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updated Fri. January 20, 2017

Rewind 50 years: it was 1967, and for the second time that decade, the French President, Charles De Gaulle, had said "non" to British membership of what was then the European Economic Community.
The BPF said the government representatives held "a direct discussion about the issues and opportunities arising from Brexit" with the federation council, which is made up of leading firms from the plastics sector. At the meeting were representatives ...
Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein said New York is "already a bit of a gainer" from Brexit as the Wall Street firm slows its previous policy of moving operations to London.
Irish eyes aren't smiling - when it comes to Brexit. As one who hails from the Emerald Isle, I've taken plenty of 'schtick' from Irish diplomats, relatives and pundits after publicly voting to leave.
Mr banks, branded "Britain's latest media baron" by the BBC, has donated millions to Brexit campaigns and is expected to use the 800,000 facebook followers from Leave.

Ministers in Wales need to be given confidence their views on Brexit are making a difference, the finance secretary has said.
The former UK diplomat who wrote Article 50 has said it is "perfectly possible" Brexit will not happen. Lord Kerr said the Prime Minister could revoke Article 50 if Britain began to suffer a "serious degree of economic damage".
The Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, has accused Jeremy Corbyn of "lamely giving up" while Britain "drives off a cliff" towards Brexit, and said future generations will not forgive Labour for failing to stand up to Theresa may's plans. In an overt ...
NPR'S Robert Siegel speaks with Kim Darroch, the British ambassador to the U.S., about Prime Minister Theresa May's vision for Brexit. facebook; twitter. Google+. email. Get The Stories That Grabbed Us This Week. Delivered to your inbox every Sunday, ...
That was an important gesture because it is quite clear that some of those who backed Brexit would relish the break-up of the EU.
Despite this, there have been informal conversations over the past six months that have helped forge the Brexit strategy that May set out on Tuesday.
The supreme court will deliver its eagerly awaited judgment next Tuesday on whether ministers or parliament have the legal authority to trigger Brexit. The court's president, Lord Neuberger, will read out a brief summary of the decision at 9.30am on 24 ...
The International Trade Secretary said that Brexit is "key to British prosperity" and that "trade audits" are being carried out so that Britain is fully prepared to strike trade deals as soon as the country formally withdraws from the EU in 2019.
Royal Mail posted a sharp drop in letter mailing in the crucial lead up to Christmas, citing "overall business uncertainty" in the wake of the Brexit vote, particularly hitting volumes of advertising and business letters. The company said that the ...
The head of the International Monetary Fund has warned the UK there is still likely to be "pain" ahead as Theresa may prepares to trigger the UK's departure from the European Union.
Prime Minister Theresa May has said the Scottish government should be "fully engaged" in the Brexit process. A Brexit document prepared in Edinburgh is to be discussed later at a gathering of ministers from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Former Health Secretary Stephen Dorrell made the claim as he garnered support for his campaign group to reverse what he called the "pointless exercise" of Brexit. Ex-chancellor Ken Clarke and former business minister Anna Soubry both challenged the ...
Goldman Sachs is considering moving half of its London-based jobs to Frankfurt and other financial centres because of concerns over Brexit, German newspaper Handelsblatt has reported. Up to 1,000 staff will move from London to Frankfurt, with other key ...
A spokesman for Goldman Sachs in London told Business Insider: "We continue to work through all possible implications of the Brexit vote. There remain numerous uncertainties as to what the Brexit negotiations will yield in terms of an operating ...
There could be a one in three chance that Brexit negotiations will end with no deal between the UK and the European Union, resulting in "serious economic disruption and a degree of legal chaos", the author of Article 50 has warned.
From the start of the European Union referendum campaign, competing visions of Brexit have been advocated. To Nigel Farage, the case for leaving the European Union was all about what we did not like (the diktats, the immigration, etc).
UBS (ubs) Chairman Axel Weber said that about 1,000 of the Swiss bank's 5,000 employees in London could be affected by Brexit, while HSBC ( Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver said his bank will relocate staff responsible for generating ...
Brexit will not be positive for either Britain or the EU, according to Pierre Moscovici, the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs.
Theresa may has taken this workaday truth and developed it into an overarching narrative for her Brexit strategy. She is well on her way to pulling off an act of national self-harm, and in the total absence of a counter-strategy she is running away ...
The Supreme Court is to give its judgment in the legal battle over Brexit on January 24. The highest court in the land will decide whether to reject or allow a government appeal against a High Court ruling which blocked the royal prerogative being used ...
Mayor of London Sadiq Khan will tell business and world leaders in a speech that Britain's access to the Single market should be the top priority for negotiations with the EU.
Boris Johnson has warned EU leaders not to give the UK "punishment beatings" for Brexit "in the manner of some World War Two movie".
"Theresa may has confirmed Britain is heading for a hard Brexit," said Tim Farron, the leader of the centrist Liberal Democrats.
Davos, Switzerland - Britain is steering into a "hard Brexit" - where the UK will leave the European Union without access to the Single market in exchange for full control over immigration.
chlorine-soaked chickens will be on sale in British supermarkets if the US gets its way in a post-Brexit trade deal, Nick Clegg has warned.
We can and must own the Brexit decision, implement it without rancour, and then fight: to remain inside the single market, or seek substantial access to it.
Hello again. Davos has been busy tonight with meetings, nobnobbing, some exclusive private dinner, and plenty of armed police to deter anyone from sneaking around where they shouldn't.
National tensions exposed within Brexit Britain. As David Marquand points out, the UK is a multinational state and two parts of it, Scotland and Northern Ireland, voted to remain in the European Union.
President-elect Donald J. Trump met with Martin Luther King III at Trump Tower in New York on Monday. Credit Hilary Swift for The New York Times.
Speaking to The Independent, Mr Eastwood said: "Our institutions and our Good Friday Agreement are under threat because of Brexit... we think it will be hugely damaging to the peace process in Northern Ireland. I'm not convinced that the British ...
More people favour either staying in the EU or close ties with the bloc as opposed to the hard Brexit apparently being pursued by Theresa may, a poll has revealed.
Britain risks a "disorderly crash landing" if it assumes it can safely walk away from troublesome Brexit talks, business leaders have said, in a last-ditch plea for a negotiated settlement with Europe.
Ahead of the U.K. prime minister's eagerly anticipated speech on her government's plans for Brexit, the Chairman of Lloyd's of London has told CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos that the sooner there is a roadmap for U.K.
Nick Clegg has revealed he urged David Cameron to change the remain campaign strategy in the final weeks before the EU referendum, saying the economic-focused Stronger In campaign was "bloodless" and failing against the emotional pull of the leave ...
The election will be held in the shadow of uncertainty over Britain's planned withdrawal from the European Union, a move that is broadly unpopular in Northern Ireland.
Prices in the UK's App Store are set to rise 25 percent as the pound continues to lose value after Brexit. According to a letter sent to Apple developers reported by 9to5Mac and confirmed by The Verge, the cost of the former cheapest apps will rise ...
May has faced recent criticism over her Brexit strategy and was dealt a blow earlier this month when Ivan Rogers, Britain's ambassador to the EU, resigned from his role in Brussels.
"If, because of Brexit, we limit migration, we will start ageing at the same rate as Greece, Italy and Spain," said Harper.
GINA Miller has slammed Theresa may for wanting to "take rights away from British citizens" and "undermine democracy" just days before a ruling on the Supreme Court appeal is due.
Six months ago the Brexit referendum changed Britain forever, but it is a change not all Brits have embraced. There has been a High Court challenge to the process of leaving the European Union.
London - Barclays believes traders and finance firms have "thrown the baby out with the bathwater" in the wake of Trump and Brexit, and are now overestimating the populist risk in the French election. After failing to accurately price in the likelihood ...
A "muddled" Brexit would cost London heavily in terms of jobs and investment, Sadiq Khan has warned. The Mayor of London accused the government of having no clear strategy just two months ahead of a deadline to formally trigger the UK's exit from the ...
Theresa may's big Brexit speech on Tuesday must be bold, decisive and finally bury the baseless idea that she "has no plan".
Ireland will soon hear an appeal about whether Brexit can be reversed, and a court in London is to take a claim later this month arguing that the UK should stay in the European Economic Area (EEA).





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