused by Brexit: first for citizens but also for beneficiaries of EU policies and the impact on borders - in particular Ireland," said Barnier.
To kick the Brexit negotiations off, David Davis and Michel Barnier exchanged mountain-themed gifts, of a hiking book and walking stick.
Great Britain today enters Brexit talks critical to its economic future without a plan, a stable team or a strong government.
While the EU negotiating team led by Barnier has been ready for months, British efforts on Brexit stalled even after it triggered the two-year process on March 29.
Related: Brexit talks begin with U.K. in disarray. Defining the terms of a new trading relationship is now paramount. Britain might be allowed to pay for access to the EU market, but that would require concessions in other key areas.
The boss of Rolls-Royce has called for "as little change as possible" after Brexit to minimise the impact on business of leaving the European Union.
While the EU negotiating team led by Barnier has been ready for months, British efforts on Brexit stalled even after it triggered the two-year process on March 29.
Entering the talks, David Davis, Britain's secretary of state for exiting the European Union, known as Brexit, said that he aimed for "a positive and constructive tone, determined to build a strong and special partnership" with "our European allies and ...
The pound has had a testing Brexit year - and most of us are feeling it. The devaluation of the currency, against both the dollar and the Euro, has been the major event, post-referendum.
Britain's biggest business groups have made a joint plea to the government to put the economy first in Brexit talks and to secure a transitional deal that preserves access to the European single market.
Any Brexit changes to the UK's wildlife laws will increase - not reduce - environmental protection, Michael Gove has pledged.
The favourite solution for a soft Brexit is now apparently the Norwegian model. But, as Donald Tusk told us, there will in the end be only two real choices: a hard Brexit or remain. Ian Rutledge (Letters, 14 June) reminds us that the Norwegian option ...
"The biggest risk is political, and that is that Brexit becomes another divisive feature between the two main communities in N. Ireland: those who wish to remain part of the UK and those who aspire to a united Ireland," says the Head of the EU ...




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