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As Brexit negotiations gather momentum, the time has arrived when we must consider how we can successfully navigate the next two years.
... that works so why change it?" Some officials at Germany's central bank, the Bundesbank, are apparently even considering a solution which would allow London to keep a large slice of the clearing trade as a way of reducing any chaos caused by Brexit.

The UK retained its title as Europe's most attractive location for international investment, but worrying signs emerged of a decline in the country's appeal after Brexit. The country secured its highest ever level of inward investment in 2016 beating ...
Given the scale of the Brexit challenge there is, however, surely a case for some central approach to driving the national response.
London - The chairman of US bank BNY Mellon in Europe says major banks are drawing up plans for the worst-case Brexit scenario and warns that no deal for Britain could spark another financial crisis.
consumers have powered the UK economy since last June's Brexit vote, but the latest VAT weakness adds to the evidence that rising inflation is curbing the public's spending appetite.

The appeal comes months after business owner Gina Miller won a legal challenge against the Secretary of State for Existing the European Union, which concluded the government had to bring a bill to Parliament to start the legal Brexit process.
Brexit could spark a crisis for the food industry unless urgent measures are taken to fill gaps in the labour supply, a Select Committee has warned.
Colin Smith wanted to buy a home in sunny Spain - until Brexit made him think again. The 40-year-old engineer from London had looked at properties along the Mediterranean coast, researching hot spots favoured by British expats such as Alicante.
Brexit undermines these at every turn. When the University of Cambridge says that "Brexit poses a significant risk to higher education and research activities in the UK", we can't afford to ignore it.
The European Union has completed its preparations for the Brexit negotiations by handing legal directives to Michel Barnier, their chief negotiator.
Welcome to the Guardian's weekly Brexit briefing, a summary of developments as the UK heads towards the EU door marked "exit".
An Icelandic tour company told a British customer she wasn't eligible for one of its holidays because of the UK's decision to exit the EU.

Theresa may is to warn that the consequences of failing to get the right Brexit deal will be "dire" for ordinary working people.
DUP leader Arlene Foster is expected to today acknowledge that Brexit has the potential to threaten Northern Ireland's long-term future in the United Kingdom.
Almost one in five investors plan to cut their share of UK assets over the next six months as Brexit nears, a survey shows.
Little Luxembourg is luring firms on the lookout for a post-Brexit foothold in the European Union, from JPMorgan to insurance giant AIG.
"It's good to be back home" said one of my friends after we had come back from a two-week holiday abroad. I looked at her not knowing how to respond and just smiled reluctantly.
Brexit can be an "opportunity" for the eurozone's financial system, France's new finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, has said.
The DUP leader has said Stormont parties were very close to agreeing on the kind of Brexit they wanted, before talks paused last month.
Brexit certainly attacks my nerves. Is that how it got the name? I don't think so. More likely it is because the virus that causes the most serious symptoms is more often found in meat that came from farms in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.
How important is Brexit? Do you think it does not affect you? Think again. At least if you're living in the EU and working in the UK.
The General Affairs Council (GAC), an arcane body that faded in relevance long ago and in recent years has acted mostly as a forum to prepare the ground for EU leaders' summits, will take its first major Brexit decision Monday by approving the detailed ...
The leaders of the SNP, the Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Labour, Scottish Liberal Democrats, the Scottish Green Party and UKIP clashed over the economy, Brexit and a second referendum on independence. The BBC Scotland TV debate also saw Ms ...
Scotland's party leaders clashed on the issues of independence and Brexit immediately as the first TV debate of the election north of the border got under way.
HOUSE sellers' asking prices reached a record high this month, suggesting they are undeterred by Brexit and General election uncertainty.
LOT Polish airlines is to increase capacity on its Warsaw-Heathrow flights, brushing aside uncertainties over a possible Brexit effect on air travel. The airline, which operates three flights a day between Warsaw and London, is phasing in new Boeing ...
BELFAST, Northern Ireland - Northern Irish politics often feels far removed from debate on the British mainland, but this general election there is one big issue that spans the Irish Sea: Brexit. Where British politicians on the campaign trail talk ...
Britain has "no time to waste" in Brexit talks, Theresa may will warn as she says formal negotiations about leaving the European Union will start just 11 days after the election.
The former archbishop of Canterbury also said many Britons were peering into the abyss following last year's Brexit referendum.
Barriers to research collaboration in Europe as a result of Brexit would harm scientific progress, says a group of leading UK universities.
Surveys suggest only around half of the 48 per cent of people who voted against Brexit still want to overturn the decision of the country in the referendum to exit the European Union (EU).
While the Conservative manifesto told us nothing new about the government's Brexit plans, other than repeating the promise of a "smooth, orderly" withdrawal, scarcely a day now goes by without further signs of how difficult this may be to achieve.
They claimed if the EU decides to punish Britain for Brexit, the pensioners will be the ones that suffer the most. In an interview with the BBC's The World Tonight on Radio 4, one expat also feared if a bad Brexit deal forced all retired pensioners ...
TENS of thousands of Brits are being infected every year by bacon and sausages riddled with what has been dubbed the "Brexit virus". A new strain of potentially deadly hepatitis E linked to meat sourced from pig farms in France, Holland, Germany and ...
You don't actually have to give Lynton Crosby millions of pounds to know that political parties win when they keep things simple, even if it would appear to help.
Jeremy Corbyn may score badly with the wider public, but for as long as I can remember the press have given even the most admired Labour leaders a hard time during election campaigns.
For $5,995, holidaymakers can join "experts" on a trip they're calling "Brexit Means Brexit!" Leaving on 22 October they will take a group to London to "Meet with politicians, journalists and Historians to discuss Britain's decision to leave the EU and ...
"I wanted them to know that in the face of the vote for Brexit we would hang together as a family," he says now, standing amid the mobile homes his workers live in during the summer months.
Roll the clock back a year and Britain was in the middle of the EU referendum battle. The remain side was warning about the economic consequences of Brexit; the leave side was extolling the benefits of taking back control. Leave won decisively but ...
A French lawyer is seeking to prove that the Brexit negotiations are illegal and should be cancelled because thousands of British citizens living overseas were denied the vote in last year's referendum.
Brexit clouds gather over Chelsea flower show as sponsorship wilts. This year there will be just eight show gardens - down from 18 - as several major sponsors withdraw from London event.
With Brexit, "we" made something happen. Labour's popular policies cannot compete.
Many vice-chancellors have claimed that a hard Brexit would be disastrous for their universities, but there is little doubt which institution would be hardest hit by this outcome.
Though Brexit has naturally dominated the campaign thus far, on June 8, British voters face a stark choice between two very different leaders with contrasting visions of the country's future outside the EU and what role it should play in the world.
The comments come after Mr Johnson told The Telegraph the EU should pay the "preposterous" Brexit bill. He said: "There are assets, I don't want to get too much into the detail of the negotiation but there are assets that we share, that we have paid ...





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